Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why do some people ....

Just absolutely REFUSE to make their kids mind? This drives me up a wall. I guess I could say that it is a HUGE pet peeve for me. Yesterday Guppy and I were out bra shopping for me right. Well, here I am in the dressing room trying on some ,when I hear from the next stall ," No Roberto" ...and a little voice below me saying "boobies" in Spanish. I looked down and freaked out. So I turned away from him thinking surely his mother would pull him back over or MAKE HIM MIND...hey that is a novel idea. No she did not. He sat there repeating that word over and over as he looked up at me and smiled. I put my shirt on and had to finish trying on the rest of my bras from under it. After that he got bored with me and Guppy said he went around to each and every singe dressing stall.. Guppy said he would lay on his back and look up in some. He would crawl halfway into others. His mother did NOTHING except say " No Roberto" .. or "don't do that Roberto" ...Did she folllow up with anything? ..NO. Did she go to him and remove him from the situation...NOPE.. Man,I could not believe she was letting this kid run crazy in this little store. He was ripping stuff off the racks. Guppy said at one point he picked up some sunglasses and was trying to rip them in half. His mother and grandmother just laughed... LAUGHED!!!! He also later on was crawling in and under all the stalls while his mom stood in line again. Doing nothing about it at all. I mean I know not all kids are perfect angels and they will act up at times, but to me there is just no excuse for a parent not to make a child mind. Especially when it is interfering with other peoples privacy. That is just insane to me... Can you tell this really bothered me?

I have had this happen while using the bathroom too. I really do not know what the parents are thinking with this one. To lazy to make them mind so they just don't care what they are seeing? I have no clue. Maybe they like the fact that they are raising a peeping Tom. Have you ever had this or a similar thing happen to you ? Or are YOU the parent that lets your kids do this? If that is the case I would really LOVE to hear your reasoning.


  1. What the hell is wrong with people? You were calmer then I would have been. I would have found his mother and said something to her that's for damn sure.

  2. The problem with saying something to her....

    The mother would look at you and say "no habla" and go on about her way....

  3. That's just terrible, and I would definitely say something as that's just not acceptable behaviour. I haven't had it happen before but I've been in public toilets where kids have been messing round and putting their hadns under the stalls etc.

    I expect the mother thought it was cute. If it was me, I would have confronted her, and if she did nothing, I would have sought out the store manager and explained.

    I envy how calm you are! Hehe :) Gorgeous blog, by the way!

  4. People aren't being responsible for their kids these days. We call they Curling kids, cause their parents sweep the way ahead of them and give these kids no guidelines at all. These kids grow up to be me, me me kids. A shame, isn't it.
    The kids would be much better off with firm guidelines and limits.

  5. Ugh, I hate people like that. I can only imagine what my mother would have done to me if I'd pulled a stunt like that. At the very least I would have gotten a good tongue lashing. People just don't understand that they're not doing their kids any favors by not disciplining them.

  6. This happens to be one of my very, very personal pet peeves but I don't talk about it because...I have no children and whenever I mention other peoples children...I get "the look".
    I've been stuck watching TV and playing on my laptop because I broke my toe on Thursday pm. I have watched alot of The Dog Whisperer. I think some parents need to watch Cesar. ;0]

  7. That child ought to be taught a lessson. He is a brat. I would if that were my child teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

  8. Assuming would could communicate with the mother would be that she'd tell you, in probably not-so-nice terms, to "go ye forth and multiply". I find that most people see themselves as "the best parents" and perhaps they should see themselves that way...


    The question really is, when this kid becomes a teen and adult and has ZERO respect for anyone or anything, will momma and grandma say, "Gee, maybe there's something I could have done?" or will they blame EVERYONE under the Sun except themselves and their precious boy?

    I think we already know that answer.

    Oh well... welcome to the blameless society... thanks to parents that refuse to instill respect into their kids.

    They all want to be "friendly" and supportive... and give the kid a false sense of entitlement...

    ...and there's poop-all anyone can do.

  9. I work in a mall environment. I suffer through the screaming, running, destructive children every day. The sad thing is they are worse on the weekends when they are with their parents than the weekdays with the nannies!

    I've actually had to reprimand children in front of their parents for the sake of my work environment - they climb on things; I tell them no and to get down. The parents just watch me!

    I may not have children, but I have sisters. It has never been acceptable to do as you like when under the age of 18. Why can't these parents teach their spoiled children some discipline?

    Floated here via BlogMad. Thanks for letting me vent with you! :) Love your writing and template.

  10. That's terrible. I see it all too often though. I've had mothers come over for tea and bring their children, never bothering to make them mind while they are here. They sit and relax while I chase their kids along with my own...

    If one of my children had of done what Roberto did, they would have promptly taken home. I don't put up with stuff like that for the sake of shopping. It's terrible that his mother did.

  11. good god, I hope I won't be one of those parents....that's certainly nothing my parents ever would have allowed!

    I would have been tempted to have the screaming hissy fit - at least with the hopes that Roberto might have figured out that it's not always fun and games to peek into dressing rooms, even if the mother didn't.

    And then, never get to back to that store, of course... :D

  12. This is a big pet peeve of mine also. The problem is that parents are letting the children run the show. You know the sayin' "letting the tail wag the dog". It is a prevalant problem these days. My Twins will invite a school mate over and 9 times out of 10, I will not allow them to re-invite again. Why? Because they are undisciplined children.

    My brother has the same kind. He tells them something and fails to follow through. He gives in as many parents believe this makes them a good parent. I disagree, all children need discipline and a clear understanding of boundaries and set rules.

    Great Post! I can relate to your frustration.

  13. I hate kids that can't behave. It's not about them being kids, including the occasional prank and scream, it's about them not being anything else but screaming, annoying, spoiled brats that one day will be awful adults.

    The thing is, if you'd said something to the kid, chances are he'd just laugh at you or behave even worse just to taunt you into having to react because they are used from their parents that nothing consequential ever happens.

    *Greetings from a random surfer*

  14. One word: birth control..

    oops, that was two words.. lol

    That's what I have to say about parents like that..

    Girl, you are so kind, because I would have been slamming on her stall door asking her whether or not I should just buy or boy a porn mag.. I mean..does she really want him running around in public looking at boobies every time she has to shop? Geesh..


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