Saturday, March 24, 2012


Do any of you remember watching Scooby Doo on Saturday morning? remember when Saturday morning was full of cartoons? I remember my brother and I getting up early on Saturday morning ( while my parents slept in) and grabbing a bowl of cereal and sitting on the floor as close to the TV as we could get, and watching  our favorite cartoons all morning...until the parents woke up and kicked us out of the house to go play and get some fresh  Anyone else have fond memories of cartoons on Saturday morning?

Anyway, I went off on a wild tangent We are here to talk about my card, right? Well my mom was cleaning the other day and went to move a recliner.. and backed it over her toe, yanking the toenail off of it. OUCH! It made me cringe the whole time she was telling me the story. She was laughing about it, which is good. I am sure she was not laughing when it happened

I saw this at Hobby Lobby the other day and had to get it to make her a card. I loved how the little mouse has his foot all bandaged up.

I HAD to use my newly found love, the cheesecloth, here. I mean, it totally reminds me of medical gauze used to bandage up an ouchie, doesn't it?

This cute stamp is called Dr. Amanda and of course is by House Mouse Designs.

I am too tired tonight to list the Copics I used, but I will come back and some point and edit the post with that info.

Have a great night... and keep your toes away from recliners..LOL

- Tracy S

***Updated with Card Details: 

Stamp: Dr. Amanda by House Mouse Designs

Copics Used: 
mice fur- ( 1) E50,E53, E55,E57 AND ( 2)-C1, C3, C5, C6
skin- E00, E11, R20
bandanges- C1, BV000
Bandage can- BG10, B0000, W1, R05, R02, R00


  1. Hey, Tracy! Your card is precious. Love the cheesecloth as a bandage idea. I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons with my brother. My dad worked night shift, and there was many morning he'd come home and tell us to back off from the tv because we were sitting too close! I loved the Smurfs and Tom & Jerry, especially. What were your faves?

  2. Tracy, I love House Mouse images, too, and you created the cutest card with this one! The cheesecloth is the perfect added touch, too! Ouch for your mom, but she'll love getting this!

  3. So cute Tracy! That cheesecloth is too cool! Great idea! Hope your mom is feeling better! I am sure she is after getting this card! I guess my fave was bugs bunny...especially the ones with teety and sylvester. HUGS

  4. You've reignited a pretty neat memory in me re. Saturday morning cartoons - and I wanted to thank you for it! I'm just old enough to remember when Saturday morning was IT as far as cartoons were concerned. We'd wake up early, watch 'em till they ended at noon, and then our mom, too, would boot us out of the house (hmm, did they know each other?)

    These days, the 24/7 cable/satellite universe seems to have diluted the experience. When cartoons are available constantly, it just isn't the same.

    OMG, I sound...OLD! Yikes!

  5. "I am a new follower and found your blog through The Outlawz Follow Me Forum". I am so glad I found this. How cute. It is so creative to use the gauze with this as the little mouse wraps up his friend.

  6. I love this one so much. The House Mouse series is one of my favorites. I wish I had more time to use mine. I love the gauze! What a creative touch! Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Yours is wonderful as well.


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