Friday, November 23, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! :)

    It seems the only posts I do lately are the Sassy Cheryl SMT ones. Hmmmmm I love participating in the challenge, but I need to get to blogging more often. lol

   While all the crazy people were out braving the chaos to get the Black Friday deals.. I was home relaxing and crafting. I am going to milk my four day weekend for all it's It does not happen often. 

    Anyway, I wanted to bust out some of my Stampin' Up stamps that a friend gave to me a year or so ago.. She gave me ALL of her stamps, papers, inks and crafty supplies. I was thoroughly blessed by it, I just have not really used the stamps much. As you all know I LOVE to color with my Copics, so I rarely ...ok almost NEVER just stamp. Today I was in a mood to do so. I then thought as I was finishing up.. Hey, now I have something for this week's SMT post, hehhehehehe. So I asked hubby to snap the pic and a few more...because for some reason I feel I have to have more than one photo to show what I am doing in my SMT posts, I am not sure Anyone else encounter that as well? 

Here is the card I made:

I made it using the following stamps and punch: 

And the following inks: 

I had fun stepping out of my little box for a about you? What did you do this lovely Friday? 

Make a post about it and come over and share it with the rest of us... -------> HERE 

Tracy S

Monday, November 05, 2012

SMT= Show me Thursday!

I love to participate in the SMT= Show Me Thursday challenge over at Sassy Cheryl's. Mainly because there is no pressure... all you have to do is show them what you are up to for the week. I love that it does not have to be crafty. I mean some of you may be constantly crafty...but I am not always full of mojo.
I had a busy, busy weekend. We got together Friday night after work and went bowling with some couple friends of ours. We played Girls Vs. Guys... The guys stomped us.. well my hubby did. lol The other guys not so much. I did win a game against the other females though :) Woot!

Saturday we woke up and took a ride down to Galveston Island to the Lone Star Rally.. in a car. As cool as motorcycles are.. they scare the poo outta me now. I have had too many people I know either killed or seriously injured for life in motorcycle accidents. So while I am pretty sure we will never own one.. They were fun to go watch. Here are a few pics that hubby got of the event.

Click pics to make them bigger 

So what are you up to this week? We would love to have a peek into your world. Come over to the blog and show us what you are up to. You get entered into a drawing for a free Sassy image.. You can not beat that! Who would not want a darlin' Sassy image... and for FREE!

You can do so by clicking-------------> HERE 

Tracy S

Saturday, October 20, 2012

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!!!!!

I will apologize in advance for this being a pic heavy post. Not like the last one wasn't I should have warned you then too. I just figure if it is a Show Me challenge that I am posting about... I should show you! lol
  Fist off I am WAY beyond stoked that I won last weeks SMT challenge!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO. I had been eyeballing Noah is all ears for a bit so i pounced on him with my store credit. He just makes me smile. How can you not smile at an adorable little boy dressed up as Mickey, I mean really???

I was itching to color him up right away, and we are heading out tomorrow  to drive up and see my Father in law for his 70th birthday. His wife is throwing a huge celebration party and everyone is making the trip from all over. I am excited and so is hubby... My Father in law has survived lung cancer ...not once but twice. So every year we have him here to celebrate is awesome and cherished. Anyway, I wanted to make a fun and young feeling card for him. I though little Noah fit the bill perfectly. Hubby and I think he will get a kick out of it.

I first paired him with a digi sentiment from TLC in Photo Shop elements. Is it not totally fitting with this image? I thought so. I did not get a pick of me doing that in Photo Shop but i did get a pic of it part way through coloring:

I had to stop and refill my E00 Copic before I could get the skin done... Notice the super inky fingers? I always get all inked up when I am coloring.. The funny thing is... I am right handed and my left hand is the one that gets so messy I think that is a good indication that it is time to clean my Copics up. 

I kept the card itself pretty simple since he is a male. I really try and refrain from ribbons, flowers and bling on masculine cards.. call me crazy. lol 

Here is the front of the card: 

I actually got a pic of the inside of the card this time because I did something more than just put a white piece of paper to write on in it, which is not normal for me. I struggle with ornate designs inside of the cards. I think it is because I write so big that I am always worried about having enough space to write what I need to say. I LOVE seeing people making the insides of cards as decorated as the outside though. I would love to get better at that for sure. 

The Mickey was made with Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge.  Isn't he fun? I also love these kid saying sentiment stamps. I have had a set of them that I got on clearance awhile back at Hobby Lobby and this is the first time the pack has been opened. I need to find ways to use them more. 

If you made it all the way through my post I thank you for stopping by to visit. I hope you will join us this week over at The Sassy Cheryl  Show Me Thursday Challenge. You have until The 24th to enter.. so hop over and show us what you are up to. 

I will leave you with one more thing, because it was stuck in my head and I wanna ..... 


Card Deets: 

 Noah is all ears- by Sassy Cheryl
sentiment by TLC 

Skin -E00, E000, E11, R20
shorts- R27, R29, R39
shoes- N5, N3, N1, R29
t-shirt and gloves- C1 and colorless blender
hair- E55, E53, E51

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kids are just so darn cute!

I wanted to play along this week again in the SMT over at Sassy Cheryl. I did not get any cards or scrap pages done... but I would say I  still got to be creative.  Hubby is a photographer..trying to make it his career. For now he does it on the side and I help with props and poses. Although with 1 year old kiddos there is no posing, You just put them in a scenario and let them do their thing.

I work at a local Pregnancy Center as the Client Service Manager. Every service we offer to the client is free of charge to them.  My hubby, along with a few other photographers, volunteer their time and talent to do free photo shoots for the clients. I got to help plan this one and execute. I did not take any of the pics but I helped with posing ideas and keeping the babies looking a certain direction by making goofy faces and It was so much fun!
I wanted to share a few of my favorite pics of the session. I really wanted to take some behind the scenes pics to show you the set up and stuff... but I was too occupied by VERY active 1 year olds.

This first one is my little friend, Linda. She is one of my favs... Her and I have a blast when she comes to visit. I adore this kid.

Doesn't she look like a little Supah Star!

Here she is about to lick the She was looking up at me while I was talking to her actually, but in the pic she just look fascinated.

How cute is she??? I do not have anymore to post of her by herself. I had a few of her and her mom but Linda is a walker already and boy was she putting it into She did not like the sitting still thing at all.


Next is baby Mia.. she was a rock star on this photo shoot. We got lots of super cute shots of her. She is a doll and was cracking us up with her antics.

Mia decided her glasses were not for wearing...but for snacking

Guess who is turning 1 :) 

Okay one more , I promise... It is just so hard to pic a fave!

Photo shoots with kiddos are hard work, but so much fun. You always get unexpected shots because you can not get them to pose.. You just have to let them go and keep snapping. 

I hope you will join us over at Sassy Cheryl's Blog and show us what you have been up to. 

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Happy World Card Making Day...kinda! lol

Okay.. I have not gone crazy....yet..LOL

 I know that it was yesterday that was World Card making day and not today. I was so happy to not be sick this weekend that I kept rabbit trailing and running around all over the place with DH, yesterday. We did end up with a cute pic of him at the Farmer's Market with some pumpkins and hay and some stuff to start our Fall garden, took until almost 11pm to get my card done and photographed. So, I was way too tired to try and mess with getting it posted on the blog last night. I did make this card to celebrate the day though... so I had to give a nod to it, at least.

Without further ado, here is my card using adorable Jeni's perfect costume by Sassy Cheryl.

Does she not put a smile on your face? She sure does mine. She for some reason reminds me of  little kid dressed up for a school play. I was my share of things as a kid for school plays. The one that stands out to me the most is when I had to dress up as a huge flower,

So, did you get a chance to create a card for World Card Making Day? If so I would love to come see it... be sure to leave a comment below so I can hop over and have a look see.

For now.. I am off to enjoy this gorgeous day of amazing weather ( it got down in the 50's over night..woot!) with my hubby. We are thinking about a trip to the zoo.

Tracy S


Card Deets:

Jeni's perfect costume by Sassy Cheryl

Hair - YR20, E34, E35, E37
Skin- E000,E00,E11,R20
Barrettes and Hair Bow-YG06,Yg03,YG01,BG05,BG01
Kitty Ears- N6,N5, N3, N1,R22,R21, R20
Shirt- BG134, BG05,BG01
Skirt & tail- N6,N5,N3,N1
Socks- BG05,BG01
Shoes- N6,N5,N3 and Sharpie poster paint pen in white

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Playing along ...

I have been hearing about the SMT over at Sassy Cheryl's on PCP and never knew what everyone was talking about. Now I know that it means Show Me Thursday. From my understanding you show what you have been doing during the week. Well since I have been sick... You do not want pics of any of what I have been doing all week... until today. LOL I actually feel tons better and decided since I had taken the day off.. I might as well get something done, but nothing too major. I have a bad habit of going gung ho after feeling badly and always end up regretting it. So... I piddled around and cleaned my craft desk off.

 I apologize for the pic quality.. I took them with my Droid.


The sad part is that a lot got moved and put away from the first to the second and you can barely


It still looks like a lot of stuff crammed in the corner.. Believe it or not everything has a place in a container in the corner. I really need to go through it all at some point though and get rid of what I really do not need/ use. I am just glad I cleared a space to be able to create something, and I will be able to participate in this week's SMT :)  Soo...What are you working on? Come on over to the Sassy Cheryl Blog and show us what you are up to.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sassy Cheryl Gift Card Winner! Yay

I wanted to thank you all for entering my little Fall giveaway. How perfect that it ended the day before Fall begins. :) I hope you all enjoy your first day of Fall ... and I hope that this Fall is all that you love about the season.

Without further ado

 The winner of this giveaway is...................................

Cathie AKA 

****Please e-mail me to claim your prize :)
 I need your e-mail info to get you your prize.
I will re draw on the 29th if the prize is not claimed by then.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Great Punkin Give Away, Charlie Brown! :)

I love so much about Fall. The colors, the cool air, the turning of the leaves, and pumpkin. I love just about pumpkin anything. I have a good variety of pumpkin delicacies pinned to a board on Pinterest.. and it is my goal to try them all one by  I also happen to love pumpkins as a design element. They are just cute!
I found this cute little girl over at Sassy Cheryl's and knew I had to have her. My friend Cole has been doing a lot with the newer Sassy Cheryl images and made me have to go get some myself... She is such an enabler.  lol That is my story...and I am sticking to it! 

I tried a new hair color combo on her and I really love it. I LOVE red hair and this is a great shade in my opinion. I would not mind having it on my own hair. I have it pinned on my Copic board.. but I will share it with you here in the card details below. 

I am going to keep this post short and sweet because I plan to go make another card. I posted a Facebook status to all my friends and family and offered to send a card out randomly throughout the year if they sent me their mailing address. I got a pretty good response, and from people I least expected, which is cool. So Now that I made a promise to send some out... I have some accountability to go get creating. I am hoping it will give me the push I need. 

Anyway.. I will leave you with this question: 

What is your favorite thing about Fall? 

One lucky person who leaves me a comment, answering that question, is going to win a gift certificate to Sassy Cheryl's. You can go get this image if you would like, or whatever your heart desires. 

I will give it until Sept. 21st 

Happy Crafting, 
Tracy S

Card Deets:

Sassy Sally's Fall Pumpkin by Sassy Cheryl

Hair - E08, E19,E29
Skin- E000,E00,E11,R20
Pumpkin-YR02,YR07,YR14,YR15,YR27, YG95,YG91
Lady Bug- R46Shirt- Y28,Y26,Y23
Skirt- BG72,BG75,BG78Socks- C1, C3
Shoes- E79,E77,E74
Outline Shadow- BG10

Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

I do not have a lot to say today. I just made a card and wanted to get it posted. I did notice that I have made very few cards this year compared to previous years. That is just sad. I think I will have to try and remedy that. Today I have laundry and a bit of house cleaning to get done... and my plan is to try to create in between tasks. That way I will feel accomplished and get to play at the same time. :)
Sounds like a great plan to me! I really should be starting Christmas cards..but I just can't go there in my head yet with it being so dang hot outside. I am hoping as it starts to cool off a bit I will get the bug.
Anyway....I digress....

Here is my card:

See I am venturing out still with mixing of patterned papers. The paper behind her was the backside of the owl paper. I have really been into cute owls lately. I know, I know... only a few years late with that Oh well, what can I say. I march to the beat of my own drum... even if that drum is not trendy! lol 

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Chocolate-y goodness

Who doesn't love chocolate? Well, actually I have met a few crazies that don'  Just messin' , I won't judge you for being vanilla.... or will I? muahahahahahah

Okay I am in quite the goofy mood if you could not tell. Anyway, I was coloring up this little guy and had so much fun making his face all messy with chocolate. Coloring really is so relaxing, isn't it? They were really on to something with crayons and coloring books for kids. I used to lay on my belly on the floor and color for hours as a child. Although I sit at a desk and do it now.... I still love it just the same.

This little guy makes me smile. Well, I saw him as a boy... Hubby says it looks like a girl. I guess it can be what you want it to be, really.

I was so excited when I got done coloring him and went searching through my Stampin Up stamp stash ( wow that was a and saw a set with this sentiment! How perfect, eh? I love when the stars seem to align just right when you are I also got to use a paper pad that I received quite a while back as a gift. I am a very cautious paper mixer... but I am trying to step out of my comfort zone more and more, and just throw caution to the wind. This was a step out for me but still a little cautious since it came from the same paper I will get there one steps.

I also love to do the out of bounds type effect with the die cuts. It is just so cool looking to me.

So tell me....what is one thing ( craft wise) that you are a little cautious with. Or is outside your comfort zone?

Peace, Love, and Chocolate smiles!
- Tracy S

Card Deets

Chocolate smiles by Mo Manning

 Cosmo Cricket- Togetherness, Mini Deck

Hair - E30,E34,E35
Skin- E000,E00,E11,R20
Shirt- Y11, Y15
Chocolate- E29,E25,E57 and E000 ( used the tip to tip method to apply the chocolate to the mouth)
Socks- W1

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I made something, I made something!!!

I know, you could hardly believe it either, right? LOL

It feels like FOREVER since I have even stepped foot in to my craft space. So odd for me. I used to look forward all week to my days off because I knew I would be crafting. Now it seems like it is an after thought. Life has a way of getting super busy and consuming sometimes. Crazy life getting in the way of my crafting...what is it  Any who....

I wanted to make hubby a "just because" card. His birthday was last Friday and I totally did not make him a card this year. He expressed afterward that he kept waiting for me to give him one, and nothing. :( I felt terrible. I totally thought he was tired of getting cards from me by now...but I am glad to hear that is not the case. He is so supportive and encouraging to me with my crafty endeavors. I thought he totally deserved a thank you..just because!

I was sneaky and after I colored her hair purple... or in Copic terms, blue violet, I asked him to look at the image and pick a color combo for her clothes. When he said to do the shirt red and yellow I was a bit I decided to do it anyway and I actually like how it turned out. I did have to nix the suggestion that I make her bow, pink. That was a little too much on the crazy, clashy side for

Here is what we ended up with as the final result:

Hubby decided to go shoot the sunrise tonight, so..... I got a chance to make this card while he was gone. I even had time to create the "Talk Nerdy to me" sentiment in Photo Shop. If any of you would like a copy of it, I would be happy to e-mail it to ya. 

I am going to get the card details listed and go cuddle up with my honey and watch some of the 2012 Summer Olympics. 


Tracy S

 Ivy- Saturated Canary

Paper: Cosmo Cricket- Joy Ride Mini Deck 

skin- E00, E11
hair- BV04,BV00,BV000
socks-R17shirt- Y32, Y28,R17,R02
undershirt- E40tights-E40,E41
leg warmers- Y32, Y28
skirt- R17,R02,
Glossy Effects as her eye glass lenses

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Life is messy...

It is so funny to me how creativity works and what things inspire me. It is always different. I guess it depends on mood and things like that. I was wanting to make a friend a card to tell her how I appreciate her being my sounding board and always talking me through tough situations. I had an idea in my head of what stamp I was going to use and colors and everything... then I was browsing blogs and saw this little guy on the Mo's site! It is PERFECT! So my ideas starting forming and went in the total opposite I love when that happens, sometimes. I have to tell you that this little guy was probably the most fun to color out of any stamp I've ever had. I had a BLAST adding all the messy busketti splatter. Another cool thing about this card is that it is made with all scraps, except the card base! Woot! I am trying to force myself to make my way through all the scraps I have... it is ridiculousness the amount I hoard, really. I am sure some of you, if not most of you, can relate to that. lol

   Anyway, here is the card:
Doesn't he just make you want to pinch those chubby little cheeks!

Card Deets 
Buskettie by Mo Manning


                                                            skin- E000,E00, E11, R20
                                                            hair- Y02,Y06,E50,E53,Y28


                                                            sketti noodles-Y21

                                                            sketti sauce- R08,YR04,YR07,YR09

                                                            bowl- Y02,Y06,Y08,Y17
                                                            spoon & diaper- N0,N1
I hope you are all enjoying your Summer and staying cool. It is hotter than Hades here in Houston , so I am already dreaming of the Fall :) 

Thank you for dropping by my little piece of Blog land. It always makes my day to have visitors! 

Peace, Love, and Busketti, 
   Tracy S

Monday, June 04, 2012

Cake Glorious Cake

lifted this amazingly adorable card from KatarinaM on Splits

 I have had the card making bug the last few days. I can't show the first card I made because it is for my Secret Pal over on Paper Craft Planet ;) She may or may not frequent my blog, so I am not taking any chances.
I got this stamp from LOTV over a month or so ago and this is the first time it has been used. That is just a shame.

I really loved the look of the different patterned papers in the original and wanted to mimic that. As much as I LOVE bold and bright colors. I usually shy away from using to many bold prints on papers. I am not sure why. I love the look and have several friends that pull it off to perfection. Soooo, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and get a little funky with my paper choices. I still did play it a bit safer that the original. I still like the outcome. Small baby steps, I

I am hoping to get another of my newer stamps colored and a card made. I will keep you posted if that happens. Hubby and I were debating going to the beach. Hmmmmm, card making at home...or the beach? It is a tough choice. I guess only time will tell on which one actually wins out.

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your Summer!

- Tracy S
Card Deets 

 Lili of the Valley (Cake Glorious Cake)

skin- E00, E11
wings-YG11 and Stardust Stickles
hair- E27,E25,E21
shirt- RV17,RV06,RV02,RV00
cake- Y32,Y28,Y23,Y21 and brown liquid applique for the icing (not heated)
cake platter- N6,N5,N1,NO
glow of flame- Y000 and Stardust Stickles

Friday, May 04, 2012

Punches, dies, and diamonds..oh my!

Hola Stampers!

Today we have a challenge AND a blog hop brought to you by Guylou's Inimitability.
First off we have the challenge that I am hosting, YAY!  I love working with my Grand Caliber, my punches and who doesn't love some bling??? I used Leah at the cocktail party. I have always loved her and had yet to use her. I thought this challenge was the perfect time to bring her out  to play. I also am sad to announce that this will be my last challenge on the DT. :( I just have so much going on.. I had to step away from several things in my life to be able to stay sane. I will miss the team terribly. They are a great bunch of girls and G is amazing to work for. I will still be around lurking the challenges and blogs.. You all are not getting rid of me that

Anyway...on to the card and then the blog hop details!

She is really not that pale IRL. I could not get it to photograph quite right.

I hope you will also join us for this awesome hop, you do not want to miss out on these awesome prizes and not to mention the amazing inspiration from the DT...

The Blog Hop
The hop starts at 9am (EST) on May 4th and will end at 9pm (EST) on May 5th. The participants must leave a comment on each of the participating blogs in order to qualify to win one of the grand prizes:
First prize
A Guylou's Inimitability $25 gift certificate
Second prize
A Color Me Creative Classroom: one Copic class (winners choice)
Third prize
A Guylou's Inimitability $15 gift certificate

Blog order:
Guylou's Inimitability 
Tracy (you are here)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's a Dandy!~

Kraftin' Kimmie did a new release recently and I totally fell in love with this cute stamp. I know that a dandelion is considered a weed to most but I love them. They are fun! My husband always tells me that "a weed is just a flower in the wrong place." So we do not have many weeds He often takes pics of the "weeds" or wildflowers as we like to call them. My mom's friend and a lady I love dearly, posted about loving dandelions the other day on her Facebook status. I knew right away I wanted to make her a card with this stamp as soon as I got it in the mail, so I did. I had a tougher time with her than I thought I would. She looked easy to color, since there is not much to color... but I trashed two before this one. I like to shade, so it is hard to do so in smaller spaces I guess. Anyway... I had fun with it, I love that I can add Sparkly Fluff to the dandelion parts and give it some cool texture. I went a little nuts with the embellies, which is not usual for me... but it was fun I must admit, it was cool stepping out of the norm. The funny thing is, I love flowers on peoples cards, especially this kind...but it never looks right when I try to use them. This time I just went with it and had to commit because I was using liquid That is one way to do it I guess.

Card Deets  

Stamp- Dandy Lion by Kraftin' Kimmie
Sparkly Fluff in the color of sugar for the dandelion parts
polka dot tulle from Hobby Lobby

skin- E00, E11, E13, R20
hair- Y32, E30, E31, E33
clothes- B0000, B00, B01, B02
grass- G0000, G000

I hope you are all having an awesome start to your week!

Tracy S

Friday, April 06, 2012

Guylou's Sketch Challenge

Hey hey crafters! It is time for a new challenge over at Guylou's. This time Guylou made it easy with a cool sketch to follow, so you have half the battle won already! I pretty much stuck straight to the sketch, which is pretty unusual for me.

I have been kinda low on mojo lately. I am not sure what it is besides maybe being super busy and my allergies being way worse than ever this year. UGH! Everyone around here has been suffering pretty hardcore. I am not sure what it is this year, but it is no bueno, that is for sure! 

Anyway- this is the card I made with the new GI digi stamp called Cat in the window. When I saw this image, I knew I wanted to use it right away. It totally reminds me of my cat, Jaida. She LOVES to sit in the window and watch the birds and things going on outside. She will sit there for hours just watching the world. 
She is totally an inside cat, so I guess she sits there fantasizing about life in the outdoors. She can be in the back of the house and I can pull the mini blinds up in the front of the house... and she will come running. lol 
It is cute. Anyway, I got off on a little tangent there... I guess I should show you my card. 

I hope you will join in on the fun with us. Don't forget to hop over to the Challenge Blog and check out the fabulous work of my Dteamies and read more details. Hope to see you there! 

Have a wonderfully Blessed Easter Holiday! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Do any of you remember watching Scooby Doo on Saturday morning? remember when Saturday morning was full of cartoons? I remember my brother and I getting up early on Saturday morning ( while my parents slept in) and grabbing a bowl of cereal and sitting on the floor as close to the TV as we could get, and watching  our favorite cartoons all morning...until the parents woke up and kicked us out of the house to go play and get some fresh  Anyone else have fond memories of cartoons on Saturday morning?

Anyway, I went off on a wild tangent We are here to talk about my card, right? Well my mom was cleaning the other day and went to move a recliner.. and backed it over her toe, yanking the toenail off of it. OUCH! It made me cringe the whole time she was telling me the story. She was laughing about it, which is good. I am sure she was not laughing when it happened

I saw this at Hobby Lobby the other day and had to get it to make her a card. I loved how the little mouse has his foot all bandaged up.

I HAD to use my newly found love, the cheesecloth, here. I mean, it totally reminds me of medical gauze used to bandage up an ouchie, doesn't it?

This cute stamp is called Dr. Amanda and of course is by House Mouse Designs.

I am too tired tonight to list the Copics I used, but I will come back and some point and edit the post with that info.

Have a great night... and keep your toes away from recliners..LOL

- Tracy S

***Updated with Card Details: 

Stamp: Dr. Amanda by House Mouse Designs

Copics Used: 
mice fur- ( 1) E50,E53, E55,E57 AND ( 2)-C1, C3, C5, C6
skin- E00, E11, R20
bandanges- C1, BV000
Bandage can- BG10, B0000, W1, R05, R02, R00

Friday, March 16, 2012

Take Hold of The Hope!

That is our tagline or motto at the Crisis Pregnancy Center that I work at.  We are sponsoring a private and pre release showing of the new movie, October Baby this coming Thursday. We are making it a red carpet theme and the whole nine yards. They are going to give out little goodies bags to those that attend. We are going to make a bunch of these adorable favors for it. I did not design these, but I shopped for them and will be assembling them... so I thought I would show you how adorable they are. They are Hershey bars wrapped in scrap paper, then these little toy keys are ties on with ribbon and then the little feet are stamped and pop dotted. They are super adorable in person. To save money on letter stickers I will be writing hope by hand on at least one hundred of these bad I can't complain to much. How cool is it that I get to do crafty stuff for and at work! lol Well, the writing I will probably do while watching Tv or something... I will cut the paper here and stamp here, then just assemble them at work. I have the paper...oh and BTW with regular sized Hersey can cut a 12X12 piece of patterned paper and it will make 4 of these. How cool is that! I think they would make sweet baby shower favors, too. You could just write or use stickers to say "BABY" on the keys.

Anyway, I hope you will go out and see the movie if it is available in your area. It is a very touching movie. 
Here is a trailer, in case you have not heard of it yet. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Geek is Chic

I was in a creative slump the last few days. I got home on Friday and wanted to create so badly...but, nothing. Saturday I got up wanting to create all day, and nothing! Grrrrr, don't you just hate when you have the time and desire to create and you can't even get started? I printed this super adorable digi, named Carrington, and started by coloring her hair on Saturday. I hated how it turned out and still do. I got up today and colored in a House Mouse stamp that I was given as a gift, but never used...and hated it. So I just kept staring at this image...wondering if I could just start coloring the rest of her and salvage it. I hate, hate, hate coloring something and not using it. I feel like I am wasting Copic Anyone else ever feel like that? Anyway, I fired up my Spotify and started jamming out to some tunes.. and got lost in coloring while I sang along to some old favorites. The next thing I know, I have a colored image and some juices are flowing! You have no idea how super excited and proud of myself I was for getting this card I felt like it was a huge accomplishment since my mojo seemed to have packed up and went North.

Anyway, since I managed to get it done, I thought I would share it with you. Thanks for stopping by and having a look. I hope your mojo is being nicer to you than

Card Deets: 

Image- digi named Carrington by Krista Smith
die cut - Magnolia Doohickey called Tilda's Doily 
punch- EK paper shapers/ slim binding edge

eyes- B06
clothes- BG000, BG01,BG05, G00, G02, G05, E47,E44,E43
shoes- E29,E25,E21
aging- W1,W3,W5,W7
skin- E00,E11,R20,E04( lips)

Friday, March 09, 2012


Hi bloggy buddies!

I am sitting here with hubby while he watches the new season of The Ultimate Fighter. They are doing the qualifying rounds right now to see who gets in the house. He likes to show me the good fights or the fast knock outs, so I figured I would sit in here with the laptop and blog hop and semi pay attention the the shhhhh.

I was about to make some blog rounds when I realized I had not posted my latest House Mouse card. I just love these little critters. The one I used is actually a Happy Hopper but they are all House Mouse stamps to I made this one for a Spa swap on Paper Craft Planet. I thought I was going to go a totally different direction and use a different stamp even, but this is the one that inspired me.. so I went with it. I was excited to get to use the cheesecloth for the first time as well as my drippy goo punch I got from my nephew for Christmas this year. I just love how versatile this stamp is. It can be water ( like on here), snow, blood... I am sure some others that I can not think of... oh maybe some drippy batter or something on a card with a baking theme? Anyway, now I am rambling about the I guess it is time to show the card.

I had fun coloring this stamp, especially the tub he is in. I had fun trying to get the rust effect on the metal bands, and trying to get a weathered look to the wood. 

Thank you so much for stopping by my little piece of blogland and I hope you have a great weekend!

-Tracy S

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Things with Wings Challenge~ Guylou's

 Hey, Hey Crafters!

It is time again for another fun and exciting challenge over at Guylou's Inimitability! The challenge this week is even fun to say, Things with
 Easy Peasy, right? No twists and turns... Just create a project with wings. This week I used Felicia to make a bookmark for my daughter. She has been a real bookworm lately, which I love! So I created her a cool and funky little bookmark. She is a colorful teen, so I had to funk it up a bit. Plus it is almost St. Patty's Day so I went with the funky green hair.

To show you how I made it to go over a page, here is another pic of it:

For more details on prizes and the rest of the DT's projects , hop over to the Challenge blog and check it all out.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Just for fun!

Krista over at Saturated Canary posted this on her blog today and I thought it would be fun to join in.  Especially since I just switched over to this blog and I have some new followers. It is fun to get to know people better. You can play along if you would like. I hate tagging people in these types of things. So if you play, let me know in the comment section below so I can come read your answers!

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

11 Random Things

1.    I love snow!

2.     I love having my nails painted, but hate painting them. I am never patient enough to let them dry all the way. So I always have to buy fast drying nail polish

3.  I recently discovered that I LOVE pickled beets, now I always have a jar of them in my fridge.

4 I hate licorice, especially Twizzlers. It makes me gag to think about it.

5.  Blogger is confusing the crap outta me. It is really hard to adjust to it after using Wordpress for so many years.

6. I am huge country girl at heart, I can live and thrive in the city, but my heart longs for the country.

7. I love soft fuzzy socks

8.  I love costume jewelry and am always scoping it out on clearance when I am in the stores. I always feel naked if I am not wearing jewelry with my outfit. It just doesn't feel complete.

9.  I am addicted to Castleville on

10. I love being a mom, and am so grateful that God gave me that chance with my stepdaughter, Heather.

11.I LOVE the smell of fresh cut grass.

The Questions she gave us are:

1.       Favorite nail color?
Depends on my mood, really. Lately it has been teal with glitter

2.      Pink or RED lipstick?...or are you a gloss kinda gal?
Always toffee…So neither pink, nor red. The answer is always brown.

3.      Favorite craft site?

4.      Are you a morning person or a night owl?
         A night owl, for sure. I usually can’t be much of one though, with work and driving my daughter to school.

5.      Are you really chatty or super quiet? Or maybe somewhere in between??
Again, it depends on my mood. I can be very chatty at times and sometimes I really hate to

6.      What is one thing you want to accomplish this year?
Loosing weight

7.      What is your best talent/gift?
This is hard… I would say edification is my gift.

8.      Do you have a tattoo?
        No, I used to want one so badly. I was even promised one for my 18th birthday. I just could never settle on one for more than 6 months …so I just never got one.

9.      What is one thing you'd like to learn more about?

10.   You're alter ego would be a _______.  (think occupation:)
An Artist or an Author

11.    What three people (past or present) would you like to meet?
Jesus, back when he walked with the Disciples, My two babies that have went on to heaven before me, my great- great grandparents.

 My Questions for you: 
   1. What is your favorite color, and why
   2. If you were animal based on your personality, which one would you be and why? 
   3. What character trait would you change about yourself? 
   4. favorite craft medium in one word only
   5. Who do you feel influenced you the most growing up? 
   6. favorite show as a kid
   7. Favorite Disney princess
   8. Where do you like to vacation, and why? 
   9. A make believe place that you wish you could visit? 
   10. What perfume do you wear most often, or lotion/body spray?
   11.  What are you looking forward too?

      If you end up playing along, please let me know. 

      I hope you all have a fantastic Monday! 

    Tracy S.

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