Friday, May 12, 2006

A dead rat?.. I DON'T THINK SO!!!

Well today completes my first official week back to work.. BOO!!!
Naw ,really it didn't take me long to get back into the swing of things. I am still not exactly up to par as far as my strength and things, but that will come with time as I push myself a little further each day.

Today Guppy and I went to lil ones school for a donuts for dad and muffins for mom breakfast. She was too cute and so excited that she got to serve us. It was cute when she asked what we wanted to drink and Guppy said "how about some OJ" and she said "would you like some milk or some water?" Guppy said " umm how about some and she was like "ok". I think she was just so excited to have us She is so cute when someone shows up to school for anything. She gets such a huge smile and you can tell she is proud of herself and loves her school.It was a great start to the morning.

Then I get to work and it goes downhill There was some rancid smell permeating the whole place. OH MY GOODNESS!!! It was the worst smell ever and soooooo strong. Some of us were worried it was some kind of methane gas from the sewer or something. It was awful. Of course management was trying to chalk it up to a dead rat somewhere in the wall.. There is no way a rat smelled that strong in a building as huge and wide open as that... At one point it started gagging management and they had the back door open with a fan blowing out. The sucky part is it was the worse in the back offices which is where mine is ...ACKKKKK!!! It got so bad about 11:00 that four of us pretty much ran out of the building and went to lunch at Subway to get out of it and get some fresh air. It is sad when you live in the Houston area and you run outside for "fresh" anyone that lives here or has been here knows how funny that is. Especially with all the chemical plants around here. Anyway , when we got back it got so bad that our throats were burning and we all had headaches it had gotten so bad. Of course management still did nothing about it but call the bug guy to come see if he could find a dead rat.. He said he was stopped up and could barely smell .. Oh he must have been stopped up all right. That smell was NASTY! Man I hate having such good sense of smell sometime anyway and today it really sucked. I was wishing for a cold at that

I am sooooo glad I am home now, you have no idea..

I am going to meet Guppy's uncle, aunt and one of his cousins from Dallas for the first time this weekend. This ought to be fun :)


  1. Oh my goodness - how aweful to have your first week back finish like this. They really think it was a rat? I have never been to Houston. I thought it was a nice city with some great air and green trees.
    I am sure you'll just do fine to meet with Guppy's family. :)

  2. Anonymous6:00 PM


  3. Saw the scrapbook page you did on CWO and realized it had been a while since I came by and said hi!

    Sounds like you're recovering well and doing good!

  4. I'm looking to see if they ever figured out what it was.. how nasty.. and I can't believe they made you all sit back there and work through that.. jerks!


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