Sunday, October 30, 2005

I am an official Bloglord ....

Watch me hula hoop ...You are getting sleepy ...very, very sleepy ....Now go click on my renters blog and give her some hits

I wanted to welcome my very first tenant 3T from over at "Stumbling through Life with Grace " She has an awesome blog ...A very eye catching template and great content .I encourage you all to give her a click {she can be found at the very top of my sidebar,she has the room with the great view } ....So she can earn her credits and if you are looking for a great new blog to read,she would be a great place to start .So go on over and tell her Stormi sent ya :)

and remember:

%a%Daylight Standard Time - 10/30%a%Daylight Savings 1


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    An excellent view! I am honored to be your first renter PresentStorm. :-) Thank you.


  2. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Yes, 3T does have an awesome blog! She is one of our AZ Blogger Coalition....sister to our Hawaii Blogger Coalition.

    She is a wonderful, caring person who is loved by all us bloggers.

  3. hey...from Michele's..will check out your recommendation!

  4. Anonymous7:33 AM

    I'm always up to an adventure.

  5. Hey Chickie! Nice to see you around again!! :) I will be headed over there now to check her out, but now you have to come check out my tenant, Ramblings and Rhetoric!!

    Take care,

  6. You're MUCH nicer than the first landlord I ever had :)


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