Monday, November 05, 2012

SMT= Show me Thursday!

I love to participate in the SMT= Show Me Thursday challenge over at Sassy Cheryl's. Mainly because there is no pressure... all you have to do is show them what you are up to for the week. I love that it does not have to be crafty. I mean some of you may be constantly crafty...but I am not always full of mojo.
I had a busy, busy weekend. We got together Friday night after work and went bowling with some couple friends of ours. We played Girls Vs. Guys... The guys stomped us.. well my hubby did. lol The other guys not so much. I did win a game against the other females though :) Woot!

Saturday we woke up and took a ride down to Galveston Island to the Lone Star Rally.. in a car. As cool as motorcycles are.. they scare the poo outta me now. I have had too many people I know either killed or seriously injured for life in motorcycle accidents. So while I am pretty sure we will never own one.. They were fun to go watch. Here are a few pics that hubby got of the event.

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So what are you up to this week? We would love to have a peek into your world. Come over to the blog and show us what you are up to. You get entered into a drawing for a free Sassy image.. You can not beat that! Who would not want a darlin' Sassy image... and for FREE!

You can do so by clicking-------------> HERE 

Tracy S


  1. Tracy, motorcycles are not my thing either--too noisy, too hot, and definitely too dangerous! But then, I am an old lady, and I sound like one! LOL! Looks like you had an interesting time, though.
    Hugs, Penny

  2. Tracy, they scare the Poo out of me too. That said, you got some great shots. Yea on winning one game against the women. I could have won for lowest score. I agree this is too easy a challenge to enter.

  3. I'm laughing at Shirley. . . . .! They don't scare me. . . .I just don't ride them.
    What fabulous photos though. Looks like they had a great turnout. I am assuming that isn't you on the back of the one bike?! LMBO! I know it isn't. :)
    Thanks for sharing in the NO PRESSURE, Show Me Thursday fun this week Tracy.


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