Tuesday, June 28, 2005

One year Anniversary & My Lesbian pet

Well today marks the one year Anniversary of us buying and moving into this house :) Happy Anniversary

It has been a productive day but my allergies and asthma are paying for it .I am highly allergic to dust and my asthma is allergy induced so FUN FUN for me ..lol I got smart today FINALLY and bought me some masks ..I had to wear one at work all day ...lmao It was either look goofy wearing a Dr.'s mask all day or not be able to breathe ....needless to say I chose breathing ..lol It is amazing the looks and questions you get while wearing one ..People would ask me what was wrong and back up like they were going to catch something ..lol I came very very close to pinning a sign to myself saying " I have allergy induced asthma ..I am not contagious " Guppy said I should have told them all I was allergic to stupid questions ..lol Anyway ,we are in the home stretch of my house cleaning spree and my moms arrival .She arrives Thursday afternoon ,I am so excited :) YEAH!!!

P.S. I think PetCo sold us a male guinea pig telling us it was female ..Because it is chasing the other female around trying to mount her ..Sooooo I either have a lesbian guinea or THEY SOLD ME A MALE!!!! OMG ..I will smooth trip if this is true ...Everyone pray that I just have a freaky guinea pig and it it not male ..lol Prayer

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  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Hey, that's one way to keep people from hovering over you all day! Hope you are breathing a little better. Good luck with the guinea pig!

  2. Anonymous5:47 AM

    happy anniversary and here's my question to you
    you're married and still can't tell the difference between a male and female guinnea pig, pick it up and have a look! it's small, but you should be able to see it;)

  3. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Asthma keeps me down this time of year.. Summer time is the worst for me.. Enjoy your moms visit!

  4. I had a gay cat once, he always wanted to mount other male cats go figure lol!!!! And congrats on the year in the new house :-)

  5. We did some checking last night.... Our guinea pigs are just lesbians.... Go figure.

  6. I hope that your weekend with your mom is great. You're lucky to have a husband who enjoys her so much!
    Good luck with the animals!

  7. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Lesbian rodents, on the next Montel.

    Damned If I Know

  8. ah, read the hubby's comments...glad to hear they're lesbians. it'd suck to have a whole bunch of new guinea piglets you didn't want!

  9. Lesbian guineas! Who'd have thunk it?


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