Thursday, October 27, 2005


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Well I got the scrapbooking bug again ..It comes and goes ..Well I shouldn't say it goes really .I love to do it all the time but there are times when I fall into an uncreative funk I guess ..Kind of like writers block I suppose.We recently went to Ky as most of you know, and I was able to snag a bunch of pics from my moms pc of my niece and nephew .I have been wanting to start a book for each of them for some time now and I finally have enough pics to get started .We were also able to take some of our own which is always cool .I love scrapping because when I am out and see a layout op I am like ..."quick grab the camera,I am so going to scrap that" That is what I did with the four pictures above.....They were all taken by me ( pats myself on the back ) I am rather proud of them actually ,because Guppy is usually the photo genious around here .We were unable to scan the layouts in to the computer because they are the large ones so Gup had to snap pics of them ...I hope you are able to see the detail from the pic ,of the embelishments I used ...simple layouts like this are very new to me .When I first started scrappin I would try and get as many pics on a page as possible .I may scan those in one day to show you .Anyway,the first one ( blue and brown ) is of my nephew Caden .Our evacuation trip to Kentucky was our first time getting to meet him in person,I was so excited.the second one of the lil bathing beauties is Caden on the left and his sister Chloe on the right .I love the one with the towel on her head ...I took that right after giving her a bath in the sink at my moms.I swear she looks like she could do a baby shampoo commercial or something .Then again I could just be a very proud aunt
Are there any fellow scrapbookers that have any advice or tips for me?


  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    i finally figured out how to get them to look bigger!!!the detail on them is great. my youngest daughter (age 10) is really into scrapbooking. some of her pages are filled with stuff, other ones, one or two pics, but she adds all sorts of little details. i found this store that sells amazing little things to add, her birthday is the end of november, i just bought her some special birthday paper as well as those dye cut outs (i think that's what you call them) of balloons, birthcakes, presents, she's going to love them.

  2. I enjoy scrappin' but haven't in a while. I'm way behind... it's ends up so expensive for me.. so I haven't been doing it as I'd rather spend that money elsewhere LOL

  3. I agree ..It gets very very costly and quickly ...

  4. I am an expert at buying scrapbooking materials I have a lot of them, now actually DOING pages is a whole other story lol.
    BTW yes it is the show with the so called reality stars in it ,
    I was on set for five long cold nights , long story :)
    I just posted another picture with one of the so called stars LOL

  5. I wish I had time for scrapbooking. It's so putzy, but in the end it's worth it. You did a great job!

  6. Anonymous2:47 AM

    my bug comes and goes. I havent scrapped in years!

  7. My oldest daughter has 3 beautiful scrapbooks full of hard work and last memories that I made her. My youngest has 3 or 4 beautiful pages...and I have a whole closet full of brand new supplies but I just can't get back into it.

    Yours look great:)

  8. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Those pages are beautiful Presentstorm! My daughter does scrapbooking. It never occurred to me to get into it WITH her. (Something to look into)
    The photo's are wonderful. The baby shampoo commercial one completely looks professional! They are all adorable.

  9. I am going to a weekend long crop called Croptoberfest in two weeks. I can't wait!

    Those layouts are sooo cute!

  10. No advice, just a lot of jealousy on my part. I love them hon, sooo cute. And the pics are GREAT.. composition is lovely. I like how you journaled in the bubbles for bath time.

    Keep it up, I love seeing your scrapping

  11. Very nice pages! I do a mix of both digital and paper.

    The bath one is especially cute.

  12. adorable layouts. I cant wait till i have room to spread out. I currently have 6 scrapbooks going at once and havent made it very far into any of them! Ive got both of my daughters first year done but that's about it. Once my studio is done I can really roll my sleeves up and get scrapping!

  13. Hi there, I'm an Aussie living in London and have kep a journal full of odds and ends for as long as I can remember - I am a notorious hoarder! I've collected everything possible in my travels but lately, since I've been working full time it's all just sitting there waiting for me to get ORGANISED. :) I hear it's VERY popular in America... I bought a book on it the other day and hopefully it'll inspire me to get cracking.

    I think bloggings a form of scrapbooking really - though less hands on and the finished product isn't so sentimental... I've just started that too - you can see the results on:

    As you can see, just starting :)

    Love your blog - very honest and refreshing.


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