Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What a week, what a week !!

Well things are going great for me this week .It started out as you well know if you read Guppy's page ..lol with me making my hubby's day by giving him some head first thing in the morning :) Thank God ( Thank you Lord ) that I also married a very oral person who can't get enough.( he more than returned the favor the following morning btw....My last marriage was without that and I thought for years and years I was doomed to live a life of no kissing unless it was the very few minutes of foreplay and no oral sex except on my birthday ...I mean how sad is that ? Don't you feel sorry for me?I felt sorry for myself I tell ya ..lol

Not to change the subject but right when I started my post I seen my friend from Mississippi that I have been wondering about pop online .I had to stop and see what was up and make sure everything was fine .The whole family is doing fine .They had downed trees and power lines and had no power for a week .Other then that they are doing great.I am very relieved to hear the news and wanted to share it with all of you .Thanks for any and all prayers :)

Today is just going to be a potpourri of topics ..lol I am super excited today that I got accepted for a second job .I know that is going to sound totally insane to most but I really am .My MIL has agreed to hire me on as her housekeeper .She has been wanting one for like two years I think but hasn't been real comfortable with a stranger just coming and going in her house .I do not mind cleaning and am very good at it if I do say so myself .So I know it seems weird to be excited about cleaning ...especially someone else's house but this is going to help us out financially and it will help my MIL out as well .She is constantly running and doing for either work or family ,she travels a lot also .This way she can come home to a clean house and will have time on her hands to organize what she has been wanting to .I think it is just working out all around .....

And last and certainly least ..lol I know you are going to say TMI for sure but I got my DOT today and I am craving chocolate so badly I would probably be willing to take it away from a baby at this point ..lol I know that is bad .If anyone is willing to e-mail me some chocolate feel free...I also accept homemade goodies ..lol

Anyway I have rambled enough and Big Brother is starting so I must be going now :) Have a great week all !!!!!


  1. Anonymous8:37 PM

    When you said ****Today is just going to be a potpourri of topics**** you were waaaaay understating things! Loved your post!

    Good luck with the new cleaning gig. Sounds like the perfect solution for both you and your mother-in-law..

  2. Y'all are too funny talking about your oral sex...though I am not above talking of that someday myself. :) hee hee

    Am I just slow here?? DOT? What?I mean I KNOW what you're talking about...but what does it stand for? (I'm so embarrassed...) ;)

  3. Oh yeah..I can't BELIEVE you work for that EVIL...EEEE-VILLE place!! :) hee hee

  4. period ...dot ...lmao get it

  5. Im laughing here.. you can talk about oral sex but you call your period your dot? AHAHHAA We must be cycle sisters because i'm ready to kill everyone

  6. Congrats about the job..

    What the hell is DOT? I mean..aunt flow..yeah..but dot? what does it stand for..I haven't had my chai and I'm stupid this morning.. lol

    and..well...I feel a little violated....I think I need to clean my mind of naughty images and thoughts.. LOL

    love ya girl! Now go make some brownies

  7. I'm glad you got the job... it sounds like a deal for both you and your MIL! I am glad to hear that your friend's family is doing fine! That's good news!

    Take care and have a great day!

  8. Anonymous12:11 PM

    congrats on the second job, don't know how you do it all and also, thanks for NOT posting a pic of your special time with guppy on the weekend;)

  9. Anonymous12:23 PM


    Now that's a whole lot of chocolate.

  10. I couldn't be with a guy who didn't enjoy the oral stuff...how did you ever live without it???


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