Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen random things about Present Storm

1. I am excited to be out of the hospital and still in awe of how great God is and the fact that my kidney went undamaged.

2. I am excited that I now can wipe my own butt again

3. Thankful that I have a hubby that is awesome enough to have done it for me until I could again.

4. I am glad that I am taking less and less pain pills and hope to not need them at all very soon ( like within days ).

5. Think it is very VERY cool that Guppy's ex wife came up and brought little one to see me while I was in the hospital. Little one was freaked out because all of the tubes I was hooked to.

6. I am excited to get her back tomorrow ...especially so she can see me getting around good and with NO tubes. I miss her. She really has a way of brightening your day.

7. I miss having Guppy home with me but bills have to get paid somehow.

8. I wish my managers at work cared more about how I was doing but I won't let the fact that only one of them has asked about me get me down.

9. I am taking it easy and not feeling bad about it in the slightest...They can figure it

10. The Stros are doing awesome. They have won every series so far.I really hope they go all the way to win the World Series this year. I think it is our year.

11. I can not wait to get to another game...

12. With the surgery bill I am sure that will be years from now

13. A girl can dream though , right?...

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3. Dawn

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  1. I will send prayers to you for a speedy recovery!

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Oh, I am so glad that you are doing great. I know - it takes awhile to get better after surgery. Isn't it amazing how people react when you are around them and they 'seem' to care about you, but when you not around they easily forget you. Happened to me too.
    I am glad that your little one will see you without the tubes this time. I can totally understand though that she freaked out.

  3. So glad that you are getting better and that little one will be back soon. Take care!

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Anonymous12:24 PM

    That is all good news.

    Oh just to let you know I have more in cost then $5 for eachof those hair combs. It shows you don't buy that stuff.


  5. I'm happy you are home and on the mend!! *hugs*

    I actually did a Thursday Thirteen this week..come see! :)

  6. welcome home girl! glad to hear you are doing well. i hope for your sake you do get to stop taking pain pills soon.... those are so dangerous. i always fear when i have to take them. tell guppy i said hes a good man too.... what a guy taking such good care of you!!! as for the coworkers... huney some people were just born with no compassion for others' feelings, or well being. but know that all us bloggypals of yours are thinking of you, and wish you and yours well! our thoughts are with you....

  7. YOU SOUND WONDERFUL! so good to see you posting again.

  8. Girl I am so glad you're recovering and doing well. How scary!!! Thanks for coming to visit my means alot since I know you aren't feeling well! ;) My God bless you with a speedy recovery and being able to kiss those pain pills goodbye. You must be like me...their okay when you need them, but eventually you want to be normal again ;)

    In His Love,

  9. Sorry that was supposed to be May...not My...May God bless you. I will pray that He does ;)

  10. i'm glad that you're recovering quite well... don't worry about the managers. just think that a lot of us here in blogland care about you and prayed for you and guppy. take care!*hugs*

  11. work can wait, take care of yourself first! just wanted to pop in and say thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving us a friendly comment!! sorry i haven't been by here sooner! ;)
    hope you get back to a game, sooner than you think!! -tara

  12. Glad that you are home and on the mend.
    Yeah the Astros are dandy! I am lovin' it!
    I think the Managers get overwhelmed (as everyone else there) with the demands placed on them...I am sure they are thinkin' of you and praying for you and most of all Missin' you :) Take care and God bless you sweetie!


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