Saturday, March 24, 2012


Do any of you remember watching Scooby Doo on Saturday morning? remember when Saturday morning was full of cartoons? I remember my brother and I getting up early on Saturday morning ( while my parents slept in) and grabbing a bowl of cereal and sitting on the floor as close to the TV as we could get, and watching  our favorite cartoons all morning...until the parents woke up and kicked us out of the house to go play and get some fresh  Anyone else have fond memories of cartoons on Saturday morning?

Anyway, I went off on a wild tangent We are here to talk about my card, right? Well my mom was cleaning the other day and went to move a recliner.. and backed it over her toe, yanking the toenail off of it. OUCH! It made me cringe the whole time she was telling me the story. She was laughing about it, which is good. I am sure she was not laughing when it happened

I saw this at Hobby Lobby the other day and had to get it to make her a card. I loved how the little mouse has his foot all bandaged up.

I HAD to use my newly found love, the cheesecloth, here. I mean, it totally reminds me of medical gauze used to bandage up an ouchie, doesn't it?

This cute stamp is called Dr. Amanda and of course is by House Mouse Designs.

I am too tired tonight to list the Copics I used, but I will come back and some point and edit the post with that info.

Have a great night... and keep your toes away from recliners..LOL

- Tracy S

***Updated with Card Details: 

Stamp: Dr. Amanda by House Mouse Designs

Copics Used: 
mice fur- ( 1) E50,E53, E55,E57 AND ( 2)-C1, C3, C5, C6
skin- E00, E11, R20
bandanges- C1, BV000
Bandage can- BG10, B0000, W1, R05, R02, R00

Friday, March 16, 2012

Take Hold of The Hope!

That is our tagline or motto at the Crisis Pregnancy Center that I work at.  We are sponsoring a private and pre release showing of the new movie, October Baby this coming Thursday. We are making it a red carpet theme and the whole nine yards. They are going to give out little goodies bags to those that attend. We are going to make a bunch of these adorable favors for it. I did not design these, but I shopped for them and will be assembling them... so I thought I would show you how adorable they are. They are Hershey bars wrapped in scrap paper, then these little toy keys are ties on with ribbon and then the little feet are stamped and pop dotted. They are super adorable in person. To save money on letter stickers I will be writing hope by hand on at least one hundred of these bad I can't complain to much. How cool is it that I get to do crafty stuff for and at work! lol Well, the writing I will probably do while watching Tv or something... I will cut the paper here and stamp here, then just assemble them at work. I have the paper...oh and BTW with regular sized Hersey can cut a 12X12 piece of patterned paper and it will make 4 of these. How cool is that! I think they would make sweet baby shower favors, too. You could just write or use stickers to say "BABY" on the keys.

Anyway, I hope you will go out and see the movie if it is available in your area. It is a very touching movie. 
Here is a trailer, in case you have not heard of it yet. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Geek is Chic

I was in a creative slump the last few days. I got home on Friday and wanted to create so badly...but, nothing. Saturday I got up wanting to create all day, and nothing! Grrrrr, don't you just hate when you have the time and desire to create and you can't even get started? I printed this super adorable digi, named Carrington, and started by coloring her hair on Saturday. I hated how it turned out and still do. I got up today and colored in a House Mouse stamp that I was given as a gift, but never used...and hated it. So I just kept staring at this image...wondering if I could just start coloring the rest of her and salvage it. I hate, hate, hate coloring something and not using it. I feel like I am wasting Copic Anyone else ever feel like that? Anyway, I fired up my Spotify and started jamming out to some tunes.. and got lost in coloring while I sang along to some old favorites. The next thing I know, I have a colored image and some juices are flowing! You have no idea how super excited and proud of myself I was for getting this card I felt like it was a huge accomplishment since my mojo seemed to have packed up and went North.

Anyway, since I managed to get it done, I thought I would share it with you. Thanks for stopping by and having a look. I hope your mojo is being nicer to you than

Card Deets: 

Image- digi named Carrington by Krista Smith
die cut - Magnolia Doohickey called Tilda's Doily 
punch- EK paper shapers/ slim binding edge

eyes- B06
clothes- BG000, BG01,BG05, G00, G02, G05, E47,E44,E43
shoes- E29,E25,E21
aging- W1,W3,W5,W7
skin- E00,E11,R20,E04( lips)

Friday, March 09, 2012


Hi bloggy buddies!

I am sitting here with hubby while he watches the new season of The Ultimate Fighter. They are doing the qualifying rounds right now to see who gets in the house. He likes to show me the good fights or the fast knock outs, so I figured I would sit in here with the laptop and blog hop and semi pay attention the the shhhhh.

I was about to make some blog rounds when I realized I had not posted my latest House Mouse card. I just love these little critters. The one I used is actually a Happy Hopper but they are all House Mouse stamps to I made this one for a Spa swap on Paper Craft Planet. I thought I was going to go a totally different direction and use a different stamp even, but this is the one that inspired me.. so I went with it. I was excited to get to use the cheesecloth for the first time as well as my drippy goo punch I got from my nephew for Christmas this year. I just love how versatile this stamp is. It can be water ( like on here), snow, blood... I am sure some others that I can not think of... oh maybe some drippy batter or something on a card with a baking theme? Anyway, now I am rambling about the I guess it is time to show the card.

I had fun coloring this stamp, especially the tub he is in. I had fun trying to get the rust effect on the metal bands, and trying to get a weathered look to the wood. 

Thank you so much for stopping by my little piece of blogland and I hope you have a great weekend!

-Tracy S

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Things with Wings Challenge~ Guylou's

 Hey, Hey Crafters!

It is time again for another fun and exciting challenge over at Guylou's Inimitability! The challenge this week is even fun to say, Things with
 Easy Peasy, right? No twists and turns... Just create a project with wings. This week I used Felicia to make a bookmark for my daughter. She has been a real bookworm lately, which I love! So I created her a cool and funky little bookmark. She is a colorful teen, so I had to funk it up a bit. Plus it is almost St. Patty's Day so I went with the funky green hair.

To show you how I made it to go over a page, here is another pic of it:

For more details on prizes and the rest of the DT's projects , hop over to the Challenge blog and check it all out.

You Bless Me

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