Monday, May 30, 2005

Try not ..Do ..or Do not ..There is no ...try !!!!

lmao I had to use that ..I love that line from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back ..<--(click me ) courtesy of yoda ..We just went and seen the movie and I was like WHY Anakin WHY !!!! ( and that actor was hot ) ...Who is he??? ...My goodness I am going to have to find me a pic of him to post ..He will be my new hottie to feature Anyway I loved the movie but I am a softie ..Even though I knew he was going to become Darth Vader I was still like ..WHY Anakin WHY !!! I wanted to stand up and yell "USE THE FORCE ANAKIN ,USE THE FORCE" I must say though ..for all Star Wars fans ..It is a definate must see ..I would not personally suggest taking a child though ,just my opinion ..

Ok and for all of you that have played my game I thank you ...and here are the answers :
2.A box of Goldfish crackers
3.Raggedy Ann
4.a crocheted table cloth
6.the Tide logo

May the force be with you ..........:)

And here is some eye candy ladies .........

Anakin Skywalker


  1. Hiya! Welcome to the blogging world! :) I will be back!

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    that boy is a canadian boy and he is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    as for that tide logo, i still think it could be the liberal party logo from here, i googled it, that "i" looks the same
    and why does guppyman have a goldfish tatoo on his ....? actually, never mind, i don't need know!

  3. lmao ...too funny and if they grow Canadians to look like that I think I need to move ..lmao

  4. hello! Michele sent me.

    nice spot here.

  5. Hi there, Found your blog and saw this yummy hottie on it. I love the picture and love him. Thanks for posting it!


  6. I am dying to see the movie and haven't had a chance to go as of yet. Every time I see a good review such as yours it just makes me want to see it more! I was SUCH a Star Wars fan back in the know, way back in the 70's before I got old! :)

  7. Yes, indeed-E, he sure made the movie easier on the eyes.

    Liked it too, did I...

  8. PresentStorm said...
    lmao ...too funny and if they grow Canadians to look like that I think I need to move ..lmao

    Should I start packing your stuff?????

    Michelle sends me over and I find this? Grrrrrrrr.....

    Gonna have to ground you (or atleast give you a good spanking).

  9. I opt for the good spanking * winks *

  10. I have to see #2 before I can see #3. I kind of lost interest after they killed off Qui-Gon Jinn in the first one.

    Oh, I'm here via Michele's meet & greet!

  11. I haven't seen the last one yet.... Everyone says it's worth it...

    BTW - Michele Sent me.

  12. He was pretty hot!
    I had a few of the pics correct. I didn't post answers though b/c I didn't want to look stupid!

  13. I tagged you for a little sum'n sum'n...go to my blog and see. Have fun! And don't curse my name too badly. :)

  14. I love Goldfish crackers!!! I see it now!

  15. haven't seen the movie yet...

    that was the Tide logo?!!! how come it's not orange... LOL!!!

  16. I took that picture of the Tide™ logo.... Had to make it difficult for you... If I would have gotten the orange in there, you'd have got it in a heartbeat.

  17. ah guppy... i tossed and turned for that!!! LOL!!!

  18. Anonymous5:54 PM

    that's why i thought it was the liberal logo, i had the right colours, you are a tricky one, i'm going to have to keep an eye on you

  19. Wow, I wasn't going to see Star Wars because I'm just not into it...but that boy is mighty fine looking. I might just have to go, just to see him!!!!

  20. Thanks for checking out my site,, I cruised by yours the other day and will be back now and again. I am quickly going to have to extend my blogroll as I have been finding more and more to surf regularly. Oh and Yes,, bad boy Anakin is looking better than whiny Anakin in Episode II.


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