Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ranting ...because I can

Well I have a few minutes before I have to go to work so I decided to type up a quick post. I went back to work yesterday. It wasn't bad .. i will not go into how inconsiderate management is and how as soon as I came back they pulled me to go somewhere else and then pulled my help. DOES light duty mean anything to these people? I think not. Anyway I didn't do anything I was not able to and it resulted in my area looking bad when I left .. Hey I guess they will listen to me when I tell them I still have restrictions on file..One manager had the nerve to tell me to put a box on a pallet and then walk things one by one over to them until they were full.. So productive that is .. Sheesshhh.. Anyway I am not bitter. You can't tell huh?..lol I figure today is a new day and I refuse to let them steal my joy... Guppy is feeling yucky so he is staying home.. That is a pretty good thing because that means I can come home earlier then usual :) Anyway ... here I go off to my second day back ... I will say I got lots of love from my coworkers .. everyone is amazed at how much weight I lost with the surgery... Have a great Tuesday whoever you are that reads this, if anyone ..lol


  1. Its always great when people see you have lost weight!

    Get those people straight today! Blah managers.

  2. I'm here. And reading it. ;-)Of course you can rant Stormii! Congrats on the weight loss. Jaws is right, it's always the best when people notice it!

    Hope today went by better than yesterday.


  3. Anonymous8:39 PM

    if i was closer i'd go to your work and give that guy a kick in the shins and then get him to pick up that box, what's wrong with him? give yourself some time to get back to your old self, you're strong and healthy, you'll be there before you know it, well, except for that weight you lost!!!

  4. My husband shares your grief, he has nightmares about the Store Director.

    Alot of management show lack of compassion, thankfully he is a Godly man!

    CONGRATS on the weight loss, take it easy and don't give in to their ignorance.

  5. I just wanted to stop in and say that I love your layout and I just started reading your blog and I love it.

  6. Anonymous12:54 PM

    often people can't relate to others pains since they don't feel them and it's not visible. It's a sahme because then they misjudge.

    Hope your back to your prior self soon.

  7. Maybe the Lord will bring you a new job or new co-workers? hehehe


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