Monday, May 01, 2006

Salad yumminess and pics of me

Yesterday I was really craving a great salad. Salads to me have become one of my very favorite foods(meals). I love veggies and I love trying different combos together to make one awesome mixture of tastes. It has become almost an art form

I know that sounds crazy but it is true. Well yesterday I found the mother of all places to make that happen ( no, not the grocery ) It was a place called Salad Express.. You can grab a container and fill it with your own salad creation for $6.00 .. can you believe that? I was so excited.. I started with a bed of spinach and added all kinds of goodies like cauliflower, broccoli, cheese , sprouts ,chick peas, tomatoes, mushrooms, both marinated and non, a hard boiled egg, okra, and a little bit of ham and cheese. When I got home I had to add some avacado ( I LOVE them ) and sprinkled it with extra virgin olive oil ......I have found that to be not only way healthier than dressing but it tastes awesome. It moistens the salad but leaves all the tastes of the veggies in does not mask the tastes but enhances them. I really recommend you try it if you never have. I was watching Joyce Meyers one day and she had a nutritionist talking about how we need a certain amount of "good" fats in our diet and that was one of them ,and one way to incorporate it into the diet and man it is awesome.
My Dr. also told me that along with exercise that extra virgin olive oil helps raise your HDL cholesterol level ..which is the good level that needs to be high to fight off free radicals in your body. So yeah !!! One more reason to love the stuff
Anyway I didn't write this post to obsess over olive oil Here is a picture of my yummy salad just because I thought it was so pretty and yummy looking I had to get a picture of it for you guys. And then two pics that Guppy took of me yesterday before we ran our errands to show everyone that I am healing well. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Oh yeah and no laughing at my hair I am trying to grow out my bangs and am running out of ways to style it at the moment until it gets a little longer. I really hope I can hang in and grow them out without getting frustrated and cutting them again. I have done that so many times.

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  1. Hi again...I did link from your page for the banner but I entered the code in the wrong spot, finally figured it out...I am kinda slow with coding, and as my daughter is getting her degree in web design, I really wanted to do it with out her help (wink!) I did it! I did it! Thanks again!

  2. I think your hair is GORGEOUS Stormii!!! I love the color too.

    And the salad does look delish!

    Hope your Monday is a good one girlfriend! :-)


  3. The salad looks so much better than the chips I'm eating for lunch!

    Glad you're doing better!

  4. YUMMMYYY!!! I salad sounds soo good right now. LOL

    You pictures look so good. You take a great pic! :) I wish I did. HEEHEE

  5. Now, me being Italian I know all about using Virgin Olive Oil. That is all I ever use, a little oil and red wine vinegar, you cant beat it. Hope all is well with you, take care.

  6. ok i totally feel ya ... growing out the bangs is the worst........ but let em grow girl!!! willpower... just say NO to the scissors... lol. i grew mine back out about 3 yrs ago, and it really was like an argument with myself. you just have to say no.... ummm, barrettes work well at the awkward length. :) but my oh my, you have beautiful hair! how long is it? mine just touches my booty.... but my bangs are indeed still growing, they are at my ribcage now... grrrr....
    how obnoxious, someone needs to invent the grow your hair back immediatley cure !!! lol
    as for the salads... dont all women crave salads when it comes spring time, and then demand them come summer? i know i do! your salad looks scrumptious tho! or as W would say "delish has landed!!!"
    ah well, off to read up on others... including your hubby... tell him how proud you are of his effort to quit, it is sooo hard!! don't we all know it! best of luck to him, oh and um, how are you feeling lately? much better i should hope. take it easy...
    p.s. NO CUTTY....NO CHOPPY...SCISSORS BAD!!! lol

  7. Ok, first..that salad looks sooooo good!

    Second, you are GORGEOUS!

    Third, I almost DID laugh because at first glance, when I looked at that top photo...I thought you had BLONDE bangs! :)

    I hate growing out bangs. HATE it! I did it finally and lived to tell about it. Hang in there...and like caralyn said, no cutty no choppy! ;)

  8. you sure are absolutely beautiful.

  9. I know what you mean about growing out the bangs - that is where I am right now too :). But I know I won't last - lol.
    You hair is awesome. I love the picture of you without the sunglasses :).
    The salad looks great - but you can leave of the avocados on mine. I eat everything with EVOO :) and add some Greek peppercinis - I can eat a entire jar just by myself of those thingis - I know not good for the stomach, but I just love them.
    Thank you for sharing the yummy salad...

  10. Do they make extra-virgin olive oil from extra-ugly olives?

  11. LMAO Mitey Mite....

    I so know where your son gets his sense of

  12. Yes I agree, salad express is great. Wish there were more close to me. Nice pics.

  13. Hi sunshine! Love the pics. man you have some gorgeous hair! Lucky duck.

    We don't have Salad Express here in austin but we have a few Soup'r Salad's here in town and theres this GREAT Chinese buffet close to work that is take out for 6.99 (HUGE takeout too). Ok, so that's not salad but it's cheap and good and actually fairly healthy. All their stuff is hot, (unless it's salad or dessert), fresh and cheap.

  14. No laughing by me.. you are a beautiful.. I love that shirt too.. it's funky and colorful.. lol

    I hate bangs.. so I feel for you.. I haven't had bangs in God knows how long because I'm always brushing them off of my head..

    That salad looks divine and it's cruel since I'm starving.. but I can't eat this late.. plus I'm on WW and I have no points.. wait.. it's past midnight..will the pts count for tomorrow? lol

    EVOO is great stuff.. I discovered the yumminess of drizzling it over my pasta a few months back..the texture is amazing..


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