Friday, September 16, 2005

Confessions and inner thoughts of a tipsy lunch date/Sexual sandwich wrap

Well what a week .On TV and otherwise...I am so excited to see who wins HOH tonight on BB6.Survivor started last night and man they put those people through some hell.Anyway I won't go into great detail about the shows ...You can see that on Guppy's page .

Today Guppy was off because his boss decieded that he has worked hard and needed a day off with pay ( Go Guppy's boss ...I need a boss like that ) So anyway I ran out of hours at work so I had to leave early ...Yeahhhh!!!!, I love leaving early on a friday .Anyway ,Guppy and I go to Chili's for lunch ...not because they have great food but because it was close and we were starving.So we go in and sit down and order ..all is good ...we are on the non crowded side ( my favorite) ..when this group of three women come in and WTF ..they sit them right and I mean RIGHT behind us ..Um hello there are like a hundred tables further from us why the one breathing right down my neck?Anyway I not being my usual self,orders a drink I never do that ,because ..well for one,I do not drink often at all, and two ,that I think they are way over priced... but anywho ...Back to the bitches behind us I start getting a little buzzed very quickly because I am a lightweight and I am not talking about the size of my ass I am talking my tolerance for alchohol intake And this chick behind me tells the waitress ..Is it because we are right by this fan or is it always so cold in here .The waitress tells her "I don't know ,it is hot to be bacause I have been in and out of the kitchen ,it's always hot to me." "But I will see if I can get someone to turn the fan down for you." WEll they get a guy to come turn it off ..OFF I say .Well being in the slightly tipsy state I was in ..lmao I was being loud apperantly according to Guppy ..He kept laughing at me but was telling me to shhhhh and drop it because he thought I was about to start scrappin I guess .But I was like "Oh man it's hot in here ...Um waiter can you bring me my own personal fan please ? Or perhaps a window unit air conditoner?" >..lmao I mean If I had one more drink in me I would have turned around and said ..Um, excuse me bitches, but we were here first and it is hotter then fuckin Hades outside and I would appreciate it if you leave the fuckin fan alone...fuck you very much . But those were just my thoughts and I thought it best not to voice those out loud Untill we got in the car...geeeezzzz and them bitches were demanding shit and special order me this and can you do this for me .I was like ...who the hell made ya'll the Queens of fuckin Sheeba today .Anyway as bitter as I may sound in this post it was pretty damn funny at the time ..I was laughing so hard at the resturant I was crying .Guppy was laughing and telling me to drink up It was the most fun we had on a lunch date in awhile .I won't repeat the whole conversation or all the thoughts I had But geeeez ,some people .

We are about to head over to the MIL to get started on the initial clean of the house .This is going to be the hardest part so we wre going to double team it .My husband Rocks !!!Also I was posting the sexual techniques on fridays awhile back and have totally spaced them until today so I am sorry for those that were getting a kick out of them and here is tip number 239 for this week ....

Have any extra sandwich wrap left after making a huge holiday dinner?Well I have just the thing for it ......

Wrap yourself tightly in plastic wrap so that your nipples strain against the sheer bonds.Invite your lover to unwrap you slowly,tie your hands behind your back with the crumply plastic,and eat you up .

If anyone tries this let me know ...rotflmao


  1. HAHAHAHA, I need a lover first, but I would so totally try that. My aunt has done that before. But she was far too drunk that my uncle was more concerned than turned on....

    And I was upset over what happened on BB6 tonight. Not the outcome I wanted.

  2. You should have ordered a water and faked a sneeze, throwing the contents of the water over your shoulder... oops my bad bitches!

  3. Yeah, I think I will just fold that plastic wrap up and save it for tomorrow night's leftovers.

  4. Do you really want me (or someone else) to come back and tell you?!

  5. PM.... Yes... come back and tell.... Picture evidence is always good....


  6. Reminds me of that scene in "Fried Green Tomatoes" when she wraps herself in Saran Wrap.


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