Friday, March 16, 2012

Take Hold of The Hope!

That is our tagline or motto at the Crisis Pregnancy Center that I work at.  We are sponsoring a private and pre release showing of the new movie, October Baby this coming Thursday. We are making it a red carpet theme and the whole nine yards. They are going to give out little goodies bags to those that attend. We are going to make a bunch of these adorable favors for it. I did not design these, but I shopped for them and will be assembling them... so I thought I would show you how adorable they are. They are Hershey bars wrapped in scrap paper, then these little toy keys are ties on with ribbon and then the little feet are stamped and pop dotted. They are super adorable in person. To save money on letter stickers I will be writing hope by hand on at least one hundred of these bad I can't complain to much. How cool is it that I get to do crafty stuff for and at work! lol Well, the writing I will probably do while watching Tv or something... I will cut the paper here and stamp here, then just assemble them at work. I have the paper...oh and BTW with regular sized Hersey can cut a 12X12 piece of patterned paper and it will make 4 of these. How cool is that! I think they would make sweet baby shower favors, too. You could just write or use stickers to say "BABY" on the keys.

Anyway, I hope you will go out and see the movie if it is available in your area. It is a very touching movie. 
Here is a trailer, in case you have not heard of it yet. 


  1. What cute favors, Tracy! I'm sure they will love them! I am jealous that you get to be crafty at work, too, although I must say, I'm not jealous of how many times you will have to write out those letters. LOL

  2. They are adorable! What a great favor and love the added baby feet! So cute! HUGS

  3. Hi Tracy, these are CUTE! Good luck with the "letters" writing :-) BTW, I have a Followers Candy if you're interested Donna ☺


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