Saturday, May 28, 2005

No CLue !!???!!???

Ok My husband seems to be totally addicted to this phenomenon of Blogging .So I decided I would give it a try .I go on as read his periodically and it is interesting ,so I figure what the hell you know I get here and am totally clueless and way out of my element to say the least .So this begins my new journey of trying to figure out how to Blog so I can expierence and share this (passion ) of his with him .:) If anyone has any idea or comments please feel free ..Or just HELPPPPPPP!!!!! My hubby has blogged and he can't stop


  1. Well then.... It's about time darlin. I love you!

    Before you know it... you'll be blooging your ass off too!

  2. G'day Present Storm,

    Welcome to the world of Blogging.

    I am relatively new to this addiction of blogging, when I first started I had no idea at all.

    You will find your feet along the way, have fun with it, and enjoy.

    You will meet many interesting bloggers, some of their stories about their life journey will touch your heart. Others will make you smile.

    I have had the pleasure of saying G'day via Guppyman.

    Have a great weekend (ps-blogging is addictive)

  3. You'll be addicted in no time...but it's a good addiction to'll meet such wonderful people, learn a few life lessons and my favorite part, get a least 3 good laughs a day from some of funny posts out there!
    Welcome to the blogosphere, you'll like it here!

  4. Hello Present Storm,

    Your Mr Wonderful (aka guppyman) sent me over to welcome you and I am happy to do so.

    Have fun blogging. Yes, it is addicitive...or so I have been told.

  5. Well Thank you for the stop by :)) I feel honored I have been surfing blogs and it seems you are quite the popular one This meet and greet thing is brilliant ...Kudos :))

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging. I've been blogging for a year now and love it!

    Come by to visit me

    Sounds like we have a few things in common already. Bo and!


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