Monday, January 02, 2006

Random Monday

Yeah me!!!! ..I have made it two days so far this year and have yet to write down 2005..

Now that I said that it will probably happen...

What is up with it being in the 80's in JANUARY..why ...why... why ?I am so much of a cold weather type of girl.

I am loving my new Valentine skin that my honey made for me....Thank you baby :)

I am getting the scrapbooking bug again I actually have a friend that just did her fist layout ..I am so excited that I may now have a scrappin buddy :)

This year has gone great for me so far,I am truly blessed.

We are still in the middle of remodeling the main bathroom and it is starting to really take shape now..I think I am going to like it .

I need to take some pics soon.

I think we lost the before pics when Guppy's pc crashed :(

We really must save pictures to disk a lot more often.

Lil one is at her moms for another week and we sure are missing her.

My mother in law is off skiing in Switzerland...

I have no idea what to blog about today so this is what I came up with

Random thoughts....

We really need to make a bigger cage for Squeakers and Princess..

I think they both have become more of Guppy's pets then lil ones...
I think she is pretty much over the excitement ...

They are not as playful as the two dogs , whom she LOVES very much ...

That would make a great layout ...A girl and her dogs ...yeah yeah ..who would have thought blogging would be such inspiration for my layouts....

Does anyone else scrapbook? If so do you have pictures of any layouts online?
I would love to see them ..Yes I know ...I am obsessed and addicted to scrapbooking ;)

Well it's bedtime ...I must go settle in for a long winters nap ..oh wait it feels like friggen summer...I think I will crank up the air conditioning and go cuddle :)

Peace Out !!!!!


  1. i have yet to discover the joys of scrapbooking... i am so not the arts and crafts kind, so i'm totally clueless.;)

  2. Hey... nice new template you got going here.....

    About your divider...

    You know what's better than roses on a piano?


  3. Anonymous7:03 PM

    i love your romance look, you guy did a great job, once again!!!
    my two daughters are into scrapbooking, it's such a nice quiet activity for them to do together, never thought that day would come. i've never tried it myself.

  4. Anonymous8:30 PM

    I'm going to give scrap booking a try. I have a kit coming in the mail. I'll let you know what i think when I get started.

  5. Valentines! Woot!

    OK, I like to scrap but haven't in a LONG time!

    We haven't had 80's but we had 70s yesterday and you know that isn't norm for KY/TN!

    If you wanna make a cavy cage, it really is pretty simple using the coroplast and cubes, like I made for Nibbles.

    Thanks for your thoughts on my friend that passed :(

  6. Incase you have nothing better to do... As bad as I hated to, I tagged you for a meme. No worries if you don't want to post it... ;)

  7. Love your new look Present Storm!
    Very nice! :-)

    I do random thoughts about twice a month on my blog too. More for myself then anything else.

    We live in the desert, and I don't think it is getting that warm here! (I'd trade ya the cold weather for that warmth ANYDAY!)

    Happy New Year Present Storm! I hope it is your best one ever!


  8. Happy New Year - Present Storm...
    Cool new design :)
    BTW - our high today is 79 - hmh, even warm for AZ in the winter...

  9. The valentines candy et al is alerady up in stores! I love your new design! I hope everything is going great for you! Happy New Year!

  10. Man, I have a thing with exclamation points today!



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