Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Let's Go Strooooooosss..We still BEE-lieve !!!!!!

UPDATE:We just got our asses kicked by the White Sox :( Damn I hate that they won but most of all that it was a sweep. We fought ,but not hard enough .I guess on a good note,now that baseball season is over I will have a lot more time on my hands
They were stressin me out ...I never bite my nails and I have none left after tonight.I will give Backe props though ...he pitched a scoreless 7 innings ...You go Brandon :)

Isn't he a cutie pie ladies?

I have been wearing all my Astros gear ..Trying to gather up a bunch of team spirit.Even though we are down three games I am still believing that we can win this...
Thanks to my wonderful MIL(Mitey Mite ) I now own a Stros jersey MIL rocks is a pic of me Astro'd up
Backe is starting tonights came and I BEE-Lieve he is gonna bring this series back to us ......
I am off to watch it happen ...later ya'll


  1. You are adorable in your Astros stuff! ;)

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM

    how did that happen, you were wearing your astro gear and everything????
    well, there's all next season!!!

  3. I am a loser, I have totally not been paying attention. I love to go to sporting events, but hate watching them on TV - probably because there is no one in my living room bringing me a beer and a bag of peanuts!

  4. There is always next year! :)

  5. oh my gosh, girl your a crazed fan... OK.. maybe not quite that bad... lol

    If you were in packer land.. you'd see how nuts they are. Gold and green chips, sprinkles, ...everything.

    And he's a CUTIE for sure!


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