Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm Back/ Photo Hunt Below.

Hey,I am back over here at Blogger until I get my new home on the web ready for viewing. We are trying to figure out how to edit a template to get my name in the header. If anyone is willing to help.. please feel free to contact me. We need all the help we can get figuring some of this stuff out. We have our own domanin now..YEAHHHHH I am so excited. I want to get the page a little more ready before I release the address. I had to come back to Blogger for a bit because I can import from Blogger but not from wordpress. As far as I know anyway. Anyone out there with wordpress know if there is a way to import old posts from wordpress? Anyway...Thank you all for your patience...


  1. You can import WP to WP but you have to do it via the database and it can be confusing. You're likely better off importing from Blogger just by a click. Especially if you don't have knowledge about messing with databases.

    If you want some help, you have my email :)

  2. Anonymous10:49 PM

    TN is awesome - she helped me with Sting My Heart to get moved to WP.. You are in good hands with her :)


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