Wednesday, January 11, 2006

We have a Bloggy Birthday !!!!!

Noisemaker 3
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Today is Guppy's 1 year Blog Birthday !!!!!!!!!
Everyone go over and give him a visit.For his Blog Birthday he is being a comment whore .He is wanting the most traffic to one single post today.Can you help him out? You can find him on my blogroll or click on the rent my blog link ,since he is my tenant this week .


Thank you for a year of funny,witty,inspiring and silly posts.


  1. Just came from there. Hope you all are celebrating. It would be great if there was a HUGE party for him. Then we all could celebrate! (I just love a good party!) Congrats Gup!

  2. Football??? ;-) Good for you!
    Wished Guppyman a Happy Blogiversary.


  3. Done this morning, I mean leaving a Bday comment :)

  4. I left a comment - a few, actually. I think I left one to his post today/yesterday.

    I'm enjoying reading your blogs and hope things are going well for you both!

    BTW, I entered my first Battle of the Blogs today and wanted to invite you to visit the battle and let me know if which site should win. I've never done this so it's new to me!

    Should be fun.


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