Sunday, May 29, 2005

Good Morning World !!

I Just wanted to say good morning and thank you for all of you that came by and welcomed me ..I can feel the love :) I thought it would take forever for anyone to come to my blog .I think I have Michele to thank for that wonderful meet and greet idea :) Thank you Michele ..
And thank you my wonderful,sexy,brilliant hubby Guppyman for also sending traffic my way .I love you baby :) Thank you tb54 for popping my Blogger cherry .I tried posting on yours and it would not let me :( .Guppy woke up this morning laughing at me still .he always ,always wakes up before me .A lot of times I wake up on the weeked and he is sitting at his PC .Welllllll he woke up this morning and I was sitting at mine ,already blogging ..LOl I think he created a monster .The funny thing is I used to make fun of him and tell him he was ate up with it ..Now look at me ..lmao I guess I should just welcome my new addiction and go with it :)
Happy memorial day weekend everyone !!!!


  1. hey... thanks for dropping by my blog earlier! it's always nice to meet new people!

    it can get quite addicting so be ready... LOL!!! i've been at this since last year but really got into it just a few months ago.

    drop by anytime! good luck with your blog!

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    we had our holiday last week (victoria day) hope you have a very happy and safe memorial day!

  3. Well happy belated Victoria Day ;)

  4. HA........LOL......he popped your Blogger cherry; too funny.

    Michele sent me!

  5. Welcome Mrs. Guppy! It was the sunflower that gave you away. I'm like, hey, that's Guppy's sunflower! LOL! Well, I guess it's your sunflower too.


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