Sunday, June 04, 2006

I am so excited.

Look what is opening on a street corner near me. YEAHHHHH! I am so excited about this. It is starting to look really , really close to being complete.

Then just because little one looked so darn cute yesterday before we went to church and then a little league All-Star game, I wanted to share a few of my favorite pics that we took of her.

In the car , working in her KIDS magazine:

This picture Guppy took by sitting in the drivers seat and raising his arms up over his head and snapping behind his It is interesting:

Last but not least here is my favorite picture I took of her yesterday. The thing in her hand is a "20 questions game" and the look on her face is classic. We had picked avocado for it to guess and she was trying to figure out if there were many different varieties of one. She looks all confused


  1. As if the other 10 Starbuck's within 5 miles of our house weren't enough.....

    At least this one will have a drive-thru so I don't have to actually interact with those damn hippy starbucks people when I run you by there....

    And of course, lil-one always looks like an angel to me.... even when she looks totally confused....

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    nope, can't do starbucks, i'm a tim hortons kind of girl. your daughter is adorable, love that expression in her eyes.

  3. Starbucks.... YUMMMMM!!! Cravings!! Your daughter is beautiful!


  4. Awe what a sweet pea lil darling!

  5. Starbucks, how did anyone ever survive with out them? I LOVE Starbucks!

    Your daughter is so cute. Did she pick out her own outfit or was that you? It's really cute either way!

  6. I know huh.. I LOVE Starbucks too.

    No she did not pick it out. She is not quite there yet with the matching of She tries though.

  7. i use to read a lot of books in the backseat of a car. we had cool magazines as kids. My mom would buy us Mad and Cracked magazines and then there were some trivia books that used a magic pen. Those were the days.

  8. wow, I didn't realize I had been looking at your blog this long, she's looking BIG lately.. That's what they do I guess.. my baby just turned 16 and my youngest baby is 6 now and he's so tall lately!

    My kids can't read in the car.. they all get sick, just like mom used to.


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