Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thirteen Shows that Present Storm likes to watch

1. Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyers ( gets my day going)

2. American Idol

3. My name is Earl (this show cracks me up)

4. How I met your mother ( Barney .. need I say

5. Two and a half men

6. DIY Scrapbooking

7. Junky to Funky

8. Big Brother

9. Baseball ( anytime the Astros are playing)

10. Trading Spouses / Wife Swap

11. Miracle Workers

12. Trading Spaces (or just about any decorating show really)

13. Survivor / Amazing Race

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  1. the only show's I get to see over here are :
    I love god I do..that is the best
    American Idol..we still have 6 contestants left
    Two and a Half men..charlie sheen..always did like the bad boys..
    I do hope they show Big Brother this summer I would so miss it..I've watched every season.

  2. I like most of those shows as well...with American Idol being my fav!

    I used to love Trading Spaces, but now I'm into those shows that help out people who are trying to sell their home. They come in and for a small amount of money, they make the place look 10 times better!

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    I also like a lot of those.

  4. I am over in Spain and we don't get any of those...! Except for the local version of American Idol.

  5. I watch a lot of those too, although I mostly watch Lost and Prison Break.
    Thanks for visiting my WW.
    My TT will be up soon, I'm a little behind.

  6. American Idol and the Trading Spouses / Wife Spot are both on my list. The newest show I am addicted to is Deal or No Deal. I love that show!

    I hope you have a great Thursday!

    PS: I am glad to hear you are doing so well. That's wonderful! ;)

  7. I don't watch any of the reality shows. Hubby checks in with American Idol. I do watch any and all of the decorating shows my favorite being Design On A Dime. And all the SciFi shows. Thanks for the visit.

  8. I luv DIY scrapbooking!!

  9. GO 'STOS!!!!! You betcha. Gotta love Asmus, Biggio and Oswalt!!!

    And Two and a half men is just sooooooo funny!!!! (I think the chiropractor brother is a hoot. And the son.....omg.)

    Thanks for stopping by my T T

  10. Anonymous10:00 AM

    my 5yr old watches Earl all the time! good list. thanks for stopping by

  11. Well... I don't watch tv except for teh news-- but use to watch Survivor, in the beginning. :)

  12. I TiVo Joyce Myers every day. She's great.

    My list

  13. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I've heard of most of those shows, but watched very few. I guess I really don't watch TV anymore. Wonder where all my time is going??

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. The only one I watch is American Idol...and I MISSED it last night. I still haven't gone on line to see who got the boot this week.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  15. First, that's more than 13 LOL

    1. never watched
    3. never watched
    4. never watched
    6. never watched
    7. never watched
    8. don't like
    9. love
    10. never watched/never watched
    11. never watched
    12. never watched

    On a side note, you been doing ok?

  16. Shhhh you are not suppsed to point out that I cheated and put more than thirteen

    somehow I knew you didn't watch any .. You don't seem like one that watches much tv to me..

    and I am doing awesome , thanks for asking :)

  17. I love American Idol and Amazing Race. I'm upset they put Amazing Race on here at the same time as AI! How am I Supposed to choose? I have to tape one now! Thanks for stopping by mine!

  18. That's a lotta watching! I watched American Idol once.

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE My name is Earl! Hi-freakin-larious! OH, my 13 is up.

  20. I love american Idol and My name is Earl is so hillarious!!

    I love doing scrapbooking and of course watching survivor and amazing race!!

    happy thursday!

  21. i am a total big brother geek! trading spouses is one of my faves too. great list!

  22. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I watched Deal or No Deal last night and totally missed Amazing Race. I am so mad at myself.

  23. I miss watching #6. We no longer have cable.

  24. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Survivor fan here! We've been watching since Survivor Africa. We need to see Borneo and Australia someday. :) I am waiting to see Earl. I keep missing it each week for some reason. maah! Wife Swap is funny too. :)

  25. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Gray's anatomy.

    I used to love Judging Amy and I still miss her on Tuesdays now and then.

  26. Anonymous1:16 AM

    I am totally with you on Trading Spaces and Amazing Race. It just stinks that they moved Amazing Race to Wednesday nights at 7pm (at least here in AZ). It is just too early for me.

  27. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Oh, I've only seen two of these. American Idol and Big Brother. Both got me shaking: American Idol got me shaking of laughter and Bib Brother just shaking my head....

  28. thanks for coming by my blog. I am not a TV watcher, but it is good to see what others are watching.

  29. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I do enjoy those home improvement shows. Lots of ideas, if only I owned my own home.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT.

  30. I like these Thrusday 13 lists. But I find the first casualty of blogging is TV. And I find that's a good thing~,:^)

  31. Great choices, I love any kind of designing show, esp. Trading Spaces. I am a big American Idol fan too! Thanks for stopping by!


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