Friday, February 10, 2006

I had my cake ...and WORE it too!!!

I promised I would post these pics when I got them developed ...Last friday at work they bought me a cake:

and then proceeded to trick me while shoving my face in it,with my glasses ON!!!lol ...

Then a friend grabbed them to clean them off for me because I couldn't I ran to the bathroom to clean the cake out of my nostrils and off my face ...after we all got a good laugh of course.I get to the bathroom and all the stalls were full...OF COURSE!!! So I am standing in the bathroom waiting for someone to get done because the week before our manager decides it is better for the envirnment if we just have hand dryers....So I stand looking like an idiot as people come in .It was all good though ...It was fun and made for a cool scrap layout ...Yes I have already scrapped it.Maybe I will post that layout sometime.Hope you all had a great week!!!

Have a great Weekend !!!

P.S. NO I did not wear that flower in my hair on purpose..A friend stuck it in my hair that day as part of my birthday attire..Along with pink and green streamers they taped to my butt...I wore them both all day ...What can I say ,I am silly and a good sport:)


  1. It was a very pretty cake. Even on you Present Storm! Glad you had such a wonderful day, even at work! :-)


  2. what a great cake (and you're a good sport). is your cake at the beach?

  3. yes it was like a retro - 70's beach cake

  4. Happy Birthday and don't feel so bad. Yesterday I tripped going up the stairs with coffee on a white carpet!

  5. Hey, looks like a fun birthday, you should have got a picture of the streamers - you have fun co-workers.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad to find yours. I'll be back.

  6. You truly are a good sport. I wouldn't have been happy with the cake-in-the-face deal. I've never quite seen the appeal, but I guess some folks find it funny.

    My wife warned me before we got married that I was not to even contemplate the possibility of getting any cake on her face.

    Noted. We've been happy ever since.


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