Friday, September 09, 2005

Yeah I am back for a minute ...

Hey I am back for a minute
I woke up a little early so I thought I would post real fast on my thoughts about BB6 last night .First off I thought it was HILARIOUS that Ivettes girlfriend likes Janelle as much as America does That was classic .That she HATES Ivettes Cappy obsession as much as America does .That was too funny .I can not wait for all of the nerd herd to get out and see that America doesn't like them in the slightest and that they are all delusional ,that will be so great .I thought I would spit out my drink when Bitchifer said that the longer that she stays in the Jury house the more of a bitch she becomes ..UH *NEWS FLASH* she was a huge bitch to begin with and that has hasn't changed that She really needs to get over herself and the game ..It's over Bitchifer and you lost .Ok I hope she takes out Ivette and Maggie .As much as I can't stand April it will serve all the "freindship" right to see her in the final two since they kept choosing not to evict her everytime they had a chance .Man I am so happy that Janelle is HOH and I really hope she wins this ..Everyone go vote for Americas choice so we will see her on Two and a Half men .Also don't forget that it comes on at 9:00 this Saturday .
Have a great Friday ya'll :)


  1. I too am glad Janelle won hoh..she needs to keep that up if she wants it all!!

  2. I doubt Janelle can win all the money, but she's just a couple of vetoes away from making the final 2. I wonder who will get the day off?? Hmmmm. I was also thinking how different America's opinion of the nerd herd is from their opinion of themselves. Real "reality" will be a bit hard to handle, I suspect. Also--what is this "desperate need" Ivette keeps crying about? I wish she'd go ahead and say what it is, I'm surprised the media hasn't figured it out yet.

  3. I laughed my butt off last night. I thought Ivette's girlfriend was a riot and I was so happy to see Janelle win HOH. America's Choice will be hysterical when the other houseguests will finally start to realize that America does think they are all pieces of crap. Yay :-)

  4. I know..I was lmao when her gf was telling american how annoyed she was with the cappy crap and how she likes janelle too.. ivette was just a whiny bitch from the beginning and even her gf can see that.


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