Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

I know this is supposed to be wordless but thought I should explain the picture. This was a train that I made as a Christmas gift one year and stuffed it with goodies. Candy and giftcards and whatnot. It was made out of mini clay pots, wood wheels and popsicle sticks. It was fun to make and I really was pleased with how it turned out. I got the plans and supplies at Michael's.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What color blue are you ?

You Are Indigo

Of all the shades of blue, you are the most funky, unique, and independent.
Expressing yourself and taking a leap of faith has always been easy for you.

Monday, May 29, 2006

I guess I will not talk about...

How my management at work just made my Memorial Day a crappy one.THE manager at the store has the say so to whether or not we work on a long holiday weekend or not. To any holiday actually. When I say we, I mean hourly supervisors ,and offices. I am both and rarely get a holiday off. We get Christmas off but that is because the place is closed. Otherwise I am quite sure we would all be there. Anyway, Friday ,said boss informs us we WILL be working today and that it would be raining anyway. Like our life revolves around the rain right? Like we couldn't possibly have anything else to do other than be outside where it was raining and storming. Well he said he would be there too and guess who was still to drunk to show up to work today? You guessed it... It wasn't me. That wasn't the bad part anyway. I mean it is always good when the boss man is off or plays hooky. I could care less. Everyone gets more work done when he is not there trying to micro-manage. The thing that made me mad is the fact that one of the girls in my office and I got with our immediate supervisor and asked ( at about 9:30) if we could wrap up what we were doing ,and bail out at about noon. She said she would see how busy we were an get back with us. 11:30 rolls around and I call her to see what the deal was. I needed to know if I should go on to lunch or get ready to go home. WELLLLLL she got with a co-manager and I guess she decides if she has to be there ,so does everyone else that showed up today. We did have ALOT of call ins but none in my area. I pretty much wasted time. They had me do a few very petty unnecessary tasks to waste my time until 4:00. SO ridiculous.GRRRRR management sometimes. I am sure she was upset because the big boss guy decided to drink it up like usual and stuck her to run the place. Oh wait .. I said I wasn't going to talk about all that didn't I ....So I guess let's get to what I WAS going to talk about.* End Rant Here *

Today as the Astros played against The Cardinals and the bad, bad man ...Albert Pujols....BOOO TO PUJOLS!!!! I so could use his name as a swear word.. It sounds like one doesn't it ?...You I can see it now.

Berkman got his 1,000th base hit. WOOO HOOOO!!!! Very cool. I was so thrilled to see him back in the game after hurting his knee.

Then Craig Biggio hit the 10,000 th mark of being up to bat. The other cool thing is Biggio is in his 19th season and his whole career has been with the Stros. That is very, very impressive in this day and age. I think it is great that a guy his age can still run with the big dogs. He is older than a lot of guys on the team and he is one of the best. I say "ATTA BOY " Biggio!!!!!

( pictures taken during Spring Training in Florida , and used with permission, by my friend Astrosprincess )

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why do some people ....

Just absolutely REFUSE to make their kids mind? This drives me up a wall. I guess I could say that it is a HUGE pet peeve for me. Yesterday Guppy and I were out bra shopping for me right. Well, here I am in the dressing room trying on some ,when I hear from the next stall ," No Roberto" ...and a little voice below me saying "boobies" in Spanish. I looked down and freaked out. So I turned away from him thinking surely his mother would pull him back over or MAKE HIM MIND...hey that is a novel idea. No she did not. He sat there repeating that word over and over as he looked up at me and smiled. I put my shirt on and had to finish trying on the rest of my bras from under it. After that he got bored with me and Guppy said he went around to each and every singe dressing stall.. Guppy said he would lay on his back and look up in some. He would crawl halfway into others. His mother did NOTHING except say " No Roberto" .. or "don't do that Roberto" ...Did she folllow up with anything? ..NO. Did she go to him and remove him from the situation...NOPE.. Man,I could not believe she was letting this kid run crazy in this little store. He was ripping stuff off the racks. Guppy said at one point he picked up some sunglasses and was trying to rip them in half. His mother and grandmother just laughed... LAUGHED!!!! He also later on was crawling in and under all the stalls while his mom stood in line again. Doing nothing about it at all. I mean I know not all kids are perfect angels and they will act up at times, but to me there is just no excuse for a parent not to make a child mind. Especially when it is interfering with other peoples privacy. That is just insane to me... Can you tell this really bothered me?

I have had this happen while using the bathroom too. I really do not know what the parents are thinking with this one. To lazy to make them mind so they just don't care what they are seeing? I have no clue. Maybe they like the fact that they are raising a peeping Tom. Have you ever had this or a similar thing happen to you ? Or are YOU the parent that lets your kids do this? If that is the case I would really LOVE to hear your reasoning.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Photo Hunt - My baby boy

PS Hunt

This is my baby Gizmo.. He is such a momma's baby. If I am at my pc he is at my feet. If I am watching tv he is laying on me. He is such a sweet little boy, I love him to pieces. Luckily for me our living room is all Americana :)

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

This cute header is compliments of TNChick She has them up to share for her TT this week. Please swing by and check out her talent and if you use one please give her credit for her hard work.


1. Today is my post Op visit.

2. My Mema is having knee surgery today.

3. My cousin Mike's little girl is having surgery to put tubes in her ears. (must be the day to go to the dr. lol)

4. This is the last week for lil one to be in school this year.She will be moving on to be a big third grader.

5. I passed my inspection at work and got a 100% again :) ...yeah!!!

6. Guppy is going to be getting Baptized the last weekend in June. We have to get his paperwork done and faxed to them this by Friday and then he will go film his video tape next weekend :) I am so proud of him.

7. We are planning a camping trip to New Braunfels, Tx to go tubing on the Guadalupe River.

8. I got a smoothie recipe book yesterday and am excited about trying some out. Lil one and I LOVE making and drinking smoothies. The recipes I got are for different things. There are some to relief stress, insomnia, menstral cramps etc... Most of them look soooooo good.

9. Swimming last weekend spoiled me and I want a pool again so badly. I grew up with one and loved it. I am a fish when it comes to that. I could stay in the water all day. We are trying to talk my MIL and FIL into building one at their house. So far it has not worked because my MIL hates chlorine.. BOO!!!

10. I so need to get caught up on laundry.

11. A few of my friends from work are seriously thinking about and looking into starting our own business. We are doing the research right now. Looking into grants and supppliers and whatnot. Any advice from anyone that has tried it or has their own now?

12. We are wanting to open a Scrapbooking store.

13. Astrosprincess bought me the book "look great,feel great" by Joyce Meyers that I have been wanting. I have already started reading it. It has so many great helpful tips for becoming healthier. Lots of nutritional info in there. I am excited :)

Bonus: Alot of people were wondering who the pic was on my Wordless Wednesday. It is Taylor Hicks...He is the new American Idol. I am so happy that someone I wanted to win actually did. It is the first year for that ..for me.

and I know Tamwill and a few others were wondering what the flower was that is growing out of the tree in our back yard. I posted it during the Saturday Photo Hunt. It is a type of Bromeliad but I am not sure what exactly it is called. We put it in the tree were there was a little hole/knot thingie. It did not just grow there wildly. I know someone asked that too. We planted one small one and now there is like six big ones. It seems to really like it's home there in that tree. That type of plant only flowers once in its life. The blooms last a very long time and it has so many babies that you get to keep enjoying it.

{bro·me·li·ad Audio pronunciation of "Bromeliad" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (br-ml-d)

Any of various mostly epiphytic tropical American plants of the family Bromeliaceae, usually having long stiff leaves, colorful flowers, and showy bracts. Bromeliads include the pineapple, the Spanish moss, and numerous ornamentals.}

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Fun Weekend!

We had a very busy but over all fun weekend. Guppy,little one and I ....along with my best friend and her cousins three kids that were staying the night with her Friday night, all went to opening night of Over the Hedge...That was such a cute movie... very funny!! We loved it and so did the kids. It was definately a win ,win.... Now we are waiting for Cars to come out we are such big

Saturday we got back together with Astroprincess and the other three little ones and went over to her Grandma's and went swimming all day. WE had a BLAST!!! We all three LOVE to swim and it was the perfect day for it. We all stayed in until we were Just like it should be right? We had a few funny moments...One of them not so funny for Guppy but funny in retrospect... one of the little girls that we nicknamed "George"( long story but she sure does make an adorable George... ) was riding on Guppy's back as he shot through the pool under the water and when they both came up ...she ripped off his Nicotine patch and said " here you had something on you " as she handed it to him He was not doing good at that point He did last over three hours without it after that though. I was proud of him. It has been over three weeks since he has smoked and he is doing so awesome. I am so proud of him.

( Little one having fun on the slide as "George" keeps it wet for her with the noodle gun)

( Little one doing what they were calling Cowabunga!!!)

Sunday was less fun , but more productive. We decided to try and leave our puppy Gizmo out of his kennel over night to see how he would do. Well we got in late so the dogs got to eat late. We fell asleep watching a movie in the room and didn't get up to let them out after eating, so you can imagine the nice surprise in the morning. It was a wall to wall poop-fest in the dining room Sunday morning and urine down the hallway...Guppy got up first and came right back telling me what happened and saying he needed to be more awake to be able to deal with that ...Since I suggested leaving Giz out, I figured it was my duty to get up and clean it up. I got all the poo cleaned up and the spots sprayed and wiped and then went to moving everything in the laundry room, kitchen and dining room out of the way and got a bucket of hot water and bleach and started Nothing like bleach mopping half awake..It HAD to be done though....Later, after Gup was sure the coast was clear he came out of hiding to help me move furniture out of the way...He ended up shampooing the hall carpet and the living room too while he was at it. So right now.. most of our living room is in our dining room and a baby gate is keeping both dogs banished to the tile for now. Guppy is so happy with his clean carpets that he has yet to let the dogs step paw on them

Anyway...Long day tomorrow at work. It is time again for inspection...So it will be an early morning :( . Hope you all had a great weekend!! I will be catching up with you all soon.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Update on baby Andrea-Sticky Post

Thank you to all that helped us pray for baby Andrea. She is back at home now and feeling great. Mommy is doing good just needs some rest. It sounds like she has a touch of the blood disease that her father carried. They said it is not real bad but it gets her more sick then usual for a baby that age. They told my aunt that if her fever ever got to be 100.4 when taken in the rectum, to bring her in then. Apparently they said with a normal child you would not bring them in to the emergency room with that temp. They gave her a few viles of blood and got her hemoglobins back up. They are supposed to go see a specialist sometime soon is what my sister-in-law was telling me. She went up to visit my aunt and the baby while they were in Lousiville.

They tested Zach(Andrea's twin brother)and he for sure does not have the blood disease. Praise God for that.Thank you all again for the prayers!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How my week is going!!!

Prayer Request -Sticky Post

I am going to keep this as a sticky post for awhile, so please scroll down to read the daily posts.

I have a prayer request to all of those of you out there that are the praying kind. My aunts 8 month old little girl, baby Andrea, was life flighted today to a Louisville hospital. They are not sure what is wrong with her but they have an idea. Her temperature has stayed at about 103 and her hemoglobins are dropping. They suspect that she may have a blood disease that the father had. I am not sure of all the details or any of them right now. I got this info second hand from another aunt that went over to watch the little boy (she is the twin to him). He is not showing any signs of illness but is restless. I am sure he can tell something is wrong. My aunt , alone with other aunts and uncles and my grandparents headed up to Louisville to be with them. I am just asking for prayers for this baby. I pray that they get her to the right doctor that can diagnose what is wrong with her ,and that she gets better very soon. I pray that the Lord keeps her in his grip. Thank you in advance to all of you that are sending prayers up for her and the family. My aunt is doing better then expected ,but still not real good. She is exhausted. She has stayed right by her bedside at the other hospital for days now. She is also worried as you can imagine...My aunt ( their mother) has MS so she needs her rest too... I pray that she gets that and that she does not totally wear herself out. Thank you and God Bless you!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Random Ramblings and Happy Mother's Day

I went to my first scrapbooking party yesterday. I was a little nervous actually. As much as I love to scrapbook, and I think I am decent at it. I plan things out soooo much before I do a layout. I was afraid I could not be creative on the spot with only a few materials. I did ok. It was more fun just seeing the other women that had never scrapped before,realize they could. So many people say " I am just not creative" and the girl giving the party made a good point. "Everyone is creative in their own way." Not everyone has the same style or taste but we all know what we like ya know?

Well today is the very first Mother Day that I do not have lil one :(. I will miss having her on this day. It is always special waking up to her card and home made gift. I am glad that she will get to do that with her mom though. They need that special time too. I hope she and all the moms out there ( step or biological ) have a great Mother's Day. My mom has to work and is 1,000 miles away :(. Her prayer journal that I made did not make it there Saturday like it was supposed to. That was such a bummer. Oh well it will just extend her Mother's Day for her when it gets there Monday.

We are debating going to some yard sales..Gup seems to think there will be some . WHy would there be on Mother's Day though? Oh well I guess we will see. We have to meet his grammy and mother at a nice italian resturant for a Mother's Day lunch and for me to meet his uncle,aunt, and cousin with her kids for the first time.

Yesterday was weird and I lost pretty much half of my weekend :( When I got back from the scrappin' party yesterday I was asleep by 5:25 ...I woke up this morning about 8 am..Man that is a lot of sleeping. I have no idea what was up with that. Maybe going back to work last week after surgery was a little harder on me then I thought, who knows....

Anyway, that is anough rambling....Happy Mother's Day to every mother in Blogland :)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday Photo Hunt - Celebration

PS Hunt

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This weeks challenge for the photo hunt was a picture capturing " celebration". So this is what I came up with. This train is at Minute Maid Park,home of the Houston Astros.It goes down the track and blows it's whistle when we get a homerun. and the picture below it are people standing up to cheer and celebrate it as well :) Happy photo hunting and GO ASTROS!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

A dead rat?.. I DON'T THINK SO!!!

Well today completes my first official week back to work.. BOO!!!
Naw ,really it didn't take me long to get back into the swing of things. I am still not exactly up to par as far as my strength and things, but that will come with time as I push myself a little further each day.

Today Guppy and I went to lil ones school for a donuts for dad and muffins for mom breakfast. She was too cute and so excited that she got to serve us. It was cute when she asked what we wanted to drink and Guppy said "how about some OJ" and she said "would you like some milk or some water?" Guppy said " umm how about some and she was like "ok". I think she was just so excited to have us She is so cute when someone shows up to school for anything. She gets such a huge smile and you can tell she is proud of herself and loves her school.It was a great start to the morning.

Then I get to work and it goes downhill There was some rancid smell permeating the whole place. OH MY GOODNESS!!! It was the worst smell ever and soooooo strong. Some of us were worried it was some kind of methane gas from the sewer or something. It was awful. Of course management was trying to chalk it up to a dead rat somewhere in the wall.. There is no way a rat smelled that strong in a building as huge and wide open as that... At one point it started gagging management and they had the back door open with a fan blowing out. The sucky part is it was the worse in the back offices which is where mine is ...ACKKKKK!!! It got so bad about 11:00 that four of us pretty much ran out of the building and went to lunch at Subway to get out of it and get some fresh air. It is sad when you live in the Houston area and you run outside for "fresh" anyone that lives here or has been here knows how funny that is. Especially with all the chemical plants around here. Anyway , when we got back it got so bad that our throats were burning and we all had headaches it had gotten so bad. Of course management still did nothing about it but call the bug guy to come see if he could find a dead rat.. He said he was stopped up and could barely smell .. Oh he must have been stopped up all right. That smell was NASTY! Man I hate having such good sense of smell sometime anyway and today it really sucked. I was wishing for a cold at that

I am sooooo glad I am home now, you have no idea..

I am going to meet Guppy's uncle, aunt and one of his cousins from Dallas for the first time this weekend. This ought to be fun :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen SONGS that I am really loving right now!

( In no particular order)

1. Big Daddy Weave-Fields of grace

2. Overflow- Cry on my shoulder

3. By the tree-Beautiful One

4. Toby Mac- Burn for you

5. Casting Crowns- If we are the body

6. Davis Crowder- Here is our King

7. Aaron Shust- My Savior ,My God

8. Matt Brower- I shall believe

9. Matthew West- Only Grace

10.Newsboys- I am free

11.DC Talk- What if I stumble

12. Newsong- Psalm 40

13. Nicole Nordeman- My Redeemer

( ** For thos of you that came by yesterday for the Wordless Wednesday and I did not get to you it was because we had church last night and I was having pc issues. A lot of peoples comments would not come upand my pc was being VERY slow because of surrounding storms. I will get to all of you, it is just going to be late :( ...Thanks to all of you that did come by and comment.)

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ranting ...because I can

Well I have a few minutes before I have to go to work so I decided to type up a quick post. I went back to work yesterday. It wasn't bad .. i will not go into how inconsiderate management is and how as soon as I came back they pulled me to go somewhere else and then pulled my help. DOES light duty mean anything to these people? I think not. Anyway I didn't do anything I was not able to and it resulted in my area looking bad when I left .. Hey I guess they will listen to me when I tell them I still have restrictions on file..One manager had the nerve to tell me to put a box on a pallet and then walk things one by one over to them until they were full.. So productive that is .. Sheesshhh.. Anyway I am not bitter. You can't tell huh? I figure today is a new day and I refuse to let them steal my joy... Guppy is feeling yucky so he is staying home.. That is a pretty good thing because that means I can come home earlier then usual :) Anyway ... here I go off to my second day back ... I will say I got lots of love from my coworkers .. everyone is amazed at how much weight I lost with the surgery... Have a great Tuesday whoever you are that reads this, if anyone

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Scrappin'-Mother's Day prayer journal

Well we had quite the busy weekend.. I will have to blog more about our Saturday adventures, maybe tomorrow. Today i wanted to share my latest project. I really wanted to make my mother a prayer journal. I looked on the web for hours and never really found what I was looking for. I have seen them embellish store bought stuff like this on DIY scrapbooking before but could not find the episode when I was searching. So I had to wing it So here is my first attempt at altering a store bought journal..


Here is what it looked like when I bought it
( I tried over and over to get a decent picture of this journal but with the flash it had an awful glare and without it was just blurry so anyway you get the idea.

Here is the front cover of it after I got done with it:

Here is inside the front cover:
( the bottom is a piece of vellum matted to a blue piece of paper using eyelets.
it has Proverbs 3:5-6 on it)

On the opposite side of the front cover is this :
( I didn't take the full picture because it has some personal info on it)

Next is the inside of the back cover:

some more mounted vellum scripture quotes ( Matthew 7:7 and some scripture stickers and some dove stickers Psalm 118:24 and Psalm 150:6)

Here is the back cover:

I printed out one of the scriputes that we pray a lot over family,friends,troops, our is Psalm 91. Then I distressed it my crumbling the paper and inking the edges and creases and then matted it.

It is hard to see but there are two clear stickers with silver writing one says "Praise the Lord" and the other says "Faith is the substance of things hoped for,the evidence of things not seen."-Hebrews 11:1

Then I randomly stamped on pages throughout the journal " God is Love" and " You are a Blessing to me". I tried to get a picture but for some reason the ink would not show up in them ...was very weird. Also I gave her two ribbon bookmarks that are attached to it. Here is a picture of one and the other is wider and tan colored.
This picture is not a very good one either but you get the idea. The journal I bought at Wal-Mart for $4.82..and it has Psalm quotes randomly printed in the upper right of some pages :) :

I am pretty happy with this being my first attempt and having nothing to go by. Although there is a lot of room for improvement. That will just make it that much more fun when I make my next one :)

Well there you have it ...This is what my mom will be getting for Mommy's Day...What are you getting your mom?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My 1st Saturday Photo Hunt

PS Hunt

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This weeks theme is "OPEN":

I thought about this one long and hard. I didn't want to do something obvious like a door or something. I was trying to think outside the box. We drove past a church that is in our neighborhood and I seen this statue. I have seen it many times, almost daily actually. It hit me though ...Jesus is always open for us to come to him.I was like how perfect a picture to capture the word "open"... So Gup and I decided to take our nightly walk around this church and get some pictures of the statue... I am not sure if I am breaking the rules by posting two ( If so I will take one down) The larger/further away one was so dark that I wanted to post the one that was a little closer with it. It was hard to tell what we were getting because it was getting dark Anyway, have a very blessed Saturday!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

This weeks picture challenges for SPF were 1.Body of water,2.Something with flavor, and 3.plant your booty ...and here are my contributions:

Well I figure this one pretty much speaks for Taken at the Aquarium in Corpus.
  • Body of Water

    This deer kept licking Guppy's hand. I figured he must of had pretty good flavor to the To bad I never could getthe digital to take the picture fast enough to get his tongue out.

  • Something with Flavor

    I loved this one we took at the zoo for this because all the others are sitting but that one :)

  • Plant your booty

Have a great Friday :)

If you participated don't forget to add your link and I will come visit yours as well. Have fun!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tagged by EPH2810

* I AM: Saved by Grace

* I WANT: to grow old with my husband by my side

* I WISH: never and pray often

* I HATE: turnips and radishes

* I MISS: being back home in the country side of KY with my family a lot of days.

* I FEAR: cockroaches,mice, rats..ewww they give me the creeps.

* I HEAR: the sound of my keys as I type this and the air conditioning blowing.

* I WONDER: what lil one will grow up to be.

* I REGRET: Not furthering my education.

* I AM NOT: a singer but would love to be able to.

* I DANCE: when no one is looking

* I SING: all the time but can't really carry a tune in a bucket.

* I CRY: When watching the new King Kong

* I AM NOT ALWAYS: turning over control to God like I should ( but I am working on it)

* I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Scrapbook pages to preserve our memories

* I WRITE: when I want to share my thoughts or clear my head

* I CONFUSE: myself all the time

* I NEED: to exercise more often

* I SHOULD: at least walk daily after dinner.

* I START: back to work Monday the 8th ( BOOOOOO!!!)

* I FINISH: this meme ( sorry I could not think of anything else )

* I TAG: whomever would like to do it :)

Thirteen Reasons why Guppy should stay not smoking!

1. Because his 7 year old daughter tearfully said last year " Daddy all I want for my birthday is for you to stop smoking."

2. So that he is adding years to his life instead of taking them away.( I kinda like having him around :) )

3. Because I got that same request from little one last year and actually did quit.

4. It's hard being a non smoker married to a smoker at times.

5. He smelled like an ashtray a lot when he was smoking.

6. I can kiss him anytime now without him having to run and brush his teeth first ,which kind of takes " the moment" away.

7. The car smells better now that he has quit.Even though he never smoked with me or lil one in the car .He did smoke quite a bit in the car while alone.

8. We can actualy watch a tv show or a movie without having to take pause breaks for him to run out and smoke.

9. He has more energy now that he hasn't smoked for 5 days.

10. Because he has already gone 5 days and he smells wonderful all the time now... Yeahhhh him and Praise God!

11. Because he promised he would after my surgery was over.

12. Because I know he can do this, with God's help.

13. *drum roll please * ..........because it saves more money for :)

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday's Treasures : Junky to Funky

Most of my regular readers know that Gup and I love to watch decorating shows and love decorating ourselves. Especially when he gets to either build something or we find something great and get to refinish it. I discovered a new show on DIY a few months back and really have enjoyed it. It is called Junky to Funky. It is so cool to watch the things they get and what they end up turning them into. If you are into this sort of thing I recommend watching it.

We went browsing different yard sales with Crabgirl and Critter about a month ago and had two awesome finds.We are going to redo them both and incorporate them into the dining room I think. We have a definite spot for the window and a "maybe" spot for the trunk.

Here is the window: ( bought for $3.00)

This one is probably going to get an antique black finish on it so it will pop against the rag rolled wall in the dining room and it will hang above the little Bistro table that sits over in the corner. We are thinking about adding some plants as well since it has a built in We are thinking a nice hanging ivy maybe? Any one have a suggestion on a great hanging plant that is great for indoors that requires little to no sun? Oh yeah and we plan on making it a mirror buy adding one to the back of it.

Next is one of my favorite finds ever...

The Trunk: was marked $20.00...we paid $10.00
The lady seen we were interested and wanted us to take it she said it was a project that she started and she didn't want to put it back in her garage..Yeah for us.

Now we both seen great potential in this trunk. It is beautiful if you look past the white primer the lady sprayed over the metal and wood. The metal is so pretty and detailed...We just wish she had never sprayed over it. *sigh* oh well ....This is Gup's baby now. He has taken on this project alone because he has a clear vision of what he wants it to look like. He has started with the fist phase of a faux rust look technique on the hinges...Note it is only in phase one of that so far..Also he is starting a faux patina look on the metal. and I think some other parts will be antique black and other faux wood grain. I am sure it is going to look spectacular when he is finished. I will be sure to post pics of the finished projects as they get done.

So what do you think? Any suggestions on what you think would look good on either? Do you have any projects like this? Do any of you like doing this sort of thing?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Salad yumminess and pics of me

Yesterday I was really craving a great salad. Salads to me have become one of my very favorite foods(meals). I love veggies and I love trying different combos together to make one awesome mixture of tastes. It has become almost an art form

I know that sounds crazy but it is true. Well yesterday I found the mother of all places to make that happen ( no, not the grocery ) It was a place called Salad Express.. You can grab a container and fill it with your own salad creation for $6.00 .. can you believe that? I was so excited.. I started with a bed of spinach and added all kinds of goodies like cauliflower, broccoli, cheese , sprouts ,chick peas, tomatoes, mushrooms, both marinated and non, a hard boiled egg, okra, and a little bit of ham and cheese. When I got home I had to add some avacado ( I LOVE them ) and sprinkled it with extra virgin olive oil ......I have found that to be not only way healthier than dressing but it tastes awesome. It moistens the salad but leaves all the tastes of the veggies in does not mask the tastes but enhances them. I really recommend you try it if you never have. I was watching Joyce Meyers one day and she had a nutritionist talking about how we need a certain amount of "good" fats in our diet and that was one of them ,and one way to incorporate it into the diet and man it is awesome.
My Dr. also told me that along with exercise that extra virgin olive oil helps raise your HDL cholesterol level ..which is the good level that needs to be high to fight off free radicals in your body. So yeah !!! One more reason to love the stuff
Anyway I didn't write this post to obsess over olive oil Here is a picture of my yummy salad just because I thought it was so pretty and yummy looking I had to get a picture of it for you guys. And then two pics that Guppy took of me yesterday before we ran our errands to show everyone that I am healing well. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Oh yeah and no laughing at my hair I am trying to grow out my bangs and am running out of ways to style it at the moment until it gets a little longer. I really hope I can hang in and grow them out without getting frustrated and cutting them again. I have done that so many times.

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You Bless Me

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