Saturday, June 17, 2006

Astros pitcher, Roy Oswalt on the mound

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Roy O is my favorite pitcher and this is a picture from my first and only Astros game that I went to. I was so happy that Roy was pitching that day even though we lost ;(

and since it is also a Father's Day theme I will also include one of my favorite pictures from that day as well.

UPDATE: Here is a picture of Brad Ausmus for Wystful one...


  1. What, no Brad Asmus?!! (He's so cute. rofl)



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  2. Very neat perspective on the pitcher!
    Happy Saturday and mine is up too.

  3. Both great shots! Thanks for sharing your sport shots, I like the dad shot best!!

    My photos are up!

  4. I like the one of the three of you best, too.

    Mine are up.

  5. Love these photos! The national past time..

    Mines up too! :)

  6. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I think it's time to go to another game....
    And those are three of the best looking people I have ever seen.... ;)

  7. Nice pics, there is no baseball in Spain but in fact, I never understood the game! happy saturday, my pic is posted. Good luck on your moving plans!!!

  8. I love the picture of you and your family! That's a really great picture!

  9. Fun pix! Go Blue Jays, Go!!

    I played too :)

  10. Awesome photos.

    I played. Pam

  11. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Very nivce photoS! :) THanks for stopping by. :)

  12. Great photos! So happy!

    mines up:)

  13. I love baseball, too. I think the photo of you three is great!

  14. Both are great photos -- I love the angle of the pic of Roy though! That's just a neat shot...

  15. Oh, I didn't know you were a Astro Fan!

    Brad is all mine, sorry

  16. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Love the picture of the three of you! I don't think I've ever been to a prof. baseball game :(

  17. great choices there! mine's up too! ;)

  18. Very nice pics. Love that last one. I played too. Stacie

  19. The last photo wasn't just for Wystful1 ;) I enjoyed it too.

  20. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Great pictures. I wish I still had all of the ones I had of the Braves from back in the 60's when I was a kid.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  21. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Some great pics indeed. Especially the middle one. What a great looking family you are :).

  22. I'm so jealous... I'm living in a house with 5 people that don't like baseball... BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    You all are too cute btw..

  23. Anonymous5:08 PM

    GREAT view point- looks fun-

  24. Hey! Roy O! He's been the most consistent one of the group. Ausmas couldn't be cuter. Astros still have a chance. Go Stros! Love the picture of the three of you.

    BTW: Didn't make it down to Galveston yet, I'll watch the radar and when it eases up, I head down there. My family had gone down the day before and my sister said that it never stopped raining the entire day. They stayed inside the camper and watched TV and played cards. Wish me luck!

  25. I'm from TX, too, but out household is a Rangers household. (Well, up until Pudge Rodrigez left, I cared).

    Fun photos!

    check out mine, too.

  26. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Great Photos, Stormi! My SIL likes to go to baseball games in Dallas. And there's another field here in Collin County that I don't know the name of that he goes too.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  27. Love anything baseball!
    Great choices - those games can get pretty wild!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Happy Weekend

  28. Oh my goodness, look at how young Heather is in this pic!!! It's an adorable photo of you guys. I realize it's an OLD blog post and that's why she is so young in the photo, but I'm so used to seeing photos of her as a tween. Holy cow.

  29. Oops, meant to say "teen", not "tween." Oh, holy hell, she's a teenager ALREADY.


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