Sunday, January 15, 2006

Make sure you wear gloves for that...

Lets take a stroll for a moment down Memory Lane ...
Remember back when ......when things were so much simpler.Back when you actually knew your neighbors...Back when you actually trusted mankind for the most part.
Back before everyone was out looking for a reason to either hate ...or sue someone else.Ahhhhhhhh , the good old days.

We were driving over to my MIL house to clean today when we passed a little girl ,(about 6 or 7 years old) with a lemonade stand ..I thought, aweee that is so cute ...You just don't see that much anymore..Upon further inspection as we got closer I noticed she was wearing rubber gloves...That just was so funny to me. Is that what we have come to? A world were little girls with her little lemonade stand has to wear rubber gloves? WOW!!! I sure do miss the good old days.


  1. Wow, that is sad. I suppose we can take hope in the fact that little girls are still putting up lemonade stands given the world we live in today.

    Funny, I still hold on to those old ideals of trusting, loving, giving the benefit of the doubt. It is sad that the world has moved away from those those things that were just such a natural part of life in the past.

  2. lmao ... *rubber* gloves??? i bet she saw some food service worker with gloves and insisted she couldn't have a business without them! you know, the gloves become part of the dress-up to play lemonadestand. that's just too funny.


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