Sunday, July 31, 2005

Baby Medusa

Little one woke up this morning all bright eyed and medusa looking Her hair was so cute and messed up I had to take a few pics . Grandma ( my mother- in- law ) bought her this My twinn doll a few years ago .They are very cool actually .You pick out eye color ,send in a clipping of the child's hair to match it up I think she looks a lot like her doll .... ( I will give you more info about the doll in my next post )

7-31-05 019

She woke up in a great mood and ready to play on daddies computer . She plays this game called spider which from what I gather is a lot like solitaire . This child is smart as a whip . I didn't learn to play this until a few years ago and she is all over it ..

7-31-05 021

Isn't she so cute :)

This hair is classic She is so gonna hate me for this when she gets older ...

7-31-05 020

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Ok you know I really went in to the movie expecting to hate it .Depp on the previews was creeping me out.I normally do NOT like Tim Burton's stuff.I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed it . I think Depp was fabulous in this movie .It was a movie that made you feel like a kid again ..It made me want to jump in and swim in the river of chocolate ,ride in a big pink boat through a tunnel while sipping chocolate ,and frolic in an edible wonderland .It was very cool for me :) I recommend going to see it .I am disturbed however at the the previews they chose to show before the movie .Very inappropriate for young children in my opinion .

chocolate river

edible wonderland

Ding Dong "Cappy " is gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updates below !!!

Just the name Cappy annoys the piss out of me .That whole side annoys the piss out of me .Never has a season of Big Brother got me so fired up . How can these people be so ignorant . Maggie for starters has not figured out that her whole side voted against her and that the whole side she is fighting to get out voted to keep her in . ARGGGG These people are ignorant . Sarah and her flip floppin ass is getting on my nerve to .I would not trust her or James as far as I could throw them as far as an alliance . As long as Kaysar and Janelle stay I will be a happy camper ...If those two leave before the rest, it will not be worth watching for me .To me they are the only two intelligent people on that show . The rest of them can all go one by one for all I care .

Why oh Why did Maggie of all people have to get HOH ....It is always sad when you have an ignorant ,irrational woman in power like that . And can someone please stuff a sock in Ivettes mouth ...geeeez that woman's voice grates on my last nerve .

NOt that I am bitter or anything ...lmao Man I am so annoyed .....I can not wait untill Thursday .Apparently according to the live feeds Sarah has won the veto and is trying to play it off like she may not use it ..WHATEVER do you think these people were born yesterday ? Why would she not save her own boyfriend
...Morons .....Ok I am done now ...

Update : Howie is now calling "that " side Crappy Crunch ...lmao

Edited to add these pics of tv's best eye candy right now ( these are from the live feed so are not the best pics but he still looks good :

him in a towel ...mmmmmmmmm :) :


Saturday, July 30, 2005

The new shower curtain

Well as Guppy talked about in this post . I have the decorating bug again . I have been itching to redecorate the main bathroom in this house since we moved in . The fact that the room already had the shower curtain and bath rugs and wall paper border up and it all matched ,I left it for a bit until I could figure out what I wanted . We both hate it though, so now is the time for a change in there . A few months ago we were out shopping around and stopped in to Bed Bath and Beyond and I found a shower curtain I really liked.I thought ,well I will think about this for a bit ( the curtain was $50.00) and see what I can come up with to compliment my shower curtain . So I spent months thinking about colors for the walls,rug colors , accessories all the way down to the proper shower curtain hooks and new hardware on the cabinets . I had it all planned out in my head and I was convinced and ready to go spend $50.00 on this shower curtain .I think that is a lot of money to spend on a shower curtain myself so I needed backup My mother-in-law likes decorating as much as I do and we both value each others opinion in the process as well . We were out looking for some accessories for her new office and some things to put on her bakers rack in her kitchen, so I asked her to stop by with me and check out this shower curtain . We get there and we do not see it ..I was like No way is this happening I had the whole room planned out in my head after months of thinking this thing out and it has been discontinued ...Well doesn't that just figure ...So we find a salesperson and I start describing the shower curtain to them ..I get a blank stare like" hey lady who cares about a stupid shower curtain that I have never heard of " ...I get pushed off on three different people before this lady tells me to go see this bald guy in drapes that's helping a customer . Well we get there and wait for him ( he wasn't even close to bald by the way ) I must have looked /sounded desperate for this curtain because he took pity on me and walked over to see one that I said was similar and then got online and brought up the website and started going through for me until we found it ...YEAH not so bald BB&B guy !!! He found out it was discontinued but showed me what stores had them and how many . I was excited , can you tell All this over a friggen shower curtain even . Just so you all know , I do not usually get this excited over a shower curtain ok I Do however get something in my head and freak slightly when my plan or whatever gets a kink thrown in Especially when I have planned for months and got my heart set on it . Soooooooo for the next few days I thought ok is this the one ...For sure . I mean it IS $50.00 for a damn shower curtain and all ..I could probably find a cheaper one and design a room just as cute I'm sure . We had seen a very cute one on our shopping trip with his mom that only cost $10.00.I tried to plan that bathroom possiblilty in my head but I kept coming back to the one I had spent so much time on . I finally said that's it ...I am getting that curtain and going with it . We drove up and barely got there before they closed, and grabbed it ..On the way back we get stuck in construction traffic .GRRRRR It was approaching 10 pm before we got home that night so it gave me a lot of time to now second guess if I had done the right thing ..I know you are probably thinking wow she thinks way to much about a damn shower curtain Truth is I love doing interior decorating and I do think on it to much I am sure ,but the end result is always awesome ,so it is well worth it .Guppy decides to hang it and see what we think .I think I made the right choice .I really did like it after it was hanging in our bathroom. I ran out the next day and got some paint chips I am so ready to do this .I think we have the perfect color picked we are just playing with shades of that color now ...Can't figure out if maybe we should go a little darker or a little lighter but we will get there . I know that they now have little sample paints that you can buy to take home and try . I may get a few shades and paint a stripe or two on the wall and see what we think . I am just happy that it is finally coming together :)
If you are at all curious now as to what the famous curtain looks like you can see it here . I will take pics of the process as well as we start the project ..( I should have taken pics while the old curtain was up) ...Anyway I will keep you posted . :)
Have a Great Saturday People !!!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Technique Friday

It has been a crazy ,crazy week at work .I am so very glad it is Friday finally .WOOOO HOOOO!!! If anyone calls ...I am not home ..hehehehe .

Ok on with the weekend ,starting with this weeks technique from my lil book .For those of you that have not been here since the beginning of these postings ,I am posting each Friday from a book called 302 advanced techniques for driving a man wild in bed by Olivia St Claire .This is purely for entertainment value ..But ,take from it what you will :)

Last week I posted of the shaving ceremony for the men .This week it is for the ladies :)WOOT!!
Technique #268:
"Shaving Ritual for her . Lipstick 4
Present him with a hand -lettered invitation to your virgin shaving ritual.Designate a time
and place and provide instructions that include his being naked ( he'll feel more vulnerable that way and will take greater care with the delicate operation ).Assemble all the materials for him ( with the addition of the camera ) and make the atmosphere as cushy,safe,and resplendent as you desire. You may want to bathe first to make your hair soft and easy to remove . At the end of the ceremony , ask to take a photo of your bare beauty that he can keep tucked away very deeply( yeah hopefully VERY deeply ) in his wallet . "

Ok if this is a ritual for US why do we have to bring all the materials ? He didn't have to when it was his ritual what's up with that . Also why didn't we get a pic to tuck in our wallets? I think we got ripped off here ladies . Tongue Out

UPDATE : Ok I was doing my blog visits and first on my list is -E and she had a link so hilarious I had to grab it and share I hope she doesn't mind .Go read her post and then check out this link .

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Guppyman's Birthday !!!!!!!!!


Happy 33rd Birthday punkin . I love you so much . I thought about posting all my mushy setiments on my blog for the world to see but you know what , I will save that for just you :)

Enjoy your day darlin .......

Birthday Song

Here is Guppy being Guppy


Him looking all sweet and innocent :)


and a kiss for the birthday boy :)


I am writing this post tonight before bed because I know I will probably not get a chance to do it on his birthday tommorrow July 27th 2005 ...So everyone visting ...why don't you hop on over to Guppy's place and wish him a happy one :)

Are you sure it is not Monday

Does this sound even remotely familiar to anyone else :

person 1:" What do you want to eat ?"

person 2:" I don't know what do YOU want to eat "

person 1 :" I don't know , what sounds good to you ?"

person 2 : " I don't care , what sounds good to you ?"

We are both starving yet we sit here having this conversation
This is ALL the time unless I am cooking dinner and I give him no choice ...
I need to go to the grocery ,but for tonight it is going to be take out but at this rate who knows what or when ...lmao

Anyone got any good ideas ? I may be here awhile withering away to nothing ( yeah right ...As IF !!!!)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Such a Gentleman

I just wanted to take some time out today to give kudos to my husband . He is such a gentleman . Yesterday evening we went over to his moms to help her get her roman shades hung for her new home office .In the process of that a very heavy hammer fell off the top of a file cabinet right on to guppy's ankle :( OMG it looked painful .. We got some ice on it for a few minutes and he finished up the job and then some . I am so proud of him .

The other day at the grocery store we went in and bought a bunch of fruit ( I was craving a fruit salad and some veggies for the guinea pigs , and some ice cream ( of course )The bags were not exactly light Anyway , we are leaving ...Guppy has all 6 bags in one hand it is over a hundred degrees outside ,his fingers are going numb from the plastic cutting off his circulation and he still comes over and unlocks and opens my door for me like always .

One late night we were out Christmas shopping and it started pouring rain ...The kind you can barely see in front of you through ...We are leaving the store and all these people are standing around the door waiting for the rain to stop so they can walk to their cars . Guppy goes and gets the car , gets out and opens my door for me ,( IN THE POURING RAIN ) ...This lady standing with her hubby smacks him in the arm and says "look at that ...why don't you do that for me" ..My honey is such a gentleman and I just wanted to tell him how much I appreciate him :) I want him to know that I do not take these things for granted but notice and cherish them .

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Come along on a tour of the Houston Zoo ....

This was our favorite part of the rain forest exhibit . That pink bird up top was so cool looking that we had to get a picture of it .I could have kicked back right there for hours . It was so relaxing .

This deer was so cool .Guppy would pull a leaf off that tree the deer was eating at and it would eat right out of his hand . The deer was also licking his hand but with a digital ,of course when I snapped by the time it actually took the pic the deer was done :( .

I Love these pics of the pink flamingo .I had never seen a pink flamingo in person before this day . Only the fake plastic ones in peoples yard
These look like cool pics for a post card to me :)

These actually ended up being my favorite pics of the trip .

Guppy captured this very cool pic of this bald eagle . The bird was posing so nicely for him don't you think ? what a ham :)

This one I loved too . Doesn't he look so majestic?

Thank you for stopping by and taking a tour of my favorite Houston Zoo exhibits :)
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend :)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sweet Pomegranate memories

When I was a child the street I lived on in Las Vegas had an elderly couple that had this HUGE pomegranate tree . All the neighborhood kids were allowed to go get the pomegranate off anytime . Most of the time you could just walk up to the yard and grab them from the ground .That tree produced mass amounts . I don't know if you have ever eaten a pomegranate but when they are ripe ...Man they are juicy and sweet ..mmmmmmmm All up and down the street the sidewalks were stained with red juice That is the only way we knew to get them open . You would throw it as hard as you could and bust it open on the sidewalk .Still today that is the only way I know to get them open ,although I have not eaten one in years . Eating those are one of the fondest memories I have of my childhood summers . We would play hard then sit on the curb of the sidewalk and rest by eating some pomegranate . Last year ,shortly after buying this house we found a dwarf pomegranate bush at Home Depot and purchased it . It flowered a little last year and fruited slightly but nothing major . This year it is going crazy . I am still wondering if they are edible though . I tried looking it up on the net a few times but never found anything about eating them or not . Does anyone else grow these or atleast know if you can eat the fruit ...I am dying to try one Here are a few pics of it :

Friday, July 22, 2005

New Fangled Dukes

I was a HUGE Dukes of Hazzard fan as a kid .My brother and I were even allowed to stay up later on the day that it come on so we would never miss it . I had the t-shirt , the lil Daisy dukes and the little plastic high heels My idols as a child were Daisy Duke and Wonder Woman
I am a bit disturbed at the
new movie coming out , for several reasons .First of all Daisy is NOT a blonde ...GRRRRRR as much as I like Jessica Simpson and all , she has no business being Daisy ,atleast not without a brunette wig on . I mean why not someone like Carmen Electra or maybe even Sandra Bullock .I actually think the perfect one to play her would be Gretchen Wilson but who knows if she can act How believeable is it that Stiffler is playing Bo ?
Burt Reynolds is WAY to small to be boss hog . I mean isn't it kind of missing the point of his name there ? In the original show he was a big slob that ate all the time . GRRRR I am just annoyed . Also they redid the song !!!!!!!!!! Can you believe this . I know I am ranting on and on ..The very sad part of it all is I know I will go see it .I have to . I just am not believing that they could not have casted this movie a lot better then they did .... Does anyone else plan on seeing this movie ?

Ok you guys be the Judge :

Original Daisy ?:

Or the new Daisy ?:

Intimate Ceremonies

Ok I would say if you are at work or have kids that can read lurking over your shoulder you should probably click over to the next blog and save this post for later It is not XXX rated but it is sexual .
Today is Friday and the day that I post one of the techniques from my book ( for entertainment value only of course ... * wink * ..lmao )

"This week is # 267 Shaving ritual( for him ):
A titillating way to build deep trust and intimacy,the venerable art of shaving pubic hair has been around for centuries.While your man may be reluctant at first , you can :(1)explain that it will greatly increase his genital sensitivity ;(2)say you can't wait to shower lots of kisses on his bare pubis; (3)promise to let him shave you .
Gather a small scissors,a razor that's been used only once or twice,a shaving brush and cream ,a basin of warm water , a washcloth ,and baby oil.Clad in filmy lingerie,make an elegant entrance with your tools and a vase of flowers on a tray . Prop him up with pillows and tell him how manly and gorgeous his Lance of Love is as you carefully trim the surrounding hair with scissors.Then apply a hot wet washcloth to the short fuzz ,softening it for easier removal .Finally ,smooth the shaving cream and carefully render him hairless.Rub on soothing baby oil ( or witch hazel) to prevent razor burn as you coo over his freshly exposed virtility.For a stirring conclusion,decorate him with garlands,wide ribbon,or scarves;groom and tickle his weapon with clean shaving brush ;and/or massage the oiled,babylike skin of his genital area . "

Ok while most of this doesn't sound a bit odd to me I will have to say that decorating his weapon like a friggen Christmas tree does I mean garlands ?..lmao I am getting a very humorous visual

Next week will be the shaving ritual for her ...So stay tuned

Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's almost Friday :)

Wow I almost feel human again I have been wiped out this week .I came back from my lil mini vacation to find that at work they took the girl that works for me and moved her to help out somewhere else for a week .So I had a lot of work to get done ..solo :( .Luckily I get paid hourly Anyway I am back and about to make my round tonight ...It has definitely been awhile since I have .Thanks to all of you patient people that still visit me regularly :) I love you all .

I wanted to give a shout out real quick to my RL buddy Jen .I think we have been friends since 5th grade ( she will correct me if I have that year wrong ).She now has a blog so will all of you please go by and give her a lil welcome shout :) ...She is still trying to get the hang of it .And blogging is always more fun when you have some interaction going on ....

Hope everyone is having a terrific week and thank God the weekend is in sight

P.S. Ok this is my BB update ..I knew my feelings would change about who I liked in the house and they sure have ..I can not stand Eric now ..OMG he is getting on a nerve ..I like Kaysar and Janelle ...How sad is that ...I hope Michael leaves tonight and Janelle hooks up with Kaysar and they kick off Eric's sheep one by one .....I have never seen so many followers in one little group in all my life ...How sad .Anyway I will be tuned in tonight for sure ..I am so addicted

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Back from Corpus Christi

Well we are back from our lil weekend vacation ..It was great ,had a blast .We are so ready to get relaxing and settled back in .I am going to sleep so well tonight .We stayed at the Radisson ( the Hotel was decent but their parking situation SUCKED) on Corpus Christi Bay then drove down to Padre Island to play on the beach ....We had a blast boogie boarding .We also went to the aquarium ..t.oday I will post a few pics from the vacation and give you all more detail later AFTER the much needed rest :)

Here is the pic I took of our Hotel ..We were on the very top floor .We had a pretty cool veiw from up there .

Corpus 084

Here are two pics from the aquarium's dolphin show :
Corpus 153

This one is my favorite dolphin pic ( taken by Guppyman ) :

Corpus 166

Have a great night all !!! I will be back to make my rounds tomorrow and hopefully things will be back to normal

Friday, July 15, 2005

weekly technique # 209 and# 212

Ok before I go I thought I would post my weekly technique from the book ..I was hard strapped to find a really bizarre one like the two before but this one isn't totally normal either I am not sure I could keep a straight face while saying this ...anyway here you go .Everyone have a great weekend :)

From the chapter :Initiating your man
technique #209
Kneel before him,bare-breasted,to kiss and lick his feet .Caress his shins with your nipples as you croon submissively ,"How may I serve you ,my king ?"

Now this may get someone smacked ..I understand the whole animal lust primal passion thing but clothes are not cheap May want to try this with some old srubs or something

From the chapter :Power Games
technique #212
Paper ,Scissors,Rock.Challenge him to this simple hand game .When you win ,whip out some real scissors,cut the clothes off his body,and ravish him .
( maybe if you ravish him well enough he will forget you just cut his clothes up ...lmao better make sure he isn't wearing his favorite shirt or something )


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Away for the weekend

Sunburn 2 or Hurricane

Well sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday .I have been very busy getting ready for our trip to the beach in Corpus this weekend .Hopefully it will be fun and not rain and flood ALL weekend.I am ready to do some swimming .Anyway ,everyone have a great weekend and I will be back to posting probably monday .....Oh yeah I am excited BB finally reveled the pairs and I must say I was shocked ..None of them matched what I was thinking ...I think this year is going to be very interesting .I am glad Kaysar survived ..He is a lil hottie ...Ok I wish I had time to break down what I think about each but I do not ...Night all :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The antics of my friend BauBau (bow-bow) as I call her

I had to share this today ...I will start by saying that I give my friend Bauban (bow-bon) kudos ..She was born and raised in Thailand ,got married at sixteen by way of arranged marriage thanks to her father .I am not sure how customary this kind of thing is but I would venture to say probably pretty .She doesn't seem to act like it was something out of the ordinary .Anyway her dad arranged for her to marry one of his brothers friends .She did and has been married since .She is now in her mid thirties with two beautiful teenage daughters .The thing I give her kudos for is not knowing anyone( including her new husband really ) ,not knowing how to speak a bit of english .I am not real sure if she understood it ..Seems she would have almost had to to a degree and coming over here to America ,learning english ,becoming a pretty independant and very hard working woman .She is one of my fellow hourly supervisors ...Anyway I love her to death and she is so funny .She is one of the women that I take breaks and eat lunch with regularly at work ( there are four of us ) .Well being from Thailand she is... how would you say ...a little naive to our culture still, but very curious at the same time which I can totally understand ..I would be to if the situation were reversed .She learned English and speaks it quite fluently but still has a very strong accent .Ok so know that you know the background and know that I love this girl to pieces on with making fun of her

Today at lunch we are discussing the tinfoil trick from the previous post ..My friend Nicole and I are crackin up about it and Bauban gets this puzzled look on her face and asks me in almost a whisper " Do you hum close or far away "Well I about spit out my drink with that one I said to her you put him in your mouth and hum ...You ought to have seen her eyes ...lmao They got huge like OMG no way .Well Nicole lost it too and started saying "yeah you just foil him up Bauban and leave him laying in bed while you go mow the lawn and hum ...but come back once in ahwile and see if he is hot yet ...lmao " Well we all started laughing so hard we were crying .Then I asked if anyone had any black pepper for my tuna and Bauban says .." You like spicy food? You would like Thai food if you like spicy food "I explained to her that I like black pepper and food with spices like garlic and such but not HOT spicy food .I told her I had always wanted to try a Thai resturant but never have ..I asked if they do the cream cheese wontons that I love so much and she says " I not Vietnamese I am from Thailand ." I was like I never said you were She said well I do not know what a wonton is they sound Vietnamese to me she said .I explained to her that I am American and I know what they are and was not implying that she should just know this because she is Asian Anyway we laughed it off and Nicole's brother says "I wonder what kind of food they eat in Thailand" and giigles and says "how are there hot dogs in thailand "..laughing because he said" I am sure they probably do not eat hotdogs there" ..Bauban says "Vietnamese eat dog not Thai" ...lmao Well we had to explain that a hot dog is Not made from dog ...lmao Needless to say she had us crackin up the whole lunch hour ..She is a roit .

Monday, July 11, 2005

Tinfoil Hum job? ..OH MY ...lmao

Well I have so many things to say that I don't know what to post about
Today was my first day back to work after an eleven day vacation and I do believe they just left everything for me to return to.Man the stack of paperwork that I have to file and no documentation on things that need to be done daily ..grrrrrrrrrr Ok I am done venting about that It's over and done with and tomorrow is a new day :) Plus I get paid by the hour so what am I griping about Silly me .

Ok second thing is Xtessa asked me in the comment section if that tongue shot was me and if my tongue is currently pierced ,the answer is yes to both ..It was a fun pic and I figured better suited for the new look then the sunflower :) Change is good sometimes ..I have had my tongue pierced for about 5 years now ...It is to the point now that I forget it's even there

Third thing Thank you all for your nice comments about the new look ;) .Also I am not sure how many of you visit Millennium Hippie on a regular basis ,but she posted some very yummy sounding Vegan biscuit recipes ..I am not a Vegan but with recipes like this I may become one yet I printed them all out and I am going to try them very soon ..I will let you all know what I think of them ...

Ok so this morning while getting ready for work we were discussing the plop plop fizz fizz thing Ok so we are a lil odd ....Anyway while I was doing my makeup Guppy sits on the bed and starts thumbing through it (BTW ..The book is actually entitled 302 Advanced Techniques for Driving a man wild in bed by Olivia St. Claire ) and we found one even more bizarre then the first Now I have never considered myself to be a prude in bed but this book has me wondering ..lmao jk * insert giggles there * Ok are you guys ready for this ...I am wondering If I should post a technique weekly like maybe on Friday or something ...lmao Is anyone interested ,because these are pretty interesting ( If enough people say yes they are then I will post a new technique weekly ) Ok back to the crazy one we found ...
Technique # 141
(quoting straight from the book word for word )

Tinfoil Hum Job :
"My girlfriend Chris ,an innocent-looking little pixie,highly recommends this wild technique .Wrap aluminum foil around his testicles,put your lips over them ,and hum.The foil adds heat ,intensity,and crackle to your tingling vocal vibrations."

My fist reaction was OUCH I have gotten a paper cut from foil before and it hurts .I would not want that anywhere near my genitals if I were a guy and second of all, would anyone want foil in there mouth ? That makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it .Ok well ,for not having much to say I sure babbled alot .But that's what blogs are for eh ..

I am off to finish up supper ..mmmmmmmmm I am so hungry !!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Plop Plop ....Fizz Fizz....Oh what a relief it is ..Or is it ?

OMG !!! The other day I was hanging some laundry while guppy was dusting the night stands ( I love him so ) When he came upon a book that we both had forgot we owned ...Awhile back ( like a few years ago ) I ordered Guppy a Tom Clancy book from a book club ,the literary Guild I believe it was .Well they come back with an offer that you can order like 10 or 12 books for this or that price .I am sure you know the type of thing I am speaking of .Anyway back to what the post is really about ...Well just for shits and giggles we ordered a bunch of sex books ..Like the Karma Sutra ,blah blah ...I am quite positive that we never read any of them Why we ordered them I haven't the slightest ..For shits and giggles I suppose Anyyyyyywho while he was dusting he picked one up(101 ways to drive your man wild ) and was thumbing through it ...* starts laughing * I still get cracked up when I think about it He finds that one of the ways stated is to vaginally insert an alka seltzer ..We were both like WTF I want to know who in the world was the first person to try that one It doesn't seem like a good or a safe idea ...Has anyone ever heard of this or better yet tried this ?I am extremely curious now ..Not curious enough to try it but curious

Searching for a new look !!

UGGGGG!!! I have been searching for what feels like two days straight for a new look .I have googled and surfed and searched until my eyes were crossing last night I am determined though .I will find my page a new skin.So this is what I am up to today .If anyone out there has any links with some very cool templates please share if you will :) It would be much appreciated .I am off to surf some more ....
UPDATE !!! UPDATE!!! I have a new look underway ...It is awesome ( I think ) ..But I need a cool blog name and I am drawing a blank ...So everyone give me your input ...What should my blog name be? Maybe I should have a contest and let the winner guest post on my blog ? What do you say ?
Here it is in all it's glory ...What do you guys think ? I think I love it ....It is taking a lil getting use to but all in all I really like it .Be honest though ...If you don't like any of it let me know what you actually do think ...Big props to hubby for knowing his way around HTML ...Yeah Guppy :)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Big Hugs / Walls of Honey

I was feeling lovable today so I thought I would keep my post simple and share the love!!So you all get a big hug .

Also :I have been seeing bees all over the news .It must just be that time of year .People having to rip big chunks of their roof off and stuff .It is crazy .I have never been affraid of bees but that was before I knew the extent of damage they could cause .My grandmother e-mailed me this story of one case found ..I thought I would share it with everyone ..Can you imagine honey oozing from walls ?I guess they could get a bee charmer and start selling the honey as a fundraiser ..lmao (Bee story)

Friday, July 08, 2005

It's Finally Here !!!!

Star 1

Yes I am still talking about Big Brother ...I am so excited it has started again ..lolCan you tell ?hmmmmmm ??????
Well we have met the cast basically ...So far I like Eric and Kaysar ...I was bummed when Rachel nominated him right off for eviction .I hate to say but I would at this point like to see the guys dominate .Most of the time it is so easy for the women to manipulate all the men it is not even that big of a challenge ...So to see a man prevail over being outnumbered would definitely be something to watch .I can not wait until they reveal the secret pairs in the house ...That twist is awesome ,I am curious to see how that is going to play out as well .We will have to stay tuned and find out .


Also the finale of Beauty and the Geek was on the other night .I just watched my dvr'd copy of it yesterday .I have heard no one blog about this show ..Are we the only ones that watched it ? It
was pretty interesting actually .The fact that they had to pair up but it was not a show that forced them to date ,but to learn from each other .It was cool .Richard on the other hand was extremely annoying ...That is why I am glad to announce that the winners were Chuck and Caitilin !!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh.Although There for a split second I was thinking how funny it would be if Richard and Mindy won to see if she would actually make out with him like she said she would do if they won I like nerdy guys and all ( smart guys ) but Richard was just plain annoying ..He tried wayyyy to hard to get attention .

Oh and for yet another reality show that I am watching is Average Joe :The Joe's revenge does anyone watch this one either ?I love it .I was disappointed by the girls the last two seasons though.Not exactly because they chose the "hunks"but because they led the "Joe" on to believe he would be picked at the end .Two Joe's ended up heart broken .This year the twist is that they will send one out of every group she eliminates and give them a makeover .Well that is a little disturbing as well .I mean If she does end up picking one that has been made over then that is not choosing an average guy either .It seems like they are trying everything to make it go the "Joe's " way ..I have a suggestion ...Next time , Just bring Average Joe's on ,not the way out there geeky ones that some of them are ...not the hunky model types ...just some average guys .That way the woman can only chose from that bunch ...

Have a great weekend everyone !!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Lazy Day /Big Brother 6 Season Premiere


Well today has officially become the "lazy day" .I still, at 5:39 p.m., have not gotten dressed .How sad is that I am still in my lounge around the house dress with no makeup and hair not curled .I guess when I think about the fact that I am on vacation and have been running around just about every day since it started it's not so bad The bad thing about me is ,on a normal get up and go to work, and get off and get the lil one, and come home and cook dinner, and blah blah blah ,I long for days that I can just do nothing .But,for some strange reason when I get a day like this ,I often think about all the things I could be doing or getting done I have managed to do about three loads of laundry so I guess the whole day is not wasted I also have caught up on some blog reading ( that is time well spent of course ) and watched Miss Congeniality 2 ..It was a cute movie .I think Sandra Bullock is one of those women that are naturally beautiful my hubby isn't impressed by her ..( he is a weirdo ) .

BIG BROTHER starts tonight ...WOOOO HOOOOO !!! I have been waiting for the season to start again ..This show is so addicting .I used to think reality shows were lame before I actually watched one now that is about all I watch , go figure .Just goes to show you should not knock things until you have tried them .

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'M Back :)

Happy Hat( I had to get these smileys that I was going to use for the 4th, in, since I didn't get to post ) Well I know it has been a very long time it seems since I have posted ..I apologize for that ..The visit from my mother was awesome ...I was missing her before she left even .We got to clothes shop,swap clothes ,trade makeup tips ...It was fun just getting ready to go anywhere with her ..We would sit and do our makeup together ,we would consult each other on outfits .We did alot of baking together ..It was a blast .I so wish they lived closer .She went home trying to talk my dad into moving She really liked Texas .He said no way as ling as my brother and the other two grandkids live out there ..So we have decided to try and work on my brother and my sister -in -law to move down here ..We will see how that goes ..It would be awesome .Although I know my grandparents are not going to move ..They have owned that house they are in for a very every long time ...So many of us in the family that have grown up with them in that house ...Anyway I am rambling now I hope everyone had an awesome 4th ...I am glad to be back ..I will be visiting you all soon ..It may take me a few days but I will get there .
Flags USA Smiley

You Bless Me

It has been awhile since I've blogged. Does anyone still blog anymore? I used to blog daily and look forward to visiting all my blog fri...