Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today's Miracle

I know God is with us every second of everyday. I know that God is awesome and I recognize that in little things daily. Sometimes though I get busy or thinking about other things and forget to stop and realize just how majestic and powerful He really, really is. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I forget or am unaware...I am saying that some things make you stop and reflect this fact a little more then others.. Like the Holy spirit is like " Look,look what he has done...our God is truely an awesome God."I woke up to this on the news this morning and felt so bad for this guy.He had collided with and eighteen wheeler and his whole car was trapped under the bed of the truck.You can see that here. When I turned the channel they were bringing in that crane to lift the car so they could get the guy out. I was thinking to myself, oh my gosh there is no way anyone is alive under there. That is terrible , what a way to die.

Well, Gup came home to have lunch with me and told me that they pulled that guy out and he was awake,alert and talking to the people ,and that he had been life flighted to the hospital. I thought you know what. God is awesome. He is doing things in the spiritual relm that are so wayyyyy beyond our human understanding. So many times things look totally impossible to us humans but nothing is impossible with God. I am so happy this guy lived through this. I pray he recovers and heals quickly , but most of all that he sees the Glory of God through this.I know I did....

Here is him being rescued ( it's not bloody or nasty). So today and everyday I say Praise God!!! ...He is awesome. Please join me in praying for this man's recovery and most of all his relationship with God. I pray that where ever he is in that relatonship that is strengthened through this.


  1. God is indeed Good! Miracles still happen every day that can be seen if one only opens their eyes to look for them.

    Glad to know you're recovering well from surgery my friend. Been praying for you and the family.

  2. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Yes - God is amazing. I think you hit the nail on the head (I think that how the saying is going).
    We sometimes get so wrapped up in our busy life that we forget the wonder of our Awesome God. Thank you for sharing this story - I'll praising Him with you!
    BTW - I think it is awesome that Guppy is having lunch with you :)

  3. It is a gift to see God in action in daily life. The wonder of the seeing adds so much to living. I was the recipent of some of those special miracles from God. Twice I was expected to die and God didn't let me. Every day is a moracle.

  4. Yeah, if we look hard enough we can see God in so many things! Great story!

    And to answer your question to my WW, I taught myself to play the piano by ear @ 5 years old as well! I love it! God really blessed me with a gift/talent. I try to use it for His Glory every day!

  5. Thank you hon...I needed this..and it's very encouraging. And so true.


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