Thursday, October 04, 2012

Playing along ...

I have been hearing about the SMT over at Sassy Cheryl's on PCP and never knew what everyone was talking about. Now I know that it means Show Me Thursday. From my understanding you show what you have been doing during the week. Well since I have been sick... You do not want pics of any of what I have been doing all week... until today. LOL I actually feel tons better and decided since I had taken the day off.. I might as well get something done, but nothing too major. I have a bad habit of going gung ho after feeling badly and always end up regretting it. So... I piddled around and cleaned my craft desk off.

 I apologize for the pic quality.. I took them with my Droid.


The sad part is that a lot got moved and put away from the first to the second and you can barely


It still looks like a lot of stuff crammed in the corner.. Believe it or not everything has a place in a container in the corner. I really need to go through it all at some point though and get rid of what I really do not need/ use. I am just glad I cleared a space to be able to create something, and I will be able to participate in this week's SMT :)  Soo...What are you working on? Come on over to the Sassy Cheryl Blog and show us what you are up to.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


  1. I think it looks great! I can't wait to have my own craft space..soon since we are cleaning up the kids rooms since we are empty nesters now! :)

  2. Hey Momma!! I hope you're on the mend now and getting stronger every day and feeling more like your old self. Being sick stinks!! Love how you cleaned up your space - its pin neat!

  3. Love the before and after!

  4. well glad you are feeling better, it looks great, craft away LOL

  5. Oh my goodness, good for you! I really need to do the same thing in my craft area. I have a very small space now in which to work, so I really need to keep up on it. I usually clean at the beginning of doing a new project. That way I have everything put away and spend the majority of my time trying to remember where I put what I need *laughing*. Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well...hopefully you continue to feel better and that is the last of it for awhile. By the way...your clean job looks great :D

    Hugs ~ Charlene

  6. Okay, so from pic one to two, I can see a difference, but picture 3 is the prize. Now the question is how long can you keep it that way? Glad you're feeling better. You do not want to see my space right now.

  7. I agree. Don't want to see anyone sick. I appreciate that. Lol
    So glad you decided to play along in the SMT fun this week. And I totally hear ya in the fact that you had cleaned up a little and you couldn't tell. Been there, done that myself.
    Hope this is one of many posts to come. :)


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