Monday, May 29, 2006

I guess I will not talk about...

How my management at work just made my Memorial Day a crappy one.THE manager at the store has the say so to whether or not we work on a long holiday weekend or not. To any holiday actually. When I say we, I mean hourly supervisors ,and offices. I am both and rarely get a holiday off. We get Christmas off but that is because the place is closed. Otherwise I am quite sure we would all be there. Anyway, Friday ,said boss informs us we WILL be working today and that it would be raining anyway. Like our life revolves around the rain right? Like we couldn't possibly have anything else to do other than be outside where it was raining and storming. Well he said he would be there too and guess who was still to drunk to show up to work today? You guessed it... It wasn't me. That wasn't the bad part anyway. I mean it is always good when the boss man is off or plays hooky. I could care less. Everyone gets more work done when he is not there trying to micro-manage. The thing that made me mad is the fact that one of the girls in my office and I got with our immediate supervisor and asked ( at about 9:30) if we could wrap up what we were doing ,and bail out at about noon. She said she would see how busy we were an get back with us. 11:30 rolls around and I call her to see what the deal was. I needed to know if I should go on to lunch or get ready to go home. WELLLLLL she got with a co-manager and I guess she decides if she has to be there ,so does everyone else that showed up today. We did have ALOT of call ins but none in my area. I pretty much wasted time. They had me do a few very petty unnecessary tasks to waste my time until 4:00. SO ridiculous.GRRRRR management sometimes. I am sure she was upset because the big boss guy decided to drink it up like usual and stuck her to run the place. Oh wait .. I said I wasn't going to talk about all that didn't I ....So I guess let's get to what I WAS going to talk about.* End Rant Here *

Today as the Astros played against The Cardinals and the bad, bad man ...Albert Pujols....BOOO TO PUJOLS!!!! I so could use his name as a swear word.. It sounds like one doesn't it ?...You I can see it now.

Berkman got his 1,000th base hit. WOOO HOOOO!!!! Very cool. I was so thrilled to see him back in the game after hurting his knee.

Then Craig Biggio hit the 10,000 th mark of being up to bat. The other cool thing is Biggio is in his 19th season and his whole career has been with the Stros. That is very, very impressive in this day and age. I think it is great that a guy his age can still run with the big dogs. He is older than a lot of guys on the team and he is one of the best. I say "ATTA BOY " Biggio!!!!!

( pictures taken during Spring Training in Florida , and used with permission, by my friend Astrosprincess )


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    YOu do like your sports don't you?

  2. Having to work on Memorial Day? That does suck Stormii! Hope today is a good one.


  3. That sucks to have to work on Memorial Day... :(

  4. So sorry you had to work, and yes that bites, even if it was raining, you could sleep late and enjoy the day.


  5. Go, Killer Bees!

    And sorry you had to work.

  6. Yep I know the hubby had to work as well. He is an assistant. Sometimes they just don't get it.

    THANKS for the pics! Biggio is awesome and I am glad they won.

    Clemens will pitch on June 22nd YIPPIE!

  7. I'd hate working with miserable people like that.. it really stinks and makes you wonder...WHY.. but the bills need to be paid..



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