Saturday, May 28, 2005

Reality TV Junky

Are there others out there as addicted to reality tv as me ...I watch the shows week in and week out and when they are over I miss my favorite people on them ..I amost get as sad as when a favorite sitcom that has been on for years goes off the air and just starts playing reruns eventually .I MISS BO !!!!!! I can not wait for his album and videos to start coming out .I am so waiting for Big Brother to start now .God I am ate up with it I remember before I ever watched my first reality show I would see previews and think how lame .Then I watched the second season of Survivor to see what all the hype was about and was hooked for life ..Now I am addicted to several reality shows such as :
American Idol
Big Brother
Amazing Race
I did watch Paradise Hotel when it was on ...I miss that one too even though just about every single person on that one was obnoxious and annoying it was still addicting ..I tuned in every week to see how obnoxious and annoying they would get this time anyway enough babbling ...I am off to find some music to listen to .....


  1. Yep, I'm with ya.

    I'll add the others I watch:
    Project Greenlight
    America's Next Top Model
    Showbiz Moms and Dads
    Showdog Moms and Dads
    The Apprentice
    I used to LOVE Temptation Island

    I'm sick! I know!! (found you on Michele's place..)

  2. Oh yes how did I forget Supernanny !!! I watch that all the time oh and Intervention ..just started that one ...

  3. I watch AI, Survivor, Nanny 911, Intervention (which I just found recently myself) and Fear Factor... I can't get enough of Fear Factor... I never watched it before last year, now I am tryign to catch up on all the reruns

  4. My husband is!!! I can't stand them. But everyone in the family has to plan their lives around American Idol and Survivior.

    I have too much reality - I need something to make me laugh...

    Misty (soapboxSUPERSTAR)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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