Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Wow !!..I feel so honored ....I must be new :)

I am figuring from reading a bunch of blogs the last few days that most people dread these meme thingies ..I on the other hand feel honored ..Like I am a real blogger now ..lol Thank you Angie ..ok here goes :

3 Things

3 names I go by:
3.Hose B( I know you are probably thinking what in the world ..It is a cute story if anyone is interested .....but I will not post the story in my meme ...)

3 screen names I've had:
3.Sam_i_am( I love Dr.Suess)

3 physical things I like about myself:
1.My hazel eyes
2.My hair ( it's long and thick )
3.my lips

3 parts of my heritage:
1.Native American

3 things I am wearing right now:
1.my tongue ring
2.my wedding ring
3.a bra

3 favorite bands/musical artists:
1.Bo Bice :)
3.Rush( The list could go on and on but you only asked for three)

3 favorite songs:
1.Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton)
2.Bless The Broken Road ( Rascall Flatts )
3.Thank you (Zeppelin)

3 things I want in a relationship:
(first of all ...all that my husband is, but for the sake of a list of three things here ya go )
1.Someone that loves me unconditionally
2.Someone that is a good listener
3.Someone that is patient ( Lord knows my mate needs to have ALOT of patience ..lol )

3 physical things about the preferred sex-MEN!-that appeal to me:

1.hands ( I am wierd but a man can be very good looking ,but if he has ugly /nasty hands ...all bets are off ...yuck ) ....(needless to say ,my baby has very nice hands ;)....
2.eyes ( my baby has very pretty blue ones )
3.nice lips (soft kissable lips )

3 favorite hobbies:
2.Now I guess I would have to include blogging..lol ( I think I am hooked )
3.gardening /barbie collecting ( I know I cheated and put four ..lol )

3 things I want to do badly right now:
1.bleep bleep bleeeeeeep with my hubby .....( sorry had to censor that )
2.sleep for a few days straight
3.get a massage

3 things that scare me:
1.me in the morning ...lol
2.heights ( badly )
3.other peoples driving ...lol

3 of my everyday essentials:
2.my hubby
3.my Allegra 180 ( I am like allergic to everything )

3 careers you have considered or are considering:
1.Forensic science
2.Forensic science
3.Forensic science ( can you tell I really want to go into Forensic science?)

3 places you want to go on vacation:
2.Back to Vegas ( I was raised there )
3.camping in Mississippi /Alabama(not for any reason except that I have never been to either of the two )

3 kids names you like:
3.Alijah Cade (Alijah with an "A" so that the child would not be called Eli )

3 things you want to do before you die:
1.lose weight
2.live a long,healthy ,and fulfilling life with my husband and stepdaughterand our families
3.have a baby of my own/carry a baby full term

3 ways I am stereotypically a boy:
1.I love Hockey(Go AEROS!!!) and Football (GO COWBOYS!!!)
2.I like to fish ( although I have not been in a long time )
3.I like to shoot guns for fun ( target practice..I love shooting at milk jugs full of water )

3 ways I am stereotypically a girl:
1.I love and wear makeup everyday/obsessed with smelling good ( me and my house ..I love perfumes(my favorites right now are Dolce and Gabbana and Beyond Paradise and lotions(Bath and Body Works and Victoria secret ) and for the house.... yankee candles everywhere )
ok, ok I am very girlie ...lol
2.I love Barbie :)
3.I love to cuddle with my hubby

3 celeb crushes:
1.Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars III)
2.Adam Sandler ( I think he is hilarious and sexy )
3.Heath Ledger ,Will Smith ,( oh wait I got a lil carried away also )..lol

And there you have it folks ....:)
Ok I was thinking of tagging someone but figured I am probbaly the newest one around and everyone else has probably already done this ..So if there is anyone reading this that would like to be tagged ..Tag your it ..Let me know and I will come read your answers ..
Have Fun !!!!!!


  1. You are officially a blogger. :)

    That was cool...good answers. I personally think memes like this are fun. I promise not to tag you further unless you want to be tagged. :)

  2. Wow I was on my way to tell you I had accepted your tag and was done .lol And here you are already ..that was way fast ....lol and you can tag me anytime I am game :)

  3. Nice answers Storm. So your a rocker-chic?

    Where's the yoda voice??

  4. click the Star Wars empire strikes back link and there you will hear Master yoda :)

  5. LOL! I was honored too, until I realized how long it was!!

    I love your everyday essentials. Especially the Allegra. I carry it around too .... but that's because I'm allergic to something, and we haven't quite put our fingers on it yet.

  6. Maybe you should do like I did and go to an allergy specialist and get tested ..I stayed sick for like a year ...I was miserable ..always itching always clogged up ( my head ) I felt like death ...Guppy took me to an allergist and I found out I am allergic to like 72 things ...lol but now that I know I can better control my reactions ....It's just a thought ...

  7. Great meme! I like to read other peoples factoids or memes, this way I know if I have something in common with them other than blogging - lol.

    Thanks for visiting me.


  8. Wonderful answers. Now I know why the pink colour, it is so very Barbie of you...which is a compliment. I also love and wear make-up everyday, in fact I am unwilling ot leave the house without being properly made-up.

    Stopping by to say hello adn to add you to my blogroll.

    Hope you are having a great day.

  9. Great answers! I have already done this one or I'd do it - I still love memes!

  10. PS: BTDT with the allergist. I had three hive incidents last summer, one put in the ER via the light & sirens. Did ya know you had to pay for that ride???? Anyhow, can't figure out what caused it, what I'm allergic to, or what I ate, touched, breathed those days. The allergist is stumped. All my testing came back good, except raspberries and shrimp, which I wouldn't eat if you paid me. YUCK!

    I was sure I was allergic to everything for a while there. Hubby was ready to slap me. (Not really, but it was definitely close because I losing my mind)

  11. lmao I feel for you I really do ..It is hard to be allergic to so much stuff ..You have to like change your life style ..I can only stay at my sister-in-laws or my mother -in-laws for short periods of time because they own like 5 cats a piece and I am highly allergic ...I am allergic to egg whites and wheat ..what is that crap ....so much stuff has both in it ..Sooooo I try and stick with fresh veggies and fruits and meat basically .....That is scary about the ambulance ride because of an allergic reaction ..I get allergy shots weekly and am sometimes affraid I am going to react badly ..I mean after all they are injecting me with what I am allergic too ....I hope you figure out what is gettin ya girl ...Good luck with that ...

  12. Well Missy...Hayden is mine not yours....LOL!

    I loved scrapbooking but I found it was very time consuming for me. Although people loved my books, I didn't think I was creative enough.

    BTW.. Did you hear that Bo Bice's single is outselling Carrie's now??? Yay for Bo!

  13. What????????? What is his single ..How did I miss this lil tidbit of news ...Oh yeah I have been non-stop blogging ...lmao


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