Saturday, May 28, 2005

GUPPY-LICIOUS ......Muahhhhhhh!!!!

Originally uploaded by presentstorm.

Ok baby ...Here you go ..You are the sexiest man I know and here is my favorite pic of you :))

in response to this comment :
Guppyman said...
See how it is folks.... I post pictures of things like our garden and our zoo trip and stuff.... she posts pics of some guy she thinks is hot.

Something is wrong with this picture......



I love you :)) muahhhhhhhh
What do you think girls .....
Is he sexy or what !!!!! Woot


  1. thanks for stopping by, and you are one lucky gal :-)

  2. I am here via Michele.

    What a hunk! I stopped by to say hi to your man also. I hope you have fun on your blogging journey! Stop by and see me sometime:)

  3. Welcome to the blogging world via michele! hehe..and umm jealous hehe...thanks for stopping by my site...and im sure ill be back to see you more!

  4. Hello. I found you via your husband's blog! Welcome to blogging!!

  5. Well HELLOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    Hubba Dubba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys are cool, I am adding you both to my sidebar.

    It has been a pleasure to meet you both this weekend.

    Now Presentstorm that you have got the taste for blogging, I hope that you keep it up girl.

    Take care, enjoy what is left of the weekend.

  6. Here via Michele and having a tough time with your post. I generally don't get worked up about other husband types, but I must say, "Nice pants, dude."

  7. Perfect outfit for this Memorial Day Weekend! hehehehe Guppy's Smokin' hot! ;)

    I can't get the blogrolling thing to work on my blog (I am screwing something up I am but I am going to add you to my links... Love the blog so far!

  8. Anonymous11:15 AM

    or what? WOOT, WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can't get that blogrolling thing to work, i have no idea how you are changing the colour of your font, my list could just go on and on, but everyday, i keep going!

  9. lol You change the font color in the text box lik eyou do with e-mail .Um if you need help with the blog rolling thing Guppyman is the go to guy on that .He has helped several people already ..I will tell him to look ya up ...

  10. Anonymous1:03 PM

    you can change the font colour in e-mail????????????????????
    and yes, my vcr flashes 12:00 too
    i'm still not ready to give the blog rolling thing another go, it sent me in circles last time so i've decided to put it out of my mind until i get a few more things on my blog figured out, but i will certainly ask mr. guppyman for help when the time comes, thanks again.

  11. lol ,ok hun ....Good Luck :)

  12. Welcome to blogging, thanks for stopping by. And all that.. and yes, your hubby is quite the hottie. ;)

  13. LOL storm..that's funny..

    He's got all those lovely garden pics and you have hotties up.. woo hoo you go girl..

    Nice pic patrerotic..storm..maybe you should start a calender.. you of all our husbands..

    We can raise money for our new designs.. LOL


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