Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Wishes

First off, thank you to all that followed me over here. You all ROCK! I am working on some ideas to get more exposure, so that people know that I moved. Maybe a RAK or contest or something. I will keep you posted. I will make it worth it though, promise.

Well I know most of you are probably out with your significant other or hanging with friends and family. I on the other hand am home alone for Valentine's. I am not going to complain and whine too much because mine is just working. I know some of my friend's do not have the luxury of having their honey come home from work even. I am thinking about you all today. *hugs* The ones that are divorced, still single or lost that special someone. I wanted to dedicate this post to all of you. I wanted to wish you all sweet Valentine wishes! Whatever that looks like for each of you. I hope your wishes and dreams come true. I love all of my wonderful friends and crafty buddies and wanted to let you all know that on this Valentine's Day!!

So now enough with all the mushy, sappy stuff..lol I am going to see if I remember how to post a pic up in this beast..lol It has only been 6 years... I mean it should be just like riding a bike, right? Well except that bikes stay the same and technology does not... so wish me luck :) here goes nothing..............

k I must admit that it took a few tries. I am not sure how to post it after text but I will work on that. I just have one question????... Why is this typing in a different color with an underline all the sudden? lol Oh man I have a lot to learn..Please bear with me as I work through the kinks.


- Tracy S


  1. AWWWWW this is so cute...did I miss what image it is? Wonderful coloring on her hair! What colors did you use? HUGS!!!

  2. Thanks for the info! And of course I would follow you...ok that sounded kinda stalkerish! LOL HUGS

  3. Great card, Tracy! So cute and the colors are great!

  4. This is just so sweet! Love the colors you've used and great highlighting with her hair!


  5. Usually when blogger is highlighting and underlining something in blue, it thinks it is trying to use a hyperlink.


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