Sunday, October 02, 2005

Rita Evacuation Part 2

So we have all the stuff we can possibly take packed into our little Saturn.Ourselves in the front with Gizmo in my lap.Lil one and Daizii in the back seat and off we go .Well I use the word go very lightly here We started our very long journey out of the hurricanes path .At first we were like.. "ok here we go" and we were in a great mood .We put in our praise cd that we had made of bunch of our favorites and started singing along and praising God that we were going to be able to get out safe.Well we ran into traffic pretty much straight away in Kemah on the bridge .We kept thinking up a ways it will let up once there were places to turn off in different directions .WELLLLL,little did we know until we turned the local radio station on that they were closing pretty much every exit and only letting people go straight .ARGGGGGG..Thus starting our 27 hour journey to his dads house.I remember us saying ok ...this has got to let up soon.After hours and hours of stop-go traffic it was becoming very apperent that it was NOT going to let up anytime soon .It was so surreal.Night fell and nothing had gotten any better .It got to the point that you started to get to know your new neighbors ..The people that had traveled next to you for hours upon hours.People were getting out and talking to each other.Helping each other stay awake.People were napping between times to move up and people would either honk to wake them or knock on their window to wake them up.People were walking around outside their cars ..passing water and food down to different cars ..Walking their dogs and using the restroom on the side of the road.I remember us getting to a gas station sometime late in the night /early the next morning and of course there was no gas to be found but everyone was stopping to go potty and get drinks, food and stretch .Thank God women are so prepared, because no bathroom we stopped at during the trip had toilet paper, but there was always a woman that had packed some and passed it around to all of us to use.
We were flipping back and forth from the AM talk radio station we listen to and the local Christian station that we also listen to and what I thought was so funny was how they kept telling all the callers calling in ..talking about how they had been in traffic fir such and such hours to just be patient ...Although that was all you really could do is be patient it wasn't very comforting having someone that is sitting in a studio all nice and comfy ..telling you to be patient ..

The Christian radio station was great though ..The dj would say prayers for all of us .People in the same traffic were calling in encouraging all of us to trust God stay awake and that we would all make it out .It was great to hear others encouraging that were going through it themselves .The only thing we wished would have been different, is the fact that everyone was getting so tired and dozing off and the station was playing very mellow slow music .We really needed them to crank it up a bunch of notches.


  1. wow, thanks for sharing hon. I was praying and wondering about you. I felt so heartbroken when I'd see so many stuck in the roads and some of them WITHOUT gas. Ugh

    It makes me feel bad when I know I'm safe and secure and comfortable in my own house when many are not.

    I was waiting for you to share the practicals and I think you did a great job. I wanted to say that burning your pics to CDS's is one of the best things to do. Really. EVERYONE, even those without a digital camera should ALWAYS have their pics on CDS. Take it from me, I've lose PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS, IRREPLACABLE pics due to NOT having them safe on a CD.

    My husband now also has all my digital pics on there own hard drive. So even if your pic crashes my pics are safe. So if I had to go quickly I'd grab the hard drive out with the pics.

    I think having a control folder is good too. Where everything you'd need to know about insurance, medical info, personal info, numbers etc is in a folder that you can grab really quickly. I am doing this now because I can honestly say I don't even know our blood types, where our policie papes are, and other important info.

    I'm sorry you all had to go through this and I'M so glad your OK and so is your house. I feel for those not so lucky. :o(

    Big hugs girl..I missed ya. Get on ym sometime.

  2. Anonymous5:22 PM

    i honestly don't know how you (and everyone in that area) deals with these hurricanes. you just have to interrupt your lives and pack up what you can, and it's not like it's only one hurricane a year, they just seem to keep coming and you just have to be on alert. you must live for the weather network, imagine what would happen without it. as for tunes, maybe you should burn some upbeat cd's to keep in your car.

  3. Sounds like a scary but uplifting experience. Faith is everything isn't it?

    Thanks for the birthday wishes...glad you were home to come celebrate ;0)

  4. I'm just thankful ya'll are safe! I was praying for ya'll during that time.

  5. Anonymous7:34 PM

    i thought i might find something about your renovation going on over here, guppy's threatening to post about it, he's probably holding you against your will and that's why you haven't had a chance yet, i'm onto him.


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