Friday, April 28, 2006

red paperclips,a concert and Alice Cooper

This has got to be the most genius idea I have come across in awhile. This guy Simon, is starting with two red paperclips ,and is going to attempt to keep trading them up until he gets a house for them eventually. I think that is the coolest idea I have heard in a very long time, don't you think? Now I will start by saying his idea is not an original one ,but he does not take credit for it being either. He has a link to the original one on his blog and I will have it for you later on in this post. There are two reasons I am posting about this. One ,of course, because I think it is a very cool idea and want to try and help him out by giving him exposure ,and two he is my tenant this week. After clicking his blog and reading about it I HAD to have him stay here this week. I am going to blogroll him , and keep up with his journey. So far, after only three days of the start of his adventure ,he got a trade proposition of concert tickets...Well not tickets but access for two to a concert. It sounds like a cool start to me....I wish him all the best. Please take a moment of your time if you can and go over and check out his page. It is very new and a standard template right now. He is also looking for help with that as well if any of you are willing to either give him some tips or help him out by creating him a cool template, I am sure he would be forever grateful.

I was checking out Kyle's page, he is the original guy that thought of this thing I think ( as far as I can tell anyway) He has traded up quite a bit from one paperclip. Right now he is at a day to hang out with Alice Cooper. Wouldn't that be awesome? Alice Cooper is a heavy metal rockstar turned Christian...I would love to have a long talk with him about his testimony.. It would be very cool. I have heard that he even does alter calls after his concerts.. God is just cool isn't he... Alice Cooper is helping someone get a years free rent in her duplex for this project... I think that is just awesome.The original guy has pictures and even some video of his trades on his site...If you would like to check him out just click here <--- ( but please do not do so before paying a visit to my tenant first. I usually do not like to link to anothers site while trying to get my tenant some visits, but it was too cool not to. If you go visit or even of not please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the whole idea....

If you would like to take him up on the offer and spend that day with Alice he leaves an e-mail address and even a phone number on his site...So go check it out !! :)
Here is an article in which Alice talks about his faith in Christ.

Have a great weekend all!!!!


  1. I had heard about that from one of my students. We were reading the original blog about it. Pretty ingenius idea!

    Michele sent me today.

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Thank you for the scriptures!

  3. I think I'll check them out. Hi there. Seen your name at Michele's & haven't been here before, so I thought I would drop on by.

  4. The red paperclip story is excellent. There's also the digg site which has a whole string of posts about what Kyle is doing.

    And Hi - Michele sent me!


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  6. Hi 'Storm it's Simon. Big thanks for your fantastic post regarding my site and being your renter this week an' all. I thank you for accepting me. I have rented with a few people this week and generally I get a mention but not as good or nice as this one.
    Hopefully my little project will develop some legs and go somewhere, I know it will only do so with the support and interaction of others which is something I can't buy. I have had the beginning s of this in the last day or two and feel on top of the world I can tell ya :-D

    I'll check back on your blog too ... my favourite landlord.

    Peace and good health to all who read this.


  7. Hi presentstorm

    I was impressed with the two red paperclips item, I read about Kyle a while ago.......

    Michele sent me...


  8. I have to go check that out. Here from Michele's today...I didn't intentionally skip you, my dear...your name wasn't there when I posted! Usually I am really good about, I apologize if I have skipped I said, it was not intentional, by any means!

  9. lol no you did not skip me I kept getting skipped FOR you was just the way the page was updating , I thought it was funny actually that it kept falling that way :)

  10. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Hello, Michele sent me.

    This sounds interesting and I'll definately have to go an see what's going on. Plus, I'm going to have to visit more of your site too.

  11. Wow, cool concept. And cool tenant. :)

    Michele sent me over this afternoon.

  12. The paperclip thing is cool - I'd never trade someone a house tho LOL If someone does - it must be nice to be him to just get a house for 'nuthin LOL

  13. oh yeah, and no, zoey diggin' isn't a big issue -she only does it in one small area out back near the edge of the yard. so far, anyway.. and yes, we have a big yard, almost 2 acres and feilds all around us.

  14. very cool, i added him to my blogroll too, i intend to follow his journey as well, very cool, thx for sharing, i let him know you sent me. take it easy girl... you get to feeling great again!!!

  15. w/o reading the article i am wondering is the same guy that a house rent free for a year.



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