Friday, May 19, 2006

Update on baby Andrea-Sticky Post

Thank you to all that helped us pray for baby Andrea. She is back at home now and feeling great. Mommy is doing good just needs some rest. It sounds like she has a touch of the blood disease that her father carried. They said it is not real bad but it gets her more sick then usual for a baby that age. They told my aunt that if her fever ever got to be 100.4 when taken in the rectum, to bring her in then. Apparently they said with a normal child you would not bring them in to the emergency room with that temp. They gave her a few viles of blood and got her hemoglobins back up. They are supposed to go see a specialist sometime soon is what my sister-in-law was telling me. She went up to visit my aunt and the baby while they were in Lousiville.

They tested Zach(Andrea's twin brother)and he for sure does not have the blood disease. Praise God for that.Thank you all again for the prayers!


  1. Praise the Lord!! That is great news. I will contune to pray for this family.

  2. Blessings to you and yours.
    Take care,

  3. Great news! Thanks for the update.

    BTW---I've moved, no longer all about fun and life....long story :)


  4. Wonderful news! I had several friends around the world praying for little Andrea! I am so thankful to be able to go back to them with this very positive update!

  5. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Thankful to the Lord that she is home now!

  6. Praise God!! I hate it when babies and kidz get affects me deeply. Guess what else? God is answering our prayers and we're moving out of our way too small, way too old, way too falling down condition house we rent..yippeeee...and my hubby is gonna make me a scrapbookin' station also...yeah...I showed him Guppy's gift to you...about a million times!!

  7. Oh - how wonderful to know that she is doing better.:)

  8. Glad she's home and moving towards recovery. I'll surely include her in my daily prayers.

    It's Saturday and my SPH is up now.

    Happy weekend!

  9. I'm glad she's O.K and I hope she will be in the future too. How frigtening that must have been for them.. :o(


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