Monday, December 26, 2005


It seems like this Christmas came and went in a flash. I was so busy with everything that I didn't even get to enjoy my new blog skin I hope you all did :) I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Christmas.I had an awesome one ..Despite the fact that I miss my family terribly and can not be with them during the holidays ..It was still a great Christmas.My preacher said something that really hit me on Christmas Eve..He said if Christmas is all about the family for you ..then you are almost without fail going to be disappointed.That is so true..If Christ is not your sole focus for the Christmas season then you are setting your self up for hurt or disappointment.If he is ..then you will have a great Christmas regardless of your situation...I think that is a very awesome realization.

Well I hope you are all recovering from the hectic season well....I have decided since I did not get to enjoy my skin hardly at all ...I will keep it up atleast until New Years :) ...I will be visiting you all soon...


  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    I really like what your preacher said. It is so true!

  2. I LOVE the new look for Christmas. Guppy did a great job. Wish we had a "Bethlehem" here in Austin to go to for the kids.

    I hope you had a beautiful Christmas even though your family is far away and it's in the 80's here in TX (SHEESH!).

  3. Hope you had a great christmas....and have a great new year!


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