Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A leotard,a donkey, oil and baby Jesus

Well it is Wednesday and Christmas is fast approaching.There seems to be a million and one things to do .Every year I tell myself ..."Next year I will be more prepared"...yeah That never happens.Always seems like a mad dash at the very end to get a hundred and one things To top it all off we are on a quest to find a white leotard.The Angel costume for the play is totally see through and they want them in leotards so they can change into the last acts clothes with no problems. No panties showing that way.They can all change together in one big room.That doesn't seem like a huge deal but I am finding out that white leotards are very hard to find.It seems that pink and black are the colors of choice for stores to carry.So that is what we are dealing with right Anyone got any suggestions? We have tried Wal-mart and Target.I am thinking next I will call Burlington coat factory...Also ...we had a blast in Bethlehem Monday night.It was so great to watch lil one's reaction to everything.To see things through a childs eyes is the coolest thing ...It is what makes life so much fun :)

Here is little one with Patrick the Donkey:

misc 157

Her helping the goat find a snack:

misc 085

Here lil one was getting annointed with oil:

misc 115

Here is lil one going to give her gift that one of the wise men gave her , to baby Jesus:

misc 151

misc 153

If you want to see a tour of the trip , click here to see Guppy's post.....


  1. Anonymous6:48 PM

    i have no idea what stores are in your neighborhood, but good luck with your quest.

  2. How about some sort of dance school, if they do not sell them maybe they can tell you where you can find them.
    By the way, I am glad to hear about your test results. You are right God is awesome.
    I hope you, GuppY and Princess have a very Merry Christmas.+
    God bless, Joe B

  3. I had to get Robin a leotard for her gymnastics class through a dance supply company... it was in Pasadena... I will see if I can find the name and let you know. It was a big pain trying to find a leotard for her.

    Love the pics!


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