Friday, January 13, 2006

Have you stopped and smelled the Tampons?

Maybe I'm just crazy- Ok, Well I am crazy.

Maybe it's because I'm allergic to everything possible...

But the thought of perfume injected tampons just sounds painful. They were handing out little cards the other day at Wal-Mart that was like a little pull and sniff thing and it smelled like a powdery floral piece of candy. Putting a perfumey tampon in is like the equivelent of spraying rose sceneted spray when you take a poop.... what is the point of that?

Has anybody tried thes? It just sounds dangerous.

Are there people out there who actually need this? And who is going to be down there sniffing it while you are on your period. If it's so bad you can smell it yourself, do you think it might be time for a papsmear?


  1. i agree, if it smells that bad that you need perfume to cover it up, grab a shower and book an appointment to see your doctor, cuz you got a case of something.

  2. LOL.. I used to wonder the same thing.. I don't get the point of scented tampons and pads.. ewww

    only makes it worse having some fake smelling pina colada crotch or lemon breeze.. whose cooter smells like lemons?


  3. Maybe they had Prince Charles in mind -- you remember that tape of him telling Camilla that he wished he were her tampon. (Now THERE was a silver-tongued devil.)

  4. I agree with everyone else. This is just plain disturbing. Does anyone really have that much of an odor problem during their period, or is it just another example of how women are buying into the idea they need something to keep the "dirty" area fresh? *shudder* I'll pass.

    Thank you for accepting my rental bid. This is a really comfy place to hang out. :)

  5. *giggling* I have to admit to never smelling them. But I don't like anything perfumed. From deodorants to tampons. (Perfumes can and have been an irritant, that can cause you problems.)


  6. I am tempted to say "only in America" lol, I don't think I have ever seen scented pads or tampons here but then again I have not really looked that hard.
    Can we say ITCHY !

  7. Scent in certain areas ITCHES. No, I haven't tried scented tampons, but I bought the scented pads once (not paying attention to what I was getting). I'm very careful to READ what I get since then.


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