Sunday, September 11, 2005

Church went well & Happy Grandparents Day !!

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Well church went well last night .She said she enjoyed it .Of course it was all totally different people in the band last night figures .So no the guy that I talked about in my previous post did not sing .I had told her that they rocked out a lot and last week they really did .Of course last night it was basically all slow songs You just have to laugh at that .On a good note the pastor gave a very powerful message which is what is important anyway .I am hoping she will want to go with us again.

Happy Grandparent's Day

Well today is grandparents day and I can not talk about what we have done or are going to do for it at the moment because my MIL reads this and it would ruin her surprise ..soooooo stay tuned for that :)

I hope all you Grandparents are having a fabulous day !!!!


  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    i'm sure that even though "he" wasn't there singing, she would still have a good time. i don't think we have grandparents day here? i guess i had better look into that.

  2. Wow, was it grandparents day today?! I usually don't miss stuff like that and I had no clue it was today. Oops


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