Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen SONGS that I am really loving right now!

( In no particular order)

1. Big Daddy Weave-Fields of grace

2. Overflow- Cry on my shoulder

3. By the tree-Beautiful One

4. Toby Mac- Burn for you

5. Casting Crowns- If we are the body

6. Davis Crowder- Here is our King

7. Aaron Shust- My Savior ,My God

8. Matt Brower- I shall believe

9. Matthew West- Only Grace

10.Newsboys- I am free

11.DC Talk- What if I stumble

12. Newsong- Psalm 40

13. Nicole Nordeman- My Redeemer

( ** For thos of you that came by yesterday for the Wordless Wednesday and I did not get to you it was because we had church last night and I was having pc issues. A lot of peoples comments would not come upand my pc was being VERY slow because of surrounding storms. I will get to all of you, it is just going to be late :( ...Thanks to all of you that did come by and comment.)

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  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    you ever feel like sending me a copy I would be willing to except.

  2. I love those songs to!!!

    My fav right now is "Praise you in this storm". Can't remember who it is by...but it really speaks to me!

    Happy Thursday!!

  3. Casting Crowns does Praise you in this storm...

    Anyway- Great list baby...

  4. Anonymous10:48 AM

    i've never heard of any of those?
    anyway, love the banner, very calm and peaceful.

  5. Great songs! I have not heard all of them but I will now! Thanks for sharing! I am gonna have to figure out who this Big Daddy Weave is, this is the 2nd time reading about him.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I learn many new songs when I read peoples lists of songs... I don't know some of them and like Angie up there will have to see who they are.

  7. Some great songs in your list. Great blog too.

  8. I have to share this list with my daughter. I am sure you two share similar tastes.
    Have a marvelous weekend,

  9. You know, I don't mind when I don't know what people are talking about with American Idol, but I feel very strange with your list --I've never heard a single song, or heard of any of these singers (groups?) What is this, make Mitey Mite feel old day?

    And something I've really been wondering about: why is word verification now handicapped accessible? It looks the same to me.

  10. When did you add the T13? I thought I check your's last night. I stopped by at Guppy's - didn't see yours though - sorry.
    I know most of the groups you listed, but I don't know any of the songs. I have been listening to older songs - I guess. You know who I really like? Third Day. They are my favorites. I just enjoy the lead-singers voice...

  11. I don't know any of those songs....:)
    I'll have to turn on my radio more!
    happy TT


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