Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Great Punkin Give Away, Charlie Brown! :)

I love so much about Fall. The colors, the cool air, the turning of the leaves, and pumpkin. I love just about pumpkin anything. I have a good variety of pumpkin delicacies pinned to a board on Pinterest.. and it is my goal to try them all one by  I also happen to love pumpkins as a design element. They are just cute!
I found this cute little girl over at Sassy Cheryl's and knew I had to have her. My friend Cole has been doing a lot with the newer Sassy Cheryl images and made me have to go get some myself... She is such an enabler.  lol That is my story...and I am sticking to it! 

I tried a new hair color combo on her and I really love it. I LOVE red hair and this is a great shade in my opinion. I would not mind having it on my own hair. I have it pinned on my Copic board.. but I will share it with you here in the card details below. 

I am going to keep this post short and sweet because I plan to go make another card. I posted a Facebook status to all my friends and family and offered to send a card out randomly throughout the year if they sent me their mailing address. I got a pretty good response, and from people I least expected, which is cool. So Now that I made a promise to send some out... I have some accountability to go get creating. I am hoping it will give me the push I need. 

Anyway.. I will leave you with this question: 

What is your favorite thing about Fall? 

One lucky person who leaves me a comment, answering that question, is going to win a gift certificate to Sassy Cheryl's. You can go get this image if you would like, or whatever your heart desires. 

I will give it until Sept. 21st 

Happy Crafting, 
Tracy S

Card Deets:

Sassy Sally's Fall Pumpkin by Sassy Cheryl

Hair - E08, E19,E29
Skin- E000,E00,E11,R20
Pumpkin-YR02,YR07,YR14,YR15,YR27, YG95,YG91
Lady Bug- R46Shirt- Y28,Y26,Y23
Skirt- BG72,BG75,BG78Socks- C1, C3
Shoes- E79,E77,E74
Outline Shadow- BG10


  1. Her hair is wicked amazing!! LOVE it!! The cute little punkin' and hay bale you created is just too stinkin' cute!! I've missed your creations, for sure! xx

  2. Awesome coloring as usual and who can resist the cute image?!
    I would have to say my favorite thing about fall is it starts with the kiddo going back to school LOL which means I can focus on crafts & decorating with seasonal elements, cosy & soft textures for the cooler seasons. The apples are fresh & juicy & as crisp as the colorful leaves I can't resist crunching or kicking up into the air while I walk. The days are still warm while the nights are cool and the sunsets are aglow with the harvest moons. Time for Starbucks warm cuppas with pumpkin muffins or scones. For me it doesn't end till Oct. 31 with Trick or Treats - and I get my share. LOL ; )

  3. LOVE the card, Tracy, and think you did an incredible job of coloring the image. Her hair is perfect-o! As for my favorite thing about fall, it has to be the gorgeous colored leaves. Here in central Wisconsin we get gorgeous autumn colors in the leaves; the trees are just starting to turn. Ever since I was a little girl, I haven't been able to resist stopping to pick up pretty leaves and press them to save. I know that the colors fade but still I am compelled to save them. You can keep your jewels; give me autumn leaves any day.

  4. LOVE the card, Tracy, and think you did an incredible job of coloring the image. Her hair is perfect-o! As for my favorite thing about fall, it has to be the gorgeous colored leaves. Here in central Wisconsin we get gorgeous autumn colors in the leaves; the trees are just starting to turn. Ever since I was a little girl, I haven't been able to resist stopping to pick up pretty leaves and press them to save. I know that the colors fade but still I am compelled to save them. You can keep your jewels; give me autumn leaves any day.

  5. What a cute card! Love your design and colors. The hair looks great, liked that color combo. My favorite thing about autumn is the colors of autumn! Like the teal blues, oranges and browns, thanks for the chance, hugs, Frances.

  6. Thanks for letting me know that I totally forgot to answer the question about fall - duh!! The thing I love most about fall is the cool, crisp mornings, big, comfy sweaters, leaf piles for the kids to jump in, baking anything pumpkin related, pumpkin picking, apple picking, hayrides, thanksgiving morning, apple cider, omg, what's not to love about the fall?!

    Thanks for all your support and encouragement on my blog - you made me smile as always and I've definitely missed you! xx

  7. Oh Tracy, her hair is amazing. Wonder if my beautician could match that color for me? I'm adding that color combination to my hair combos. It may be my new favorite too. My favorite part of fall is seeing the leaves change color.

  8. Oh Miss Tracy, this is just stunning!! Your coloring is gorgeous (as always) and I just LOVE that rattan (or whatever it's called) behind the pumpkin embellie. That is SO perfect! Such a lovely card. As for my favorite thing about Fall...there are just so many! The first is, my birthday, LOL. Actually, my very favorite thing is the weather, when you can wear a sweatshirt with shorts, or jeans and a tank top and still be completely comfortable. Thank you for stopping by to say hi, and so happy to see you!!

    xx Star

  9. Fantastic fall card, Tracy! I love the papers and raffia and of course, the adorable image! Your coloring is awesome! I love fall! My favorite thing(s) are the cooler temps and the gorgeous fall colors! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  10. This card is so beautifully colored. I love her hair and copied down the hair colors. Thanks for sharing. I love this card and love Sassy Cheryl images. My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather, the beautiful colors and my birthday is in October.

  11. She is a cutie and I love the vibrant colors! The obvious for me with fall is the leaves changing colors and I LOVE orange, brown, purples, etc.!

  12. Just LOVE the card and especially Sally's red hair. Yup...Sassy Cheryl's images are just too cute to resist. :)
    Soooo many things to love about Fall...but I happen to share your love for pumpkin goodies! Cooler Fall temperatures are perfect for soup and baking pumpkin bread, cookies, muffins, etc...YUM!
    We also love the traditional trip to the pumpkin patch with the hayride around the farm.

  13. Hey Girl...I was so excited to see your name come up in my emails and on my's been way to long. I know...I need to get off my butt and actually come and visit your blog sometime lol. This card is just way too adorable...and that hair colour on the image "tres manifique!". My dd had her hair a similar colour at one point and it looked amazing. And your pumpkin and raffia embellishments are perfect for this sweet image. As to your question...oh my goodness, what don't I like. The weather is still warm enough to enjoy during the day, but the nights cool down so beautifully. But I think the best thing is all of the incredible colours of the leaves...all those golds and browns and oranges....just amazing! (Looks like I'm not the only one that loves all the great colours lol).

  14. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Love this card and I love the hair coloring..I'm gonna try that as well! Thanks for inspiring. My favorite thing about fall is the turning of the leaves..the colors are always so gorgeous! My little guy loves to play in them and throw them in the air...along with his laughter it is the best. thing. ever. :)

  15. What does Fall mean to me? A crispness in the air. To cozy up to a fire in our fireplace. To see the rich golden, red and yellow hues of the new fallen leaves. A warm woolen blanket to cover my legs as I watch an old movie on TV. Sipping a hot chocolate. And feeling the "warmth" in my heart when I receive a pretty handmade card in my mailbox. That's what it means to me. By the way... I just love how you made this card so pretty. ♥ Mary S.

  16. Your card is such a great color combo, the red hair is the best! I will put the colors in my color chart. I love the fall colors, another touch of God's wondrous beauty!

  17. My favorite thing? Let's see...back to school because that embodies everything I think and love about fall! I love the change of seasons, the change of colors, new shoes, new school supplies, establishing a routine after the lazy days of summer...
    Your card is delightful, and I'm so glad I made my way to your blog via Sassy Cheryl- great stuff!

  18. You did an outstanding job with the hair! Love how rich the hair looks. The whole card is really great from your "hay" and pumpkin to the mixed design paper! Love it!
    Fall is my favorite time of year. Love the weather cooling down and the winds picking up, the harvest, the colors everything -- except that it is followed by winter. But even winter has it's perks.

  19. Hey, Tracy! This card is so stinkin' cute. I know how you feel about pumpkins, and I always love what you do with your pumpkin images. Love the raffia with the pumpkin. You are right - her hair looks fab! It has a realistic look to it, too. And I want a random card. I didn't tell you already because I figured you knew and you do have my addy. Hint hint. LOL

  20. Oh, crap. I forgot to answer the question. I used to love fall, especially September. As you know, that month pretty much sucks for me now. However, I still love two things about fall: the colors as they change on the trees (so beautiful!) and the smells. The air just smells different and I love that smell.

  21. Tracy, I love this card! Such great coloring (especially love that hair color) and design! Love your papers, little pumpkin, & raffia!
    My favorite thing about fall is that we will finally see the end to 100+ degree weather!
    Hugs, Penny

  22. Wonderful card, Tracy the colour combo is fab. Love the hair colour, really rich and shiny.
    Autumn to me is falling leaves, warming fires and dark but snuggly nights.

  23. Adorable! I love the papers!
    HMMM I love to say the changing of the leaves but in AZ the leaves are already brown and dead from the heat! LOL So it would have to be having a fire in our fire pit on the weekends and having smores!
    Check out my giveaway for the month!!!

  24. This is an amazingly gorgeous Autumn themed creation! Love how you've done the rafia with the pumpkin and your coloring looks amazing. The red hair looks amazing...thanks for sharing the color combo.


  25. Well, my favorite thing about fall is that I get to pull out my sweaters. They hide my fluff better than summer shirts!

    I love that hair color! Thanks for sharing, honey!

  26. Another lovely card, Tracy, LOVE her hair colour and the raffia and pumpkin. I know your little challenge has ended, but I just thought I'd tell you what I love about autumn... EVERYTHING! I love the colours (though it's more subtle here than in cooler climes) and the cooler weather, even the change to our diet - away from salad!! Unfortunately for autumn-loving me, we're in Spring here, oh well, what can you do?! See ya, Donna xx

  27. Thanks so much for my new digis - I picked out some real cuties and can't wait to play with them. Now I just need to find some challenges to win some copics so I can do them as well as you. ; )


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