Sunday, May 29, 2005

What in the World ....

Our daughter has a subscription to National Geographic Kids thanks to Grandma ..Well in there each month is a game called "What in the world " where they take real up close pics and you have to figure out what they are ...We always go straight to that first A little family fun .Ok call us Dorks ..lmao it's ok I am a happy Dork .Anyway I got the idea to try my own little version of this to see how much participation I would get and how easy the pics I took were ..Here are some pics of things I took around the house ...See if you can figure out what they all are ..

I am thinking the ones I took this time may be a lil to easy ..May have to try harder next time if I get enough response to do so .....
Good Luck and have Fun !!!! :)

goofy 010

goofy 004

goofy 016

goofy 015

goofy 011

goofy 013


  1. Raggedy Ann? Something crocheted? A plant/flowers?

    Visiting via Michele... happy weekend!


  2. Anonymous3:29 PM

    ok, let's see, the first one is your daughter's favorite tree to climb, next, a shot of her favorite cd cover, next, raggedy ann, next, her white bedspread gramma crocheted over her pink bedspread, next, a snail climbing up the leaf of a plant in her garden and lastly, it looks like a close up of the "i" in the liberal party's logo here in canada, i wonder how you got a pic of that? hmmmmmmmmm, very clever on your part

  3. lol thanks for playing ..You got tree,raggedy ann ,a crocheted item which I thought would be the hardest ..apparently the logos are proving to be the hardest
    hmmm wondering if you figured out the coloring text ..Gonna go have a look ........

  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    wait a minute, i know, it's a closeup of the tatoo off of guppyman's ....

  5. Anonymous5:10 PM

    is it the beginning of the good humor logo?

  6. nope but good try

  7. Gah...the only one I can even guess is the Raggedy Ann or Andy doll

  8. Anonymous8:46 PM

    well, it's got to be something from your fridge, good morning something or another, probably something from target, which we don't have here, so i guess i'm done guessing!

  9. lmao ...
    I am going to list the answers soon ...maybe tommorrow ..maybe the next day

  10. Ok, a tree-trunk, ???, raggedy ann, volleyball net, grass, ???

    ugh.. I tried.

    Michele says hi!

  11. tree, raggedy ann...and if I hadn'e read the comments that is all I would have gotten lol!!!
    Happy Memorial day eve back at ya :-)

  12. G'day Presentstorm,

    Thought that I would drop in and see how you and Guppyman were feeling today.

    Seems like that you have heaps of visitors, you go girl.

    Thank-you for popping by and saying G'day on my tagboard, was a pleasant surprise when I logged on this morning prior to going to work.

    Now you cannot make us all hangout for the answers to your photos, that is not FAIR!!!!!!!!

    Catch ya mate

  13. ok... nice idea! must do it some time...

    1st, it's a tree bark
    2nd, something with Good Morning on it
    3rd, Raggedy Ann
    4th, a crocheted poncho draped over a computer chair
    5th, grass
    6th, .... this one got me stumped!

  14. I got Raggedy Ann right off. THe rest may take some thinking. I was reading guppyman's blog and popped over to see the brand new blog!How exciting. Good luck.I am blogrolling you both.


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