Monday, April 03, 2006

Let's GO Astros!!!!

All I have to say is IT'S OPENING DAY FOR THE ASTROS.... so I will be glued to the tv watching them defend the flag...I do not have anything else to say so I thought I would open up my comment section today for questions.... So if you have any , feel free!!! I will answer them in tomorrows post:)


Oswalt is the starting pitcher.. Wooo Hooo he is my favorite.. This ought to be a great game :)

UPDATE!!!......... UPDATE!!!

WE WON ....WE WON!!! Man, Roy Oswalt can pitch his butt off. Yeahhhh I am so happy :)


  1. Baseball season! It's definately Spring time now! :)

  2. How bout a little friendly wager? Braves vs Astros in the playoffs. I say Braves take it this year.
    Joe B

  3. joe.... Not a chance! Astros are not only gonna make it again, but they're gonna win it this time!!!!

  4. All the teams just left the Valley to start their seasons. But I don't think the Astros do their spring training here. I think I remember you said they train in Florida - correct?

  5. Yes they train in Florida!

  6. Anonymous5:24 PM

    I don't have any questions Present Storm. I don't watch any sports, if I can help it. ;-)

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello! Hope you're have a good week.


  7. My daughters tball team is the Astros-- I will have pix on the blog after their first game on Saturday--- wooohoo

  8. You know Stormii, me being from the NE, and being Italian I root for the team America loves to hate, the Yankees (which also one too). But when I spent 5 years in Oklahoma, I grew fond of the Astros. Its about time that they got attention and actually started winning :) Thought I would swing over and say hello.

    p.s. Oswalt is prolly the best pitcher out there


    They lost last night to the Florida Marlins, but we will pick it up!

    Oswalt is good, but frankly I adore Rocket Roger!


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