Monday, November 21, 2005

camping out at Wally World

As most of you know, I work at Wal-mart and have for several years( 12 to be exact makes for some pretty funny happenings at times,especially at holiday time.
Today happened to be one of those funny moments.Apparently the brand new game system,X-box 360 is making is debut at one minute past midnight tonight.We got 4 of the good ones with the hard drive and 10 of the not so great ones ( I have no idea the specifics of each ).At 11:00am, four men( either late teens or early twenties) showed up ,two of them toting folding chairs,sack lunches,and drinks.They were told as long as they stayed in line until 10:00 pm they would hand out numbered cards and they could then roam around until midnight.These guys were determinded to be the first four to get this unit.Ten more people showed up, popped a squat, and prepared to wait it out for the night.When I left work at 5:30 there were more people then we had systems. Management told the guy over electronics department to let these people know that we only have 14 units so they didn't wait for nothing.Not one would They are all waiting , hoping someone will get sick of waiting and fall out of line.It amazes me I can honestly say that I have never wanted anything THAT badly.I was thinking about it at work today,trying to figure out what I would wait in line for over 12 hours for.Maybe if they had a really nice computer on sale for like a hundred I just may have to get my chair and cooler and go camp out somewhere for that Is there anything that you have or would camp out at a store for ,if so what was it and how long did you have to wait ?


  1. 'aint that the truth.

  2. Anonymous9:34 PM

    i know people that wait in line for concert tickets, not me, i can't think of anything i've ever wanted so much that i'd be prepared to give up that much time for.

  3. I'll wait a couple of hours for something really important like Brandon Backe's autograph :)

    Can't think of a single THING I would wait for, though.

  4. LOL! i've been known to be geeky... but i've never camped out for a game console. a movie maybe, a concert...

    and being the geek, i know that the one with the hard drive is better 'coz it can play the old xbox games. the cheaper one won't so it kinda sucks.;)

    is it obvious that i'm wanting me some xbox360?!

  5. Some people likely do it for their kids. :)

    I haven't camped anywhere for anything, like that. Call me sane :) Tho I'd rather camp than to do what some did and pay over 1K on ebay for the same unit!

    OK, my third time entering the freakin' verify word! LOL Since you mod commented anyway - why not remove that? Hmmm - Just a thought :)

  6. I can't wait for anything I would want that badly. Nothing at all! I am amazed so many people want this gaming system. It was THE front page story in the Chronicle today.... mind boggling!

  7. Nothing. My time is worth more than that. Besides, in two months they'll be piled to the rafters and anyone with the cash can simply walk in and march it on over to the checkout line.

    People are remarkably stupid creatures of habit.

  8. No way. I remember once when I went back to S.D for a weekend I was shopping in a mall. The malls there are like outdoors and these ladies were camping out in front of a HALLMARK store. I asked her.. what was going on.. and she told me a new beanie was comimg out. I think the look on my face was very expensive because she got really defensive and snappy. Then I snapped back.. " You'd have to be really crazy to camp out in the streets of San Diego with your kids for a stuffed animal!" Oh my gosh. I started walking really fast before she kicked my ass.. LOL

    Maybe I'd camp out for a $1,000.. but that's about it.


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