Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Where has the time gone?

How in the world did it get to be November 2005 already?Man the older I get the faster time flys.I wonder if that seems to be so, because as you get older you usually have more things to do.. then you have time in a day .Also the older you get the more precious time seems to be.You appreciate things a little more.Wouldn't it be so nice if that started at an early age ..Started when you had all the time in the world to stop and enjoy life ...back when your biggest responsibility was to make sure you got your homework done and kept your room clean.Oh to be young again with the knowledge and appreciation for life that I have now.

I hope you are all having a great week ...


  1. Anonymous8:39 PM

    what's that saying, youth is wasted on the young?
    enjoy your week!

  2. er, er, er, er...
    ok, we have that 3 in front of our age now, but i don't complain about getting older... i became old...

    actually, although i have to admit not having kids, i don't have more time as i had before, never had a lot of time for my homework :: daily sports, meeting friends, seeing stuff, i traveeled a lot more in my early twenties aso...

    but yeah if i had know then what i know now... i would have made the same mistakes again... DDOOOOHHHHH !!!!!!

  3. don't we all wish that? having more time and being wiser?*sigh*

  4. Oh how I can relate. Each years seems to speed by faster and faster!

    Yep. Youth is wasted on the young.

  5. I know that feeling. I don't know where the time has gone.....

  6. This year has flown by.... the older I get the faster it moves too...

  7. Yeah, I can still remember when I was a baby. Playing with my toys, drawing on the walls, and getting beat up by my big sister! If only I had my body mass now back then. I would've wooped her!

    I hope your having a nice week to, PresentStorm!

  8. Anonymous7:20 PM

    it's not that god didn't give us all the time we need. It's what we have done with time that is giving us a problem.

  9. Present Storm~
    Just wanted to say a quick and heartfelt thank you for allowing me to "Rent your Blog." You were a warm and wonderful landlord, and a valued addition to my blogroll. :-)


  10. Hindsight is always 20/20. I love this entry. Thanks for saying it like it is.

  11. I can't believe it's Novemember either. My kids are growing much to fast it seems and time is passing so fast.

    What's funny is - it really isn't passing any faster, at all. Hmm


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